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How to ensure multiple nested classes static readonly initialization orders

Hello, I am emulating the Java Enumeration in a first class class, with static readonly field initialization. In an effort to further categorize some instances, I embed them in nested classes. Something like this. class A : Enumeration public static

[svn:osmf:] 15220: Fix static initialization order in OSMFPlayer, so that the Log doesn't create TraceLoggers and DebugLoggers.

Revision: 15220 Revision: 15220 Author:   [email protected] Date:     2010-04-05 10:29:52 -0700 (Mon, 05 Apr 2010) Log Message: Fix static initialization order in OSMFPlayer, so that the Log doesn't create TraceLoggers and DebugLoggers. Modified Path

I'm running 10.5.8 on a MacBook Pro and need to update to Java 7 in order to take a software assessment test for a potential job. The Java app will only upgrade from 10.6 or higher. What can I do?

I'm running 10.5.8 on a MacBook Pro and need to update to Java 7 to take software assessment tests online for a potential job. What can I do?Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 10 Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 17 Apple Java 2013-005 I would sug

Error occurred when processing Java programs (CRM ORDER READ is called)

Hi,   We are facing a problem while running a batch job.Its a batch job which reads order data from crm system by using crm order read and generates fur files on application server. But the problem is,  after executing or generating lets say 10000 re

Creating java program that orders 3 numbers in ascending order using if els

Does anyone know what code to use for creating a java program that uses the if else operators to order 3 variables in ascending order?nar0122 wrote: correct on the homework assumption...you have a good nose...the thing is...i know i need to make an i

Java collaboration initialization method- exists on javacaps 5.1.1?

Hi everyone I have javacaps version 5.1.1 I want cache properties on a Map in a Java collaboration definition. Has a Java collaboration definition an initialization method? or how can implement it? Any help will we appreciatedI do not think in such m

Java Array initialization

I am in a Java class and one of the problems that we have been given as homework is stumping me. It wants us to use a stack containing int triples ( i, j, k ) to initialize n values of an n X n array. The trick is that we can't initialize the array n

Is it necessary to have Java installed in order to successfully use Premier Elements 11?

Interested in getting anyone and everyone's opinion/answer to this question, given recent, well-documented security flaw in Java.Does not mention Java here http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop-premiere-elements/tech-specs.htmlRead other 2 answers

APEX equivalent of Java Static Initialization Block

Is there a APEX equivalent of Java static init block (i.e. execute once at class load time)? My use case is that I need to load some configuration values to an environment (i.e. APEX Workspace) specific variables and don't want to do per user session

I want to download Java Script in order to print coupons, but can't seem to make it happen....help would be appreciated!

I am a new Mac/Apple user, trying to download so I can print coupons from a website.  It keeps saying the plug-in is not present, go to the 'apple' on my mac & click on 'software update'.  When I do that, all I get is an update for my HP printer.  Th

Initialization order inconsistency with override

Initialisation order is inconsistent depending on whether a variable is overridden or not. Two questions - 1. Is this supposed to be the case, or is it a bug? 2. If it is supposed to be the case, why did Sun decide to make it work like that? For exam

Java bean initialization

Hi there, Let's say I have a bean that is used in a jsp. I am trying to read a value of one of the bean's member variables. Is that bean instantiated via the default constructor when the jsp is rendered? Thanks!Depends on the "scope" of the bean

Java class initialization.

public class ClassTest { ClassTest classtest = new ClassTest(); public static void main(String[] args) { new ClassTest(); Very worse code. but is there possible to break this.Ravindar_JAVA wrote: Very worse code. Yes indeed. but is there possible to

To access context values in java util methods in webdynpro java

My requirement is to access the wdcontext values in the my util classes. kindly  suggest how to access the context value in my util class Regards PriyaThe context reference must be passed to the .java class in order to access same in the .java for ex

Need help with Java applet, might need NetBeans URL

I posted the below question. It was never answered, only I was told to post to the NetBeans help forum. Yet I don't see any such forum on this site. Can someone tell me where the NetBeans help forum is located (URL). Here is my original question: I h

Shared java static variables

I have an application where I would like to read from some small configuration tables and cache them into java variables, in order to avoid each stored procedure call to redo those queries. The configuration data is pretty static, so I don't worry ab

Getting a Java class from WSDL file

Hello, I have a WSDL file at http://gis13.exp.sis.pitt.edu:8080/axis/services/BufferProcessorService?wsdlI would like to know how to get a java class file from the WSDL posted here. For instance, I have a class entitled InsightPoint. How do I get thi

Java Malfunction in Mac OSX 10.5 - .jar files won't open

All of a sudden none of my .jar files will open (most importantly the dimsum.jar which I use almost everyday). I have run a clean up of my cache and tried everything I can think of to bring back the .jar operations and nothing works as it did before.

JSP does not have visibility of java classes in simple Web Module Project

Dear Experts I am developing what I thought would be a very simple Web Module Project for a simple webservice to allow a user to logon to Netweaver Portal with a simple logon and password. I have not done this in over 8 years, and am somewhat rusty.

BC-XI V3.0 Message Mapping with Java Class

Hi all In the Integretion Builder Design i try to import a Java Class in order to convert a source to a target field. I have created an tested the class with the eclipse V3.0. If i import the source in a customized mapping function i always get the e