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How to create a java plugin for Internet explorer

Hi All, I have recently started working on java,i need to a create a plugin which can launch any file type(say any file which draws a cube with some extension .abc).Where should i start my work from.What do i need to do first.Please help me out coz i

How to automate the Acrobat Reader plugin in Internet Explorer

Hi, I have been trying to figure out how to automate the Acrobat Reader plugin in Internet Explorer. My goal is to find a way to allow users of our web application to print PDFs to the default printer without having to go through the plugin's GUI. Ou

Disable Quicktime plugin for Internet Explorer

There has been discussion on a number of forums regarding the Quicktime plugin for Windows Internet Explorer and how it will hijack file associations, preventing them from being opened up with your default application. This only occurs when clicking

Java swing on Internet Explorer Urgent

hello, I have simple applet. Which can be viewed on appletviewer , But if I try to view in Internet Explorer ,it gives nothing. Plz help Me.Go to this page to find out what version of Java your browser is using: http://javatester.org/version.html If

Java vulnerability on Internet Explorer?

I've noticed that when I try to enter a certain site with Internet Explorer a Java written virus tries to attack me. Does anyone know anything about this? How can I fix it?The first thing that the antivirus locates is a .exe. If I turn on Emergency B

HT5925 How do you uninstall the Icloud Webapp Plugin for Internet Explorer?

There doesn't seem to be an uninstaller for it.Thanks for the link! I saw that it contains a drop-down list for other Internet Explorer versions, so I used this slightly different link to solve my problem: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-

Adobe plugin for Internet Explorer?

I recently upgraded from XP to Windows 7 Professtional. When I had XP I had a Adobe toolbar plugin that would let me save websites (and MS Word docs) as PDFs. I was able to set options such as compression and image quality for PDFs. Now that I have W

Analysis Trace -- HTTP Plugin for Internet Explorer 8

Hello, We have configured E2E Root Cause Analysis, and we are trying to use "Trace Analysis". We have download HTTP Plugin that is attach in Note 1041556, but in this note we have found that this plugin is for IE 6 and IE 7, and in our customer

Need java plugin for thin client like HP compaq t 5000

Hello everybody, I need to know if there any java plugin for Internet Explorer on windows CE.net on a thin clinet like HP compaq t5000, my problem is that i have an oracle form that access to oracle databse, on the client i have thin client HP compaq

Java not working in Internet Explorer

I normally use another browser (Google Chrome) but need to use Internet Explorer for a particular online banking service. This service requires a Java applet. I have the current Java environment (as at 21.3.12), SE 6 Update 31. Java works in Chrome b

Disabling the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer 11

I would like to know if I can delete (e.g., rename) my 32-bit IE installation, thus forcing the system to run ONLY the 64-bit version. My IE 11 (on Win7) hangs several times per day, and it's almost always the 32-bit that's the "faulting application.

Acrobat X crashes Internet Explorer 9

Hi all. Using Windows 7 x64 and Internet Explorer, I'm having problems when reading a pdf in the web browser, with Acrobat X. When I close the tab or IE9, the following message appears: "Internet Explorer has stopped working..." without giving a

Switching VM in Internet Explorer

There are articles how to switch between Sun Java and Microsoft VM Java in MS Internet Explorer 6. Unfortunately the descriptions fail to say, that you need administrator rights. Or at least in the case of Windows XP Professional wSp2 client in the W

Oracle forms 11g running forms on internet explorer error

Hi , this is abhishek I am new to oracle forms 11g . My question is that when I run the forms 11g on internet explorer it shows an error . The error is too many tries. first I like to clarify that before running the forms i start the weblogic server

Internet Explorer keeps asking if it is okay to run Adobe Flash Player.

I am having a problem with Adobe Flash Player working with Internet Explorer 11. Whenever I visit a site that has content that needs Flash Player to load, Internet Explorer prompts me asking me if it is okay. When I see allow, all that happens is the

Java 1.4.2_04 - Internet Explorer plugin

I need to amend the Java installation on about 2000 Win2k PCs with Java 1.4.2_04 installed. I need to enable the Internet Explorer plugin, where you go into the control panel and put a tick next to INTERNET EXPLORER under the browser tab. Is there an

Java Plugin Detection using VBScript on Internet Explorer

Hi, I need a way to detect when the plugin version is above a certain version number (such as 1.4.1 or higher) so that I can give the user some extra info as to what is happening when the plugin is downloading automatically on Internet Explorer. Some

How can I force focus from flash to another plugin app in FireFox such as with the e.focus() Java Script command in Internet Explorer

Can you force focus from a Flash app to another plugin such as Unity3d using a JS command similar to e.focus() which works in Internet explorer. The following code works in IE, but not FireFox? Any solution would be helpful. Is it even possible? func

PDF will not open in my firefox browser although i have updated my jave and adobe, they open in internet explore

I recently downloaded the latest version of adobe reader, jave and the newest firefox version. I think 3.6.4 (but i could be mistaken). Ever since my firefox updated today 3/8/10 it has stopped opening pdf's in browser. All i see is a blank screen or

On My web site the adobe flash player replaced with a white box "need to install adobe flash player and Java script" both installed. My web site fine using Internet Explorer and Chrome.

I've updated to Firefox ver 5. GordonThe FlashPlayer plugin used for Firefox is entirely separate from the one that Internet Explorer uses. You system details do not show Flash Player is installed. With flash player installed and enabled if you go to