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java check if input is integer scanner


How to check current input/output rate on router subintenterface via SNMP?

How to check current input/output rate on router (2821, etc..) subintenterface via SNMP, like cacti monitoring system. I cant find OID to make this with snmpwalk. Or there is no way to check current load by this way? Only polling? P.S. Ethernet subin

Invoking a AXIS Web Service with a Java object as input argument

Hi I've been trying to execute a bpel process that invokes a web service deployed through axis. This web service takes a java object as input argument as opposed to data types that are directly mapped to java types through the SOAP engine. I deployed

CRM 5.0 Billing - 'No data found..................check your input' message

Hi everyone, I am facing this message : "No data found for the criteria specified - check your input' This occurs when : (CRM Billing) 1. I try the step "Maintain Billing due list',punch in a 'Billing Type' and hit Maintain(F8) - I get the above

How to get input from keyboard scanner into an array

This is probably a very basic question but I'm very new to java.. My task is to reverse a string of five digits which have been entered using keyboard scanner. E.g. - Entered number - 45896 Output - 69854 I used the StringBuffer(inputString).reverse(