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java check if input is integer scanner


Any function to check the input value is integer?

May I know if there's any function to check the input value is integer in Form 4.5? Thanks.just to add :) - (couldn't resist) : create or replace function is_integer ( p_number in varchar2 ) return boolean is   v_return boolean := true;   v_number nu

Checking input as Integer

HI, can any body tell me that how can i check that an input form a jsp(page1) is number or not ? page1.jsp <form method = "POST" action = "page2.jsp"> input type = "text" name = "number" input type = "sub

After running ridc to checkin file into Oracle Content Center Server there is error: oracle.stellent.ridc.protocol.ProtocolException: java.io.IOException: Input terminated before being able to read line

Hi,    I use ridc to check in file into Oracle Center Content server. There is no problem at the beginning. But after running for several days, there is following error. I must restart my program to solve this issue.    Can anyone help me solve this

Check User inputs ( sap.m.input / sap.m.inputType )

Hi there, I'm trying to check user inputs using sap.m.inputs. I want my inputs' state to be changed when their value breaks a constraint. For example : <input type="Number" .../> => Value is "Azerty" => Error, control's val

Wrong characters in KeyEvents generated from input of barcode scanner

Hi everybody, :-) I have a problem with KeyEvents coming from a barcode scanner. The issue seems to have creeped in somewhere between JSE 6u3 and 6u10, as in the former it works as expected and in the latter it does not. The problem persists still, w

How to check current input/output rate on router subintenterface via SNMP?

How to check current input/output rate on router (2821, etc..) subintenterface via SNMP, like cacti monitoring system. I cant find OID to make this with snmpwalk. Or there is no way to check current load by this way? Only polling? P.S. Ethernet subin

Invoking a AXIS Web Service with a Java object as input argument

Hi I've been trying to execute a bpel process that invokes a web service deployed through axis. This web service takes a java object as input argument as opposed to data types that are directly mapped to java types through the SOAP engine. I deployed

CRM 5.0 Billing - 'No data found..................check your input' message

Hi everyone, I am facing this message : "No data found for the criteria specified - check your input' This occurs when : (CRM Billing) 1. I try the step "Maintain Billing due list',punch in a 'Billing Type' and hit Maintain(F8) - I get the above

Material not subj. to inventory mgmt. in plant F315 (Pl. check your input)

Sir, i am facing an issue while making sto's the error is as follows "Material not subj. to inventory mgmt. in plant F315 (Pl. check your input)" do i need to customise some settings ply help regards ameyHi Go to OMS2 click material type for thi

How to use Pl/sql block to edit check user input

Hi, Please advise on PL/SQL Block code that could be used to Check User input from within a Loop and proceed conditionally based upon User Supplied compliant Input. Thanks in advance.Hi, yakub21 wrote: You could use the ACCEPT to get user input and t

How to read input from handheld scanner on a keyboard port

Hi everybody, i have an application that should read input from a scanner. If i use a jTextField to input scanned data it works fine. the problem is that i don't want to use any text component to input data into it. And if i set the jtextField not vi

Java Checker needs JRE to install??

Hi Everyone, I have just downloaded the Java Checker for Personal Java and am having big trouble installing it. Could someone please advise. This is what it says in the install file: The JavaCheck installation file is a zip archive that contains a se

What about attribute 'checked' of input? What i should do: "removeAttribute('checked')" or "checked = false"?

SCRIPT function vibor(){ if (document.getElementById('autologin').checked = true){ document.getElementById('autologin').removeAttribute('checked'); document.getElementById('autologin1').style.backgroundPosition = 'left top'; } else { document.getElem

Error Acct. assgt. category 3 not defined (please check your input)

Hello all I'm trying to create BAPI_PO_CREATE and getting error " Acct. assgt. category 3 not defined (please check your input) ". What is this Account assignment category concept in SAP ? What input value should i change ?Hi In addition to Srin

Where is the "100% Pure Java Check" ?

Dear friends, few years ago we had a very popular application called 100% Pure Java Checker.. a tool used to verify the portabiliy of Swing Programs... is there something similar nowadays ? where ?JavaPureCheck has completed the Sun EOL process and i

Java how can input password in console but show ******

how Can I use java Read User input password but show in the console '*******'This is a FAQ here.Here are some . http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jsp?forum=31&thread=165884 http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jsp?forum=31&thread=141432 http://forum.ja

User input in Jdeveloper (Scanner or Savitch class)

Hello, well, sorry about the simplicity of the question but for the most simple block of code like this one, getting input from the user, the program runs and runs on the botton window below where the class is. I mean where you get a log of messages

Equivalent of inputting an Integer but a character instead?

Hi, If I wanted to input a number/integer i could use the following: Scanner s = new Scanner(System.in); int time= s.nextInt(); How would I do the same if I wanted to input a character? If I wanted to input a string what do i change? many thanks for

How to get input from keyboard scanner into an array

This is probably a very basic question but I'm very new to java.. My task is to reverse a string of five digits which have been entered using keyboard scanner. E.g. - Entered number - 45896 Output - 69854 I used the StringBuffer(inputString).reverse(

Java to different input divices

I am workink on a project where, there three input divices will be connected. scanner,Speaker Phone,Digital Camera. I have to activate all these divices through java code & from device 1) Scanner: scanning image will be recognised & will converted