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Java Web Start Windows 10


Can we change the title of "Java Web Start" window?

Hi while running our application into "Java Web Start" using jnlp configuration file, may I know how to change the title of Java Web Start Window. At present it show the title like "Java Web Start" I want to customize, is it possible?

Is there any way to remove the 'Java web start window' message on windows?

This is unacceptable. You can download an application in any language and install it. If so many hoops have to be jumped through for security, and it changes the display to boot, this is simply not worth the (2 days!!) of effort is has taken to look

Java web start running on windows NT4 work station

I have installed java web start on a windows NT4 work station (service pack 6) with a directx v5. I successfuly launch the sun applications such as swing set 2, but I have some troubles concerning our software which used another look and feel than th

Java web start in Windows vista

Hi, 1) When i tried to launch my Java Web start application in Windows Vista (32bit) With Jre 1.6_06 the java web start did not loaded. the process terminates at certain points. By Remote debugging got to know,: It was exiting the application at diff

Java Web Start didn't install with j2sdk-1_4_2_04-windows-i586-p.exe

I just uninstalled all my java stuff from my XP Pro system then re-installed... j2sdk-1_4_2_04-windows-i586-p.exe With the SDK installation... j2re1.4.2_04 also installed... I think this is the Java Runtime But, before I had a folder for Java Web Sta

Java Web Start doesn't start (Windows XP)

Hi, I've installed Java Web Start on a Windows XP machine. When I try to run an application or I try to open Java Web Start directly the "Java Web Start" splash screen appears for a few seconds and than disappears and nothing else happens. I hea

Windows Printing vs Java Web Start

I am having a hard time printing from a Java Web Start application to a printer attached to a Windows server. I don't have problems with this printer and other (i.e Mac) applications. When I try to print from the JWS app the job gets sent to the Prin

How to test a Java Web Service locally?

I developed simple java web services. Now I want to test them locally. I want to expose my web service through my Web Server(Tomcat). How can I expose that webservice? After that I want to access my web service through a Internet Browser. Is it possi

Unable to run my application using java web start

i have created one application and use java web start to download the application. all the files are succesfully downloaded but when i try to run the application an expected error occur. this only happen in my machine but not in other machine i'm cur

Unable to launch Integeration Builder - Java Web Start - Unexpected Error

Hi there, I am not able to launch the Integeration builder. The ESR has no problem and is working fine though. Here is the exception :- com.sap.aii.ibdir.gui.appl.ApplicationImpl I have tried below options already : 1. Cleared the java cache under -

Unable to launch application with java web start (OILOM)

I'm connecting to a remote Oracle console from a server, using "oracle integrated lights out manager". I go to "Remote Control" and click on "Launch Console". After that, it download a JNLP file, called "jnlpgenerator-16

Java Web Start Application surprisedly does not start anymore based on new JRE1.7.0_45

Hi everyone, we have to maintain a self-developed Java Application which is running based on JRE1.5.0_51 (x64). Our recent client machines have JRE1.7.0_40 (x64 too) installed in addition to the mentioned (and needed) JRE1.5.0_51 (x64). Everything wa

Unable to launch java web start

We have already devloped an application based on java web start. Most of the client machines, we try to install java web start and run the developed app, it works fine. For one of the clients machine, we have an issue with java web start itself, it d

Problem with win2000sp3 and Java web start

I have JRE and Java web start (1.2.0_01, build b01) which come downloading file j2re-1_4_1_01-windows-i586-i.exe from sun. I have win2000pro running on my PC. I had updated win2000 to service pack 2 and everything was fine. Now i decided to update to

Java Plug-in and Java Web Start Will Not Start In JDK 1.4.2_03

I can't get the Java Plug-in or Java Web Start to start in JDK 1.4.2_03, but they did work when I first installed the JDK months ago. When I double-click either icon an hourglass displays for a second and then disappears without opening the window. I

Adding an ABAP Web Dynpro application to a Java Web Dynpro screen

Hey fellow SAPers This is an interesting one ......... We have developed a bespoke ABAP Web Dynpro screen that we want to include into a tabstrip in a Java Web Wynpro application. We have managed to do this by inserting an iFrame into the tabstrip, a

Java Web Start error message when trying to run vSphere1.2 compliance checker

It installed fine but a javaws usage message displayed when attempting to run. Seems like this might be some kind of Java environment problem on the Windows 7 Pro desktop. Not very familiar with Microsoft, any ideas and/or suggestion?.Thanks for your

Application started using Java Web Start doesn't launch the first time

I have a Facebook photo uploader application that I plan to distribute using Java Web Start. I'm using Java 6u4 on Windows XP SP2 with 2GB of RAM. I have Java 6u3, Java 6u4 and Java 5 u14 installed and I'm sure the one used is Java 6u4. I signed my a

Java Web Start aborts after upgrading to 10.4.4

After the upgrade to 10.4.4 Java Web Start (and any clients) aborts as soon as I try to launch them. I have two clients (CGoban2 and Pokerpages Poker Client) I think uses Java Web Start and they worked fine under Mac OS X 10.4.3. Even if I try to sta

How to do Printing in Java Web Dynpro?

Hi, I have displayed a window in Java Web Dynro of some user data. And I want to add a Print button so that the user can print the information. I do not want to use Adobe PDF for such printing. Can I achieve what I want through coding in Java in Web