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I'm all of a sudden getting a ( Java Script Application "download error" message) when trying to use Ant Video Downloader. What could cause this?

When an FLV is playing and I want to download it. I click on the Ant download button. A little window appears reading ( Java Script Application "download error" message)This works for me on YouTube. Cancel the download and then immediately right

YouTube and Yahoo problems - Enable Java Script or Download Latest Flash???

For a number of weeks, I have had problems with browsing certain sites. I initially noticed that some adverts had a connection error on web pages that were displaying their content fine in every other way. I then noticed that I couldn't access any pa

Trouble with sites that use java scripts for downloading.

FF4 seems to do nothing when I hit the button to download a file. IT does not freeze the application it just does nothing. There is no response at all. I am running FF4 on a Laptop w/ CPU Pent4 w/2Gb RAM O/S: WP prof w/SP3 Many thanks LITChI, Pls, I'

I downloaded Firefox Optimized for Yahoo on my PC and get an error message about every 15 seconds: Java Script/ Uninstall set. I deleted Firefox and did a new download/installation and am getting the same problem.

:I went to Mozilla's website and downloaded the Firefox Optimized for Yahoo, following the directions. The download installed easily, but when it opened my Yahoo web page (I already had an account with them), the Java Script error message "Uninstall

What to do? When on a site with a PDF download I wish to open, the site commences to open in a new Tab but the information does not come through? This happens on all sites. The advanced Java Script is disabled.

When on a site with a PDF download I wish to open, when I click on download the site commences to open in a new Tab but the information does not come through? This happens on all sites. The advanced Java Script is disabled. The new tab will sometimes

I'm trying to download Firefox 4 onto Windows 7 platform. I keep getting an error message that says Java script has an error in Chrome ? Unable to complete download. Constant ahngs & freezes

I am running on Windows 7 platform. I tired to download the latest Firefox 4 release. Each time, I get the message that "there is an error on line 20 in Java script Chrome that is preventing the download from continuing. I've run Fox in safe mode &am

Java Script Error in downloading CS3 Master Collection

I just bought a new MacBook Pro and I went to download my CS3 Master Collection. In the middle of downloading Disc 1 I got a kernel telling my to push the power button until the computer shuts off and turn it on again. Then when I tried to redownload

How can I avoid the message "Can't install java script because it was not downloaded from the App Store?

I am trying to install an update for Java. The system won't allow it, saying I have specified "in Security" not to install any download not from the App Store. The only preferences pane I know of is the one on Safari, and it doesn't have anythin

Why can't java script be recognized after I downloaded it

after opening java script several times other programs can't find it and want to download it again?  I can see it and get a sucessful report from Adobe is this a problem with Maverick X ?When looking through my apple mail I opened through safari Spor

Where can I download the last version that allows images and java script to be turned off?

Due to my often slow connection I must have the option to turn off "automatically download images" and Java script. Firefox 23 does not have those options. Where can I download version 22 or whatever the latest version is that allowed these opti

In Safari 6.05 why does my downloaded website advise that Java Script is not installed when it clearly shows as being activated in the Safari preferences?

In Safari 6.05 when trying to view it locally, why does my downloaded website advise that Java Script is not installed when it clearly shows as being activated in the Safari preferences?Thank you for your response to my query. I have updated both my

I just downloaded and instaled firefox 4. Now, everytime I institute a command I get a po[p-up from Java script that tells me to uninstal set. I cannot go on untin I press ok and then I am good for one more command and it starts with the pop-up again.

I'm not even sure if this is an extension or plug-in and all I can tell you is what I have already stated. I can only make one command at a time and after each one I get a pop-up from Java script that says uninstal set. I must depress ok to move on,

Ever since I downloaded FF's v6, everytime I go to YouTube and open a video, I get an error message that says: "[Java Script Application] Error: Div is null" How do I fix this problem?

If I go to YouTube, no matter what video I click on to watch, the error message "[Java Script Application] Error: Div is null" pops up. It started happening right after I updated to FF v6. I also have installed the latest version of Java. I subm

Java script void on newly downloaded firefox 27

Receive this message on Norton site live chat - 'java script void'javascript: void(0); is used as a placeholder URL to indicate that an onclick event is tied to the link to do the actual action.<br /> If JavaScript is blocked for some reason then th

Today, Sept 26, 2011: I finally decided to download version 6. I got a message stating my java script was not compatible with this version. It did a search and said it could not find an update. I need jave script. What now??

Using Window XP Pro with service pack 3 and all the updates. I uninstalled version 6 and am now back to version 4. 4 gig ram and over a hundred gigs of storage. Not using Nortons or McAfee. Checking my settings, I find java is enabled, but still get

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 - Windows 7 - Java Script Problem

I am having trouble with Anchor.htm. When I try to insert an anchor in the text (Insert > Named Anchor> I get this error message: "While executing insertObject in Anchor.htm a Java Script error occurred." I recently downloaded both the 32-

Expanding text java script

I got a java script from a coworker that allows me to click on a button and display expanded text. The problem is, when its clicked, the page jumps back to the top of the page. Any ideas? Here is a sample of the code: <a href="#" onclick=&quo

Getting tha java script error while calling OAF forms in ADF

Hi , I am trying to get/access the Oracle forms in ADF page. I am following http://static.commit-consulting.com/oraformsfaces developers guide for guidlines. while runnign my page getting the error in popup look like java script error. the pop up con

Mozilla is lying when it says Java Script is unnecessary for the avcrage user.Java script is not working in Firefox 7.01

I want to roll back to an earlier version Firefox that works with Java Script how can I do this. Where I can download an earlier version? You know what the problems are. I am NOT going to list them. Own up to your errors. You made an incorrect consci

Java script is not working while coming back to the page.

Hi Experts, I am working in jdev with ADF BC. I am callling javascript in my jsff, while this javascrip is invoking file download method. this java script i am inovking from another button action, because in some case i need to invoke popu