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Doubt in memory allocation

Hi.. I have doubt in object memory allocation. for example see the following code, String str = new String(JAVA PROGRAMMING); 1) int index = str.toLowerCase( ).indexOf("ram", 0); 2) String temp = str.toLowerCase( ); int index = temp.indexOf(&quo

Cache Memory Allocator \ Short Term Memory Allocator Issues

Hi all I have a number of identically configured (High School) Servers which are giving me the same memory errors (some more frequently than others) and I've run out of ideas. They are all HP Proliant DL360 G6 Servers, NetWare 6.5 sp8 with eDir 8.8 s

ICMP Timeout Alarm due to TCP Protocol Memory Allocation Failure ?

Hello Experts ,   >> Device uptime suggests there was no reboot ABCSwitch uptime is 28 weeks, 13 hours, 50 minutes System returned to ROM by power-on System restarted at 13:09:45 UTC Mon Aug 5 2013 System image file is "flash:c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.

Memory allocation in CS 5.5

First time to the forum and a relatively new user in AE. Here's my error message: "Memory allocation of 9.2 GB exceeds internal limits. Decrease the memory requirements for the rendering of this frame (12802). For more info: www.adobe/com/go/learn_ae

Is there a default maximum memory allocation ?

Hi, I would like to ask if there is a default maximum memory allocation in the virtual machine? I know there are params for setting the initial und maximum size but I'm not sure if the vm will take as much memory as I have in my computer or not. than

How can I get the memory allocation info of a java thread?

Now I am going to write a program to monitor the execution condition of the java threads. But it seems that the classes in standard edition of JDK does not provide facilities to get the information such as the memory allocation and CPU time of a runn

Internal Table Memory Allocation

Hello all, I could understand the difference between Internal Table with occurs 0 and internal table with type declaration... correct me if i am wrong, occurs 0 declaration occupies 8kb memory and header line 256 bytes... But what i could not get is.

Can't use memory allocated in C to write then read BitmapData in AS

Hi all, I've been attempting to use Alchemy to allocate a chunk of memory in C, and then write a bitmap to the memory (via getPixels) which is I would then be able to modify using my super fast C image processing functions.  I've been following the "

Can't increase memory allocation

For a previous question it was recommended that I allocate more memory to an application. However, when I attempt to do that with Get Info, I only get the options of "General Information" or "Sharing". "Memory" is never liste

Dynamic memory allocation failure

Dear reader, We sometimes have a problem where our windows 2012 r2 RDS virtual servers, that reside on windows 2012r2 hyper-v hosts, loose their dynamic memory and only have their startup memory left to work with. Users start complaining that things

Queue of arrays without dynamic memory allocation

Hey folks, I'm working on optimizing a timing critical VI. This VI is the producer in a producer consumer architecture. I'm trying to populate a queue from file in a manner that is as efficient as possible. My current plan of attack is: - read block

Templates and Dynamic Memory Allocation Templates

Hi , I was reading a detailed article about templates and I came across the following paragraph template<class T, size_t N> class Stack T data[N]; // Fixed capacity is N size_t count; public: void push(const T& t); };"You must provide a com

Degree in Dynamic memory allocation need help!

I'm a student in the University of Bucharest in Computer-Science in the senior year. I'm looking for some specs for my degree in Dynamic memory allocation. In particular I was looking for specs about how the JVM heap and garbage collector work. Can y

Problem in dynamic memory allocation

Hi, My name is Ravi Kumar. I'm working on a project to improve organizational performance which include visual studio for simulation. I'm using dynamic memory allocation to allocate space for the array that are used in the program. Now I have run-tim

Dynamic memory allocation

Hi, guys, does anyone know whether I can use dyanmic memory allocation on the Real time system with "call library function" node. DLL is programmed using C language. Thanks. MachmanYou certainly can. LabVIEW Real-Time functionality is really not

Dynamic memory allocation on HP-UX for multiple instances on one host

Hi everyone, I was wondering what the current possibilities are nowadays on running multiple SAP instances on one very large host with regard to resource sharing. Normally, for each instance, using PHYS_MEMSIZE etc you have to set the memory to a fix

Variable scope & memory allocation.

Traditional wisdom normally says keep variables in the smalled scope you can (or atlest I think it does, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong from the offset). However memory allocation on J2ME is going to be slow. So...           int noRects = readC

Memory Allocation to JVM

Hi How do I allocate Contiguous memory space to JVM 1.3 in Windows and AIX? Regards SudhindraHi You are right. But the issues here is performance enhancement. I feel that when we are talking about huge volumes of data and transaction performance will

Memory Allocation

I have Premiere Elements 2 and Windows XP SP3. We have 1GB of RAM and 500 GB Hard drive with only 50% used. I save my videos on an external hard drive. I have always satifactorily burnt my DVDs with the system as it is, including a short DVD last wee

"Memory Allocation Error" when Building a DVD

Hi all! I have a problem. When I start to build a DVD. Encore stops with a "memory allocation error". The project I tried to build is 3.06 GB, so it's must fit to a simple DVD. My HDD has enought free space. I tried to build it on two totally di