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Java Virtual Machine Win 10


SDDM 4 EA3: Unable to launch the Java Virtual Machine (Win 7 64bit)

SQL Developer v4 EA3 is working fine, but I decided to download the stand-alone SQL Developer Data Modeler because I had seen people recommending using it in favor of the one bundled with SQLDEV. Windows 7 64-bit Java (64 bit) installed into C:\Progr

Start up Error: "Could not create the Java virtual machine"

I downloaded WebLogic Platform (net_server103_win32.exe) and installed it on my Windows Vista laptop. I am unable to start the server. From Start menu I selected (WebLogic ServerExamples-->Start Examples Server) The following output displaye

Could not create the Java virtual machine

Hello... This is my jdev version When I am running my project i am getting this type of error so what can i do for that Here is that error: *** Using port 7101 *** "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\JDeveloper\system

HI, I would like to know the compatibility of the MS Java Virtual Machine

Hi , Good Day ! I'm from Citi Application management team. I would like to know whether the application MS JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE V5.0.3810 is compatible with Win 7 64 Bit. If not, please let me know the latest version of the application i.e., compatib

Error message: " Couldn't create Java Virtual Machine"

Hi, I recently downloaded from IBM rational application developer for websphere software v 7.5. The installation was successful. But when I try to open it, the error message:"could not create the Java virtual Machine". I am working on Windows Xp

I have updated my iTunes to the newest version, 10-25 on a windows XP system. Now my java virtual machine is not working and I need it to run applet window. My Java is also newest version. What can I do to fix/repair my issue?

I need help with java on windowsXP after updating iTunes to the latest version. My java will not work and I get error message need java virtual machine to run applet window. Did not have this problem prior to the iTunes update. Please help, ThanksIf

Could not find a valid Java virtual machine to load

On a fresh copy of CFMX8, when I run updater 7, it responds 'Could not find a valid Java virtual machine to load'. This is being installed on a Win2K3 server and this is on a 'freshly minted' POC box solely for the purpose of installing/testing CFMX8

The crash happened outside the java virtual machine in native code

Hi, I have a biometric device with which I am given some C++ dlls. I am trying to call methods inside these using java (jna). I am loading the dll "zkemsdk.dll+" as follows: zkemkeeper INSTANCE1 = (zkemkeeper)Native.loadLibrary("zkemsdk&quo

Could not initialize the Java Virtual Machine

While trying to configure the turnkey product I encounter an error in starting the JBoss for Adobe LiveCycle ES v8.0 service. The JBossService.exe ends up showing in the task list - but the service shows its status as "starting" and an enty stat

JAVA Importer: ORA-105100 can't start the java virtual machine

Hi, i am having trouble to make a work interaction between forms and java. My PL/SQL code is calling a java code situated in an imported class. the error i get says : can't start the java virtual machine I modified the CLASSPATH to add some jar files

Error with Java Virtual Machine Laucher

Hi, I'm getting the follwowing error with I try to lauch universal installer. Fatal exception occured. Program will exit. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I have java ee 5 sdk installed on my machine.Hello Guys! I have a problem here and i

Garbage collection Java Virtual Machine : Hewlett-Packard Hotspot release

"Hi, I try and understand the mechanism of garbage collection of the Java Virtual Machine : Hewlett-Packard Hotspot release There is description of this mechanism in the pdf file : "memory management and garbage collection" availa

"Java Virtual Machine not loaded"

I get this message every time I boot up. It just started recently. Anyone know how to fix that? Everything seems to run okay, but that annoying box pops up every time. "Java Virtual Machine not loaded" Thanks in advance. karTo state the obvious:

Safari problem with Java Virtual Machine

I have a brand new MacBook Pro. I tried to play an online game that requires Java Virtual Machine. And of course I use Safari since it's the default browser. However, the game keeps asking me to download Java Virtual Machine. I tried to update and al

There is no java virtual machine in Mountain Lion?

I try to access a .jar file typing "java -jar <file name> in Terminal, but I received the following message: "Could not create the Java virtual machine" Some help, please.OK, David, thank you very much. The default version is Java 6,

How can I know the version of Application Server Java Virtual Machine

How can I know the version of Application Server Java Virtual Machine? Thanks a lot.Thats easy. Your jdk/jre are located in the App Server home directory. Just run the java command under the jdk directory with the "-version" switch and it will p

Computer says i need new "java virtual machine" to use Britannica

I'd like to open my new Britannica Encyclopedia, but every time i try the computer msg says i need a new "java virtual machine". i don't have a clue what to do although i've searched around this site for some time. can anyone help me? thanks ~mo

Unable to create an instance of the Java Virtual Machine

I hope someone can help me to encounter this problem. Well, I have read the instruction over and over on how to setup SQL Developer.  The version i have installed Oracle Database 11g Express Edition and downloaded sqldeveloper- and

Saving files and future Java Virtual Machine updates questions

So I've made A program that keeps a list of Ingredients and Recipes for my dads small business. This program is currently on 3 computers my dads, the secretaries, and mine. I made it so it saved and loaded from a shared folder in the network where al

Terminates all java virtual machine process

How I can terminate all java virtual machine process which is running on a computer thanks danielToo big topic to cover. Check out http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/docs/guide/intl/fontprop.html namely Specifying Fonts on Win32 Platform (http://java.sun.c