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Javascript won't work - JavaScript for Reader Mobile API Reference (Android)

I have created a Form with the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (trial version). The Javascript code just won't work on a mobile phone. Doc - JavaScript for Reader Mobile API Reference (Android this shows that what I want to do is supported. But not even the

I get a "JavaScript Application - Reference Error: XPCSafeJSObjectWrapper is not defined" error every time I try to open a new tab.

<blockquote>Locking duplicate thread.<br> Please continue here: [/questions/777191]</blockquote><br> Just like the title says, starting with Firefox 4 Beta 6 or 7, I forgot. Any time I try to open a new blank tab (sometimes even wh

Displaying a theme-based FOI layer as a whole image with javascript API v2

Hi, I have looked the Oracle maps V2 tutorial developed in mvdemo.war application provided with Oracle Mapviewer v11.1.1.7. I have looked how to use theme-based FOI layers and I have not found how to set the "whole image" property for these laye

PDF embedding & Acrobat's JavaScript API

Hello, I have two questions. I currently using Safari 1.3.2 and Acrobat Reader 7.0.9 to test an PDF document embedded in a Web page. In Safari 1.3.2 I get a "This operation is not allowed" warning when the HTML object element and the embed eleme

How to add a polygon to mapviewer using Javascript API

Hi, I am using JavaScript API for the MapViewer. Using redlining tool, my application allows user to draw polygon onto the map. I would like to have union, difference and intersect tools. I know the back end logic can be done using using JTS or SDO_U