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[bug]Jdev 11g:NullPointerException at java.util.regex.Matcher.getTextLength

Hi, Jdev If somebody of you get the following trace stack when running a jspx using ViewCriteriaRow.setOperator : There is bug 7534359 and metalink note 747353.1 available. java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.regex.Matcher.g

How do you get java regex to match two different pattern

Hi, I am having trouble getting getting java regex to match two pattern: "unknown host" or "100%". Here is a snippet of my code: try{ Process child = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(" perl c:\\ping.pl"); BufferedReader in = new Buf

Non greedy Java Regex not working

I am trying to parse some HTML and using regex for it. Here is the HTML I want to parse: <a href="google.com">Lololo</a> <a href="tttt.com">Read More</a>I want to find the second anchor tag with "Read More&

Java Regex groups with quantifiers.

I'm a bit stuck on a regex , i want to do something similar to this : (dog){6} dogdogdogdogdogdog and returned I want 6 seperate groups with 'dog' in each one. This works fine with jakarta-regexp but when I use the {} quantifiers in Java regex I lose

JAVA Regex Illegal Characters

Hello - I am trying to find a list of all illegal characters which have to be escaped in JAVA Regex pattern matching but I cannot find a complete list. Also I understand that when doing the replaceall function that there is a special list of characte

Java Regex Pattern

Hello, I have parsed a text file and want to use a java regex pattern to get the status like "warning" and "ok" ("ok" should follow the "warning" then need to parser it ), does anyone have idea? How to find ok that

Java regex problem

Hi: I have the following texts in a flat file: scheduler is running system default destination: llp device for ps3: /dev/ps3 device for ps: /dev/ecpp0 device for llp: /dev/ecpp0 How can I use java regex to print out the string after "device for "

Java Pattern Matcher (Pattern.class bug? Stuck in Infinite Loop)

Hi, I'm using the java pattern matcher and it appears to be stuck in an infinite loop and will not return from Pattern.class. It stays stuck in the following two code sequences... I'm using the following regex... java.util.regex.Matcher[pattern=[a-z0

Converting sed regex to Java regex

I am new to reguler expressions.I have to write a regex which will do some replacements If the input string is something like test:[email protected];value=abcd when I apply the regex on it,this string should be changed to test:[email protected];value

What is the escape character for DOT in java regex?

How to specify a dot character in a java regex? . itself represents any character \. is an illegal escape characterThe regex engine needs to see \. but if you're putting it into a String literal in a .java file, you need to make it \\., as Rene said.

Java Regex Pipe Delimited ?

Hello I am trying to split the string which is pipe delimited. I am new to Regex and new to Java. My Java/Regex code line to split is: listColumns = aLine.split("\\|"); // my code has 2 backslash-escapes chars plus 1 pipe char but this forum doe

Sed rules to java regex

Hi, what is the connection between sed regex rules and java regex rule. Is there an easy way to convert sed to java? or do i have to learn sed?.... ThanksIIRC, Java regex rules are like Perl's (although the syntax for invocation differs a bit), and P

Question on regex Matcher (group number)

HI, everybody I am writing a program on replacement like the one below. String regex = "(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)"; String original = "ABCDEFGHIJKL"; String replacement = "$12"; Pattern p = Pattern.compile(regex);

Capture regex match as a variable?

Hello! I have this program and I basically want to match a part of a string and grab the match as a variable. In this case, the string I need to parse is 'foo'. Here is what I have: public class Test      public static void main(String[] args)       

Regex matching bug?

it seems like j2sdk1.4.2b has some serious regex matching bug with strings that contain unicode characters. In my case, the string contained some Turkish chars. regex is simple <[^>]*> which matches string runs that are enclosed in <> (ex.

Java Regex, how do I replace \\ with \\\\?

Hello, The following line doesn't work: someString.replaceAll("\\", "\\\\"); The error I get is the following: Exception in thread "main" java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unexpected internal error near index 1 ^      a

Java regex stop after first occurrence

When using code like the following: while (matcher.find()) { string1=matcher.group(1).trim(); System.out.println(charset); the program goes on looking all through the input string and prints out the final match. What should be done to find the first

Regex Matching Involving Unicode

Hi, I'm trying to do a regex match using boost::regex and followed the instructions on http://niemannross.com/developer/wiki/index.php?title=Using_boost_regular_expressions_(re gexp)_in_InDesign_CS/CS2/CS3_plug-in_code My regex needs to match a line

Java regex for filenames or filetypes matching

I am trying to write a java regular expression where my application should restrict the names of the files or filetypes mentioned in the regex from being attached to an email. I started the regex like this, .*\\.(?:jpeg|jpg)$ Is this correct?. Right

Java Regex - Find Last Match Using Pattern and Matcher

I'd like to write some regex which would allow me to grab the last occurance of match based on a specified list of items. So for: Pattern languageRegex = Pattern.compile("(len|end)"); And a string of: "00| 0lend|" I want it to extract