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"Error: the xajax Javascript file could not be included. Perhaps the URL is incorrect? URL: /includes/javascript/xajax_js/xajax.js". other posters with a xajax error on this board got the response to go look for developer resources. (i'm not a developer)

I'm on a mac running 10.6.8, was using Firefox 6.02 when the problem started, i performed a clean install of 7.01, installed the latest Flashplayer, and reinstalled java (the 10.6.5 update file from apple's site). I seem able to load video at youtube

My sites have been hacked and hostgator has told me to "Disable javascript - Use the firefox addon noscript" and I don't know how to. Are all updates always sent to me as that was another point made to prevent hackers? Thanks you. David. in English

What are malicious scripts and what causes them? Over the years hackers found it hard to trick people into visiting suspicious sites so they're now targeting legit sites and using them to infect unknowing customers. In most cases an FTP account's pas

Gif image button/javascript not work in mac firefox

I have a GIF with an image map over it that launches a new page with Javascript. It appears and workd fine in all browsers pc and mac apart from firefox on a Mac where it does not appear. Any ideas? ThanksVasilius, The following is a general list of

Cannot seem to write to iDisk to add a javascript file

I am trying to add a javascript (js file) and a few png files into the folder of my iWeb site page on iDisk but it doesn't stay there. It appears to be copied but when I go back to check, it's not there. I have read and write permission to this unloc

I am unable to save plug-in gadgets in Blogger because I get a Javascript:void(0) message on pop-up window. Pop-up blocker is disabled, cache cleared. Help?

I am trying to add a plug-in gadget to my blogger blog. They use a pop-up window to configure the gadget and then a save button. When I am ready to save the plug-in I see a tiny message in the lower left of the pop-up window which says " Javascript:v

Using JavaScript need to Sort subsite site collection based on date in descending order

Hi, Below is my code, where i need to sort the " webCollection = web.getSubwebsForCurrentUser(null)" web collection based on the web.get_created() in descending order. How could i do it any suggestions. Also i need it in JavaScript. <script s

Failed to process request. Please contact your system administrator.

500   Internal Server Error   Web Dynpro Container/SAP J2EE Engine/6.40  Failed to process request. Please contact your system administrator. [Hide] Error Summary While processing the current request, an exception occured which could not be handled b

How can I make my Contact Form send info to my email?

Greetings! I have below a contact form that i have creaed with some help but I can't seem to make it send the information to my email address after it is submitted. That is my most important issue right now. A secondary issue is, can I make it so onc

Why when I open my Foscam camera, in Activex mode, I get no picture, and I click on Manage at bottom, but ger javascript:adminstrator0. Why

My Foscam FI8910W, opens after sign in, with three modes to choose from. Only the ActiveX mode, in IE, works to allow recordings to be made. Sometime back, just after I bought this new laptop, a free AT&T program with McAfee, is available for AT&T

Where can I find a Javascript developer for InDesign scripting?

Hi as I apologise in advance for posting on a technical site for InDesign developers, but our company (Dorling Kindersley) is looking for a full-time permanent developer to join our team. I've been looking for some months now and I would really appre

Im not satasfied with 6.0 i miss youtube and some apps are slower, facebook wants premission to access my contacts, and how do i use apple tv feature with out mirroring?

Im not satasfied with 6.0, i miss youtube, some apps are slower, facebook wants premission to access my contacts, and how do i use apple tv feature with out mirroring?That is awesome, works perfectly. I'll get it worked into my main script. Is this A