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javascript format date string


How to print formatted data / report on user's printer in Web Application

Hi All I want to print some formatted data/report ( it might be 1000 pages) on user's printer. application is web based and tech. used are Java - jsp - servlets now prob. is ... how i will transfer all data to client (web browser) from the server and

Error in outputting xml formatted data

Hello, I'm trying to output xml formatted data using apex. At about 70% into the formatted output I get this in the browser:   <descript>punct= & > < /,() &</descript>   </row> - <row The XML page cannot be displayed Can

How to print formated data/report on client's printer (Web Application)

Hi All I want to print some formatted data/report ( it might be 1000 pages) on user's printer. Application is web based Technology used are Java - jsp - servlets i want functionality like... when user click on print button/link, data is fetched from

Can anyone answer this question? What is used to format a string so that it falls into a certain Row/Column in excel? see text for indepth question.

I'm attaching a file that may help. Just remember this is my FIRST attempt at using NI/FeildPoint so things that would be obvious to the normal users more than likely would slide right by me. So I'll try and explain what the text contains as to make

Formatting a string with time stamp and double precision numbers

%s\t%f\r%f This is a format string that I have in old code that I've decided to change.  Problem is I cannot make sense of the string codes in my own old code! Let me explain what I want, and hopefully someone can explain how to do it. I am using the

How to format dates in SQLExec query

I am trying to archive Lookout data to an Oracle database using SQLExec. I started with existing SQLExec code that put data into Access. Following is that code: "Insert into wind_temp (Rdate,Wind,Temp) values ("&text(now(Timer3),"0.0000

ERROR [HY000] [DataDirect][ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver][OPENEDGE]Invalid date string (7497) (pgoe1022.dll)

I am selecting data from a Progress database using the Data Direct Open Edge 10.1.B driver. The target table stores the date values as varchar in this format "22-OCT-14" In the select statement I can use Progress statements or T-SQL to transform