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Javascript date format problem

I want to get the current date assigned to a variable in the "YYYYMMDD" format using Javascriptvar date = new Date(); var d  = date.getDate(); var day = (d < 10) ? '0' + d : d; var m = date.getMonth() + 1; var month = (m < 10) ? '0' + m :

CRM Javascript Date Functions

Hi all,   I have a Javascript Date object with the datetime translated from UTC to the current user timestamp, but I need to obtain the day of the week of this datetime according to this timestamp, not according to the local time from the machine and

netui-data:getData tag related query

Hi I need to be able to compare the values returned by <netui-data:getData> tag against another variable (which is also implemented as <netui-data:getData>) . I have something as below :- <netui-data:getData resultId="variableA" v

Netui-data:getData no populating pageContext attribute in portlet

I am attempting to create several pageContext attributes in a page flow and I'm having issues. When I test the page flow itself it works like a charm. But when I generate a portlet based on the same page flow netui-data does not populate the pageCont

Javascript Date calculations probelm

Hi , maybe a wrong forum I got a problem i need a date what is Today - 7 days i maked     var date = new Date();     var twoDigitMonth=((date.getMonth()+1)>=10)? (date.getMonth()+1) : '0' + (date.getMonth()+1);     var f_date = date.getDate()+".&q

JSF/ Javascript Date Picker

Has anyone incorporated a javascript date picker with JSF? if so how did you handle the fact that the inputText for jsf doesn't have a name and is in the form of <h:inputText>? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.Did you look at the ADF Faces Date

How to programmatically set formatted javascript dates for validation?

How does one programmatically set formatted javascript dates for validation? "12/31/2011" does not seem to work?ourDate.rawValue = "2011-12-31";  // works NOTE:  if you have a hierarchy issue you may need something like root.body.table

Omni portlet - javascript - date field problem

I want to manipulate a database date type field with javascript in omniportlet layout. In the source tab of omniportlet I use the SQL: (it's very simple for example) select id, to_char(enddate, 'DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI') edate, enddate from tlh.auctionses

Javascript , date Field change doesn't work

I want to display the expiration date automatically as soon as I selected a date of issue but it does not work.. <td width="190px" valign="top" class="ms-formlabel"> <H3 class="ms-standardheader"><nob

Javascript Date() function not working

Hi, I'm experiencing some problems with the Date() function in javascript. The problem is that the function doesn't seem to work. For example when I do "var date = new Date(); xfa.host.messageBox(date);" in the enter event of a date field, I get

Simple Javascript date() function not executing.

If I open the javascript input window from a button and enter a simple js date function: vDate = new Date(); alert(vDate(); This code executes flawlessly when the button is clicked. However,  if I place the exact same code in the Execute Advacned Act

JavaScript Date object isssue

Am I crazy or this does not work correctly in Safari 6.1.1 (7537.73.11), on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63). function myFunction() var date1 = new Date(2014, 2, 30, 1, 59); var date2 = new Date(date1.getTime() + 120 * 1000); //add 120 seconds alert(date

Javascript Date & Time Picker

Hi, I would like to create an event on a text field, when you click on it it's calling a javascript function to popup a date & time picker. Is anyone can help me ? Eric . ThanksEric, I don't think this is such a good idea. However, you can do that by

JavaScript Date Question ??

Hi - I am using Portal 3.0.9. I have a form with field "A" which is date type defaulted to sysdate. I have another field "B" which I want to be defaulted to "A+7". I am not a JavaScript Guru. I would appreciate any help Thank

Javascript: Data Merge and More..

I am new to scripting so I need some basic pointers: We have a j2ee app that runs on a MySQL database and produces 50 or so variables that we are now planning to output into a csv. That csv will be data-merged with an Indesign template (one row creat

Javascript: data object question

Hi, I have the following data object. Each string in the "lib" element represents a new record. I need to display each of these records in html table format so I can be able to sort on each column. How can I get each string from each element int

Formatting Dates with Javascript

Hi all. I'm tryign to find the solution on the web, but have not had much success yet. I"m working on a customized button my my HTMLArea script that puts a WYSIWYG component on my form fields to insert the date. My code is here: editor.insertHTML((ne

Access netui pageflow data from javascript in a response.jsp

How do I access a pageflow variable from a javascript in a response.jsp page? I understand that the follow line can be used in a response.jsp: <netui:label value="{pageFlow.m_applicant.createdDate}"/>, but it can not be used in a javascrip

Formatting a date field auto populated with Javascript

I have a date field, which I auto-populate to be the current days date with the following code: var date=new Date(); var month=date.getMonth()+1; this.rawValue=month+"/"+date.getDate()+"/"+(date.getYear()-100); This works fine, but it

Javascript validate date format?

i cant figure out how to check the format of the date, i want it to check that the date is dd/mm/yy                if(document.getElementById(i+"eddstartdate").value == ????)                     window.alert('You Must Enter a Start Date with a v