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Call Java Method from Callback function

I am writing a JNI wrapper in c++ for a particular event driven DLL. The DLL makes a network connection to another device and then calls a callback function when events are raised on the device. The DLL has 3 basic functions: connect, disconnect, and

JNI Multithreading/Callback Function Design Issues

Ok, I have been working on this for quite some time now and I simply can not figure it out. So any ideas are more than welcome. :) I have Java code that uses a DLL that I created in C++. My C++ code links with a library made by a 3rd party (don't hav

Callback Functions for the Enterprise API

I'm using VB to write some API functions to pull journal detail from Enterprise 6.0, but having trouble with the callbacks. I did find some syntax errors in the toolkit.bas file, correct those and am able to pull specific data points, but the enum fu

Callback function may be NULL only when database handles are read-only

Hi, I am getting some errors when trying to run my java code that will try to open a few cursors and join them to fetch the data. ath .:/usr/src/db-4.7.25.NC/java/src:/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.7/lib/db.jar bdbtest MyDbs: Callback function may be NULL o

How to create a callback function module

Hi all, I am working in a requirement where we need to call a function module at a 'after change' event. So how to create a callback function module and register it with the crmvevent ?_ I created a sample function module and try to create entries in

How to get the value retruned by java script function into my jsp page

Hai all, I had a particular java script function which returns a date. function getDate() {      var sDate; // This code executes when the user clicks on a day in the calendar. if ("TD" == event.srcElement.tagName) // Test whether day is valid.

App crash when using JAVA callbacks from native threads in solaris

Hi all, Sorry for putting the thread here. I did use the native methods forum, I wasnt lucky. I Hope more people would look into this forum, which brings me here. I have a solaris application which crashes when I try to callback the JAVA methods and

How to call the java method in java script function in a portal application

Hi Friends, I am developing one application where i need to fetch the data from KM content and displaying it on the screen in regular interval. I wrote one method in JSPdynpage for fetching data from KM content now I need to call that java method in

Calling a method from a callback function under ARC

Hi All I previously wrote some HIDManager software. The HIDManager references were done in a Objective C class so within this object you have the code:     IOHIDManagerRegisterDeviceMatchingCallback( k8055HIDManager, k8055BoardWasAdded, (__bridge voi

How to change the Callback function of a GUI button?

I would like to change the callback function associated with a GUI button dynamically in the programming way. Here is the code piece I tried, but it does not seem to work: const char* pstrLabelSaveJpeg = "SaveJpegCb"; SetCtrlAttribute(pahel_id,

How to call java script function from JSP ?

how to call java script function from JSP ?i have function created by java script lets say x and i want to call this function from jsp scriplet tag which is at the same page ..thanksRead other 4 answers

Queue with callback function not dequeuing

Hi, I would like to ask you for help or for a hint regarding our problem with the queue: A trigger is enqueuing to a queue. This works fine, but the callback function is never called. The queue already worked for a while, but since i changed somethin

TCP Callback function passing data to teststand

Hi, I'm trying to pass data via a TCP Callback function to teststand using the TCP steptype that I downloaded from Ni. When I open a connection, container data is passed to the dll on which it creates a connection, the dll in part creates a TCP Callb

MIDI in using DLL callback function

I am trying to get MIDI into LV. The dll used is winmm.dll and the function midiinopen (plus others) is described here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/multimed/htm/_win32_midiinopen.asp The main problem is I don't kn

Callback functionality in Web dynpro

Dear Experts, How i can implement a web dynpro application which gets updates from server without any interaction from the end user? in the same time I dont want to trigger a full refresh using timed trigger as this will slow the application.  is the

In VB6, why is the "GPIBNotify sub" (from the GPIBNotify AtiveX Ctrl) all the time called even if no Event happened? This callback function is started then stopped permanently as if its received SRQ from the GPIB Bus. Any ideas?

I'm programming in Visual Basic 6 to communicate between a computer and HP Measurement Devices (BER-Meter) with GPIB. I have already read information and code for this. My platform is W98. The NI488.2 commands can be sent without any problem between

How to set the classpath and path from the jsp to call  java class function

Hi Exprets, I have a requirement to call a java class function which returns a hashmap object from the jsp. The java class in present in one jar file and that jar file is location somewhere in unix path. So the requirement is to set the classpath for

Wrong  value  in java stored function

Hi All, i have written a java stored function, at the end of the code it insert record into the database among other columns also a number(18,3) column, when I debug it (out side of server) - works fine. when I load it to database i get wrong values

Import dll callback function

Having trouble with this line "void   (*m_callback)(_t_pciCommand *cmd);" in PciApi.h file. I have replaced it with NULL and was able to import 2 functions, PciAllocCommand and PciSendCommand. I was then able to get valid information using GetVa

Why returning string from java stored function failed ?  HELP ME, PLEASE

Hi everybody, I created java stored function: it's doing http post, parsing xml from http reply, and returning string result. Sometimes, it doesn't return any value. What can be a reason ? The high level procedure, has following form: class SBE { pub