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Problem installing NW2004s ABAP Trial version on windows xp pro SP3

Good Day. I have drawbacks installing Abap Trial SP12. When it comes to 89% ends abruptly. I set up MS Loopback Adapter. The operating system is Windows XP Professional SP3. 1Gb RAM. Disk Space 50Gb Free. I have installed thousand and once and presen

Odd System Lock-Ups [XP-Pro SP3]

Something odd is happening, on my normally, and otherwise stable laptop with XP-Pro SP3. I have observed that on Fridays, at about 11:30AM MST/USA, I get system lock-ups. Everything just freezes. I have poured over Event Viewer, and nothing is gettin

Cannot Print in Acrobat Pro 9.4.2 (XP Pro SP3), but Other Apps Can

I am unable to print PDFs on my workstation unless I drag them from a Windows Explorer session and drop them on an open printer window (Start, Printers and Faxes, double-click on printer to open window). I have Acrobat 9 Professional (ver. 9.4.2) run

How to install coldfusion 8 on windows xp pro sp3

hi I  installed coldfusion 8 (standart or multiserver) with any error but browse coldfusion admin panel I getting some error like  The Macromedia application server(s) are unreachable. how to solve this problem firewall turn off antivirus software no

New Found Hardware Wizard on Windows XP Pro SP3

hi, can anyone help??? had iphone connecting fine on desktop with Vista, I rebooted yesterday with XP Pro SP3 (fed up with Vista hogging all memory) Installed and opened itunes and connected iphone and got a "new found hardware wizard" that atte

Anti-virus software on Windows XP pro sp3 with Virtual PC

Hi, I'm running Virtual PC 7.0.3 with Windows XP pro Sp3 on eMac. Has anyone found the need to run a anti-virus software etc as part of the Windows system? Or will the firewall on the broadband router modem be sufficient protection? Many thanks.Thank

Migrating application from Windows 2000 to Windows XP Pro SP3

I just got a new computer with Windows XP Pro SP3 installed and need an application that was installed on my old, really old, computer running Windows 2000. The application was developed by a third party in 1997 and uses Oracle as the database engine

I can't install ANY AIR-based App in Windows XP Pro SP3

Here is the problem: I have AIR, but any AIR apps can't be installed and when I try it the OS crashes and I have my computer restarted. It's very weird 'cause it's heppen only with AIR apps. Yes, this is my last resource to find an answer

ITunes 10.1.2 upgrade on  Win XP Pro SP3 Kills Internet access

The latest iTunes 10.1.2 install on my Win XP Pro SP3 system kills my Internet access. Internet status shows that I'm connected but Internet Explorer and Firefox can't connect to the server. Running Win XP Pro SP3 with all MS updates applied on a Dua

FingerPrint Sensor/Software not working right with Windows XP Pro SP3

Hi All, I have a 3 month old Satellite Pro S300-S2504 (2.4 GHz CPU, 3 GB RAM, Bluetooth, firewire - was a custom build with most of the options I could get). The O/S installed was/is Vista Business. It came with a dowgrade XP Pro SP3 disc as well. I

Videos won't play in IE 8 or Firefox 14 on XP Pro SP3

These flash players (11.4.402.265), (11.3.300.271) and v. 10.3, will not play videos in IE (8.0.6001.18702) or Firefox (14.0.1) on my Windows XP Pro SP3 laptop computer. I have discovered that if I use YouTube's secure https:// option that the videos

Adobe Reader X wont open in Windows XP Pro Sp3

I have uninstalled every adobe product on my PC which is running Windows XP Pro SP3, then downloaded Adobe Reader X again and reinstalled it. Adobe reader X simply wont open - generates the "Adobe Reader has encountered a problem and needs to close. 

Firefox 3.6.8 takes 1 min 27 secs from cold to start, while Safari takes 3.2 secs, IE8 takes 5.9 secs, all under XP Pro SP3.

Firefox always takes a minute and a half or more to start from cold under XP Pro SP3, and often fifteen seconds or more on subsequent starts. No other browser takes anything like as long. It is quicker under Win 7, starting in 4.3 secs., but this mac

Unable to fully sync with iPod Touch 1G and the (new/lat)est iTunes versions in a very old Windows XP Pro SP3 machine?

Hi. I keep getting this "The iPod '...' cannot be synced. The disk is locked and cannot be written to." error when I try to sync my 11 GB of music from my very old, updated Windows XP Pro SP3 machine to an old iPod Touch 1G (iOS v3.1.3). It has

Acrobat 7 Pro run processor 100% on WinXP Pro SP3

Recently, this Dell Inspiron notebook (WinXP Pro SP3, 1GB Ram, Pentium M processor) runs the processor 100% within 10 seconds of when Acrobat starts.  This is a relatively recent change in behavior of Acrobat. So I Unintalled Acrobat (which took an h

How do you change the workspace panel color in Edge Animate CC (the stage is OK) to a lighter gray, I have the dark gray now.  I have Win 7 Pro SP3?

How do you change the workspace panel color in Edge Animate CC (the stage is OK) to a lighter gray, I have the dark gray now.  I have Win 7 Pro SP3?This is a feature as far as I know. On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 10:32 PM, Conquero <[email protected]>Rea

Java Web Dyn Pro Jump Start

Forum Members Can you please help me and provide links,documentation(pdfs etc) which would help me get started with a medium complexity java web dyn pro application.? Any information pertaining to Java Web dynpro will be useful. Moderators: Please no

Reinstall/repair adobe reader 11.0.08 on win xp pro sp3 - ole trouble.

Hi, i want to reinstall adobe reader 11.0.08 on win xp pro sp3. Reinstallint using setup seem to work, but ole is not working: e.g. from word , I do insert object, click ole , select adobe acrobat object, then app freezes. 2 processes are created dor

Can I get Cisco Jabber 10.6.0 to work on Windows XP Pro SP3?

We are implementing the new Cisco Jabber 10.6.0, per a requirement, but we still have some Windows XP Pro SP3 users. The issue is that with this new client the app will not load due to error:  CiscoJabber.exe Entry Point Not Found: the procedure entr

IAS 6.5 testdrive won't install on Win2000 Pro SP3

Hi Everybody, I have a problem when trying to install iAS 6.5 testdrive on my laptop with Windows 2000 Professional SP3. I have iWS 6.0 SP4. iWS has been installed for a while and has worked fine. But I wanted to evaluate iAS because I need database