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JavaScript API Reference: AdfRichTable .getWidth not working.

Hello, I need to write a JAVASCRIPT function that returns the width of table every time is called. The table "id" is 't1'. My first version of the function was something like this:           function getElementWidth(event) {               var tE

Javascript won't work - JavaScript for Reader Mobile API Reference (Android)

I have created a Form with the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (trial version). The Javascript code just won't work on a mobile phone. Doc - JavaScript for Reader Mobile API Reference (Android this shows that what I want to do is supported. But not even the

Getting error when updating the JavaScript API for Office and manifest schema files in your Visual Studio project from version 1.0 to 1.1

Hi, I`m getting error message like "None of the apps in your project can be activated in the target. The manifest file of one or more apps contain API sets or Office applications that are not supported by the target Office client. To debug those apps

Mouse event with Javascript API

Hi, Is it possible to register for mouseclick with the javascript API as with the normal API reference ? What I have done in javascript is : Add button and menu item to draw circle annotations. When you click on a button or a menu item its draws a ci

How complete is the javascript API?

Hi, I am trying to serealize a AI document using the javascript API. Based on the "AI CC SCRIPTING REFERENCE" I assumed this could be done by simple traversing the dom and saving the type and properties of each object. It seems however that the

Web API Reference 7.0

Hi, Anybody came across a Web API Reference for 7.0 as it is existing for 3.5? Although the new WAD ist much more intuitive, i really liked the detailed description of parameters etc.... Thanks, BeatThere isn't a similar web api type environment as y

Where is the latest Dreamweaver API reference?

Is this Dreamweaver API Reference (for CS5 & CS5.5) the most current refference? I'm looking for a referrence for Dreamweaver CCajf2811 wrote: Is this Dreamweaver API Reference (for CS5 & CS5.5) the most current refference? Yes, that's the most up

Acrobat Javascript scripting reference required?

Does anyone know where to get a javascript scripting reference for Pro X?  I have got one for Acrobat 7.0, but cannot find one for pro X.  All help gratefully received.Developing Acrobat Applications Using JavaScript JavaScript for Acrobat API Refere

I get a "JavaScript Application - Reference Error: XPCSafeJSObjectWrapper is not defined" error every time I try to open a new tab.

<blockquote>Locking duplicate thread.<br> Please continue here: [/questions/777191]</blockquote><br> Just like the title says, starting with Firefox 4 Beta 6 or 7, I forgot. Any time I try to open a new blank tab (sometimes even wh

Displaying a theme-based FOI layer as a whole image with javascript API v2

Hi, I have looked the Oracle maps V2 tutorial developed in mvdemo.war application provided with Oracle Mapviewer v11.1.1.7. I have looked how to use theme-based FOI layers and I have not found how to set the "whole image" property for these laye

PDF embedding & Acrobat's JavaScript API

Hello, I have two questions. I currently using Safari 1.3.2 and Acrobat Reader 7.0.9 to test an PDF document embedded in a Web page. In Safari 1.3.2 I get a "This operation is not allowed" warning when the HTML object element and the embed eleme

How to add a polygon to mapviewer using Javascript API

Hi, I am using JavaScript API for the MapViewer. Using redlining tool, my application allows user to draw polygon onto the map. I would like to have union, difference and intersect tools. I know the back end logic can be done using using JTS or SDO_U

Map Builder JavaScript API

Hello everybody, I'm a student who is currently working with Oracle for the first time. I developed an Web mapping application by using Oracle XE Database (10g), Oracle Map Viewer and corresponding Map Builder (the latest version). I choose the JavaS

How can i use  a adf javascript api

hi can i use the adf javascript api for creating the AdfRichInputText .is there any producer to create the AdfRichTextInputText in javascript .plz guide me Thanks and Regard Message was edited by: Prapan SolHi, the ADF JavaScript API is not meant for

Oracle ADF Model and BC4J api reference in JDev

Hi Where I can find Oracle ADF Model and Business Components API Reference in JDev Maybe it's not ready yet?I don't know how up-to-date they are, but the javadoc files are all archived into jar files in the JDeveloper installation at: <jde

Is it possible to change out of the box Callout content for already existing library using some javascript API ?

Is it possible to change out of the box Callout content (change DOM elements) for already existing library using some javascript API?  API ?Hi, We can use CSS and jQuery to achieve it. Please add the following code into the Content Editor Web Part. <

External use of Javascript API

Hello All, I was wondering two things. 1 - What is the file that contains the javascript API functions. 2 - Could one use this outside the realm of APEX. --> I have a desktop application which connects to APEX and does a whole bunch of things. I have

How to trigger the automated row fetch process and open modal window by javascript api?

Hi, I would like to click the one row of column of IR report, to open the modal window of current page.  <----------------it is ok. I can use "javascript:openModal('windowID')"  to do it. There is one form in this modal window, Meanwhile, I w

Need JavaScript to Reference another Textfield, but only need first 2 characters to show.

I am creating a form in Adobe Pro X and when info is entered into TextField1, I need the first 2 characters to automatically show up in TextField2.  I have already limited my characters to 2 on TextField2 properties, but need a javascript to referenc

Office 365 addin. JavaScript API. Working with files.

Please help me. Is there any posibility to get url for created document from my addin with JavaScript API? May be I need to use OneDrive.You are creating a Word 2013 app? If so, you might want to post your question here: https://social.msdn.microsoft