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java read large file line by line


How to split/copy/move a large file by exactly line number?

Hi everyone, I already know the exactly line numbers of a large file. For example, I want to split or copy or move Infile from 1~66666 to outfile1; split or copy or move Infile from 66667~166666 to outfile2; split or copy or move Infile from 166667~2

Along the lines of How To Lead Large Files

I have some mainframe extract files loaded onto a Solaris drive that are between 1 and 4 GB to be used in an initial load of a data warehouse. I can't even open a file with file sizes that large. (We're running JDK 1.2.2 - not sure if that matters.)

I am having trouble receiving large files using a T1 line.

I can receive large files (3-10meg) using any connection other than T1.  Is there a setting I need to change on my Macbook pro?Obviously your talking about a setting in a program? Maybe Double NAT ? Would help if you gave a description of what the pr

Loading large files in Java Swing GUI

Hello Everyone! I am trying to load large files(more then 70 MB of xml text) in a Java Swing GUI. I tried several approaches, 1)Byte based loading whith a loop similar to pane.setText("");              InputStream file_reader = new BufferedInput

Need help, reading next file line

i have a file that i am reading using this code, this code reads only string on the first line i wnat it to read the second line from the file when the method is called again private transactionLine=""; public void fileReading() try           tr

Read file line by line

Hi Could somebody tell me how to read file line by line ? Namely my input file I want to read look as follow: AAA 1, 1 12 222 12 AAA 2, 2 11 122 11 My output file should look as follow: 1, 1, 12 1, 1 222 1, 1, 12 2, 2, 11 2, 2, 122 2, 2, 11 I think t

How to set JRE 1.5.0_07 as default Java from the cmd line in Windows

Hi All, We are currently in the process of upgrading our company to IE8. As MS JVM is incompatible we need to remove it. However, once we have done this JRE 1.5.0_07 is not the default version of Java any more for IE8. My question is - Is there a com

How to get file line count.

Hey guys, How to get file line count very fast? I am using BufferedReader to readLine() and count. But when dealing with big file, say several GB size, this process will be very time consuming. Is there any other methods? Thanks in advace!What I'd do

How to read text file line by line...?

how to read text file line by line, but the linefeed is defined by user, return list of string, each line of file is a item of list? please help me. Thanks very muchBrynjar wrote: In Groovy, you would do something like: linefeed = "\n" //or &quo

Read a pdf file line by line

Hi I am trying to read contents of a pdf file .I used pdfbox it worked but the problem ,is for large pdf files it throws OutofMemory Exception so i want to know how to read a pdf file line by line using pdfbox or any other API's Thanksgkraju wrote: I

Reading file line by line in reverse order

hi, can anybody tell me that how can I read a txt or csv file line by line in reverse order? thanks in advance.Please don't cross post - http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5283758&messageID=10193925#10193925Read other 3 answers

Reading a file line by line and executing the code

I need to read a file line by line and execute them simultaneously. I use BufferedReader for reading , but for executing i tried a lot , but could not find a solution. Kindly help and try to brief me.If you're hoping to execute lines of java source c

Extra space in text file line

This one is not critical, just aesthetical. My program writes lots of lines of info into a text file. One section of my code seems to include an extra empty space at the beginning of the line. The text is correct, but it just looks awkward being one

Printing problem with ads on as java when printing large files

hi all we have an wd for java application running on as java 7.0 sp18 and adobe document service if we print small files everything works fine with large files it fails with the following error (after arround 2 minutes) any ideas #1.5^H#869A6C5E59020

My classic has come up with a sreen which 5 lins of text (in large font) Line 1  says 5 in 1 line 2 sdrampass L3 chksum any ideas I've tried the MENU   CENTRE BUTTON with no joy HELP

My classic has come up with a screen which has 5 lines of text (in large font) Line 1 says 5 in 1 Line 2 sdrampass L3 chksum Any ideas ? I've tried the MENU + CENTRE BUTTON with no joy HELPHi starbugdriver, I recommend trying the iPod classic trouble

Java.io.IOException during large file processing on PI 7.1

Hello Colleagues, for a large file scenario on our PI 7.1 System we have to verify with big file size we are able to process over PI. During handing over the large file (200 MB XML) form the Adapter Frame Work (File Adapter) to the Integration Engine

How to read the whole text file lines using FTP adapter

Hi all, How to read the whole text file lines when error occured middle of the text file reading. after it is not reading the remaining lines . how to read the whole text file using FTP adapter pls can you help meYes there is you need to use the uniq

How to read a file line by line in UTL

Hi All, DECLARE fileID UTL_FILE.FILE_TYPE; strbuffer VARCHAR2(100); BEGIN fileID := UTL_FILE.FOPEN ('DR', 'New.txt', 'R'); UTL_FILE.GET_LINE (fileID, strbuffer); dbms_output.put_line(strbuffer); END; By this program I can read only first line of the

What is the best way to read a file line by line?

Hello, everyone! I want to read a file line by line, i.e. each time, a line of a text file is read and stored as a String object and the String object will be manipulated (parsed) later. I have found that FileInputStream does not have a function whic

Read the file line by line from upload

Hi Guys, Need help... I creating a web application that has a upload capability. What I want to do is this... I want to upload a file (but not save it). What I'm going to do is just read the file line by line and save these data to the database. How