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JavaScript Callback Function Tutorial


How to create a callback function module

Hi all, I am working in a requirement where we need to call a function module at a 'after change' event. So how to create a callback function module and register it with the crmvevent ?_ I created a sample function module and try to create entries in

Calling a method from a callback function under ARC

Hi All I previously wrote some HIDManager software. The HIDManager references were done in a Objective C class so within this object you have the code:     IOHIDManagerRegisterDeviceMatchingCallback( k8055HIDManager, k8055BoardWasAdded, (__bridge voi

JavaScript Alert functionality in PL/SQL

I'm in need of implementing the JavaScript "Alert" functionality (display message and wait for user to acknowledge) in the "before displaying the page" PL/SQL block of portal reports and forms. While I'm at it - How about the JavaScrip

Javascript sort() function not working correctly

I have an image gallery that automatically loads via a PHP readdir function which populates an array, and then I have a Javascript sort() function which sorts the images in order numerically. In Chrome and Safari, the images display as numbered in th

How to change the Callback function of a GUI button?

I would like to change the callback function associated with a GUI button dynamically in the programming way. Here is the code piece I tried, but it does not seem to work: const char* pstrLabelSaveJpeg = "SaveJpegCb"; SetCtrlAttribute(pahel_id,