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Java Array of Generic Type


How to create an array with Generic type?

Hi, I need to create a typed array T[] from an object array Object[]. This is due to legacy code integration with older collections. The method signature is simple:public static <T> T[] toTypedArray(Object[] objects)I tried using multiple implementa

[ANN] Java IDE with generic type support

Hello all! We are proud to announce that we have just released version 5.0 of our Java IDE CodeGuide. CodeGuide 5.0 offers full support for generic types as defined in JSR 14. Features are: - Fast incremental on-the-fly compilation - On-the-fly error

VB Web service with arrays as variant type - access from java

Hi, I have a VB service as an activex.dll running on IIS. My first experience with VB. The input type is variant, as VB will only handle arrays of that type. All works well with a VB client. It takes 2 arrays in and returns an array. The WSDL file us

Java Generic type

How can i declare a generic type as array like public <T[]> void show(T[] t){ System.out.println(t); public void set(){ Integer[][] i=null; show(i[0]); The above code is giving errorpublic <T> void show(T[] t) {     System.out.println(t); void

How to create an array of generics?

I have the following snippet of code using array of vectors: Vector[] tmpArr = new Vector[n]; for(int j=0; j<n; j++) tmpArr[j] = new Vector(); String str = ... if (!tmpArr[j].contains(str)) tmpArr[j].add(str); And I want to convert to generics: Vecto

Creating array of generic object

hello, what i want to do is something like: public class AClass<K extends SomeObject>{     SomeObject[] AnArray;     public void amethod() {         AnArray=new K[10]; }So I want to create an array of some kind of object at runtime without already k

Initializing an array of generics

Hello all, I have declared an array of Vector with generics. The declaration is OK but the initialization gives me an error. This is the declaration Vector<Integer>[] x;This must be an array. Each element of the array is of type Vector<Integer>

Yet another case of new type[array] and parametrized type

I suppose this is an often asked question, to which I seem not to be able to find a simple answer. I know of the "incompatibility" of arrays and generics, and yet in such a seemingly simple case I run into a mystery, or a compiler bug. Look at t

Need suggestion for variable size array of primitive type.

Hi all, I am working on a problem in which I need to keep an array of primitive (type int) sorted. Also I insert new elements while keeping it sorted, and at times I merge two similar arrays with unique elements. I would welcome suggestions on the im

Array Of Primitive Type (kodo3.4)

Hello, I want to map an array of primitive type (double[] or double[][] or...) to a blob, so I specified the mapping this way: <extension vendor-name="kodo" key="jdbc-field-map-name" value="blob"> <extension vendor-n

Mapping Java Arrays

I was given an object model generated by an apache product, Axis. The generated java files use the Java Array in the following fashion: Class Zoo { private ArrayOfAnimals animals; // … public get/set methods cut Class ArrayOfAnimals { private Anima

Array of generic class

Hi. i have to create an array of generic class ex: GenericClass<E> [ ] x = new GenericClass<E>[ y ] is it possible? i can create GenericClass<E> [ ] x; but i can't initiate it in this way.. Someone know how i can do it?crosspost http://f

Generic type doesn't support raw dataypes (int, boolean, etc.)?

It seems that Java 5 generics always autoboxes raw datatypes (int, double, boolean, ...) to the wrapper classes (Integer, Double, Boolean, ...), because when I use e.g. Integer.TYPE (instead of Integer.class), I got ClassCastExceptions. Is this non-s

Invoking stored procedure that returns array(oracle object type) as output

Hi, We have stored procedures which returns arrays(oracle type) as an output, can anyone shed some light on how to map those arrays using JPA annotations? I tried using jdbcTypeName but i was getting wrong type or argument error, your help is very mu

How To: Use reflection to create instance of generic type?

I would like to be able to use reflection to instantiate an instance of a generic type, but can't seem to avoid getting type safety warnings from the compiler. (I'm using Eclipse 3.1.1) Here is a trivial example: suppose I want to create an instance

Inconsistent java and sql object types

Hi, I have run into error "Inconsistent java and sql object types" while mapping a java class to a sql object type. The java class is just a duplicate of sql data structure and I pretty much follow the JDBC Developer's GUide's examples (20-43 to

Hi,I'm Chinese.java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid type code: 6A?

Hello! please help me, thanks! I'm Chinese.first to the sun forums.My English is bad,so sorry! 你好!感谢你的帮助!第一次来到sun 论坛来提问,很激动啊,呵呵。 java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid type code: 6A at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readObject0(ObjectInputStream.java:1

Java arrays contiguous in memory?

are java arrays always contiguous in memory? or how does java save his arrays? i need to know because i wrote an algorithm with a lot of array length changing, and i wonder if it consumes a lot or not, maybe java uses virtual memory arrays like those

The java and sql object type  was not matched

My table(Oracle10.2) has a varying arrays column. For mapping to java classes, I use JDeveloper( to generate java classes. Then I try to insert a record into this varrying arrays column with java. While it always complaints java.sql.SQLExc

JAVA Array sizes - how to expand + See nice example code

Hi, We are returning tables of VARCHAR, NUMBERS, BOOLEANs and the like to Java using PL2JAVA and Oracle Sessions. Problem I am having is the size of the Array's are undetermined, but it appears these must be set before calling package - if package re