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Flash CS3 HTML/Javascript template files

Has anyone heard of the javascript file that flash cs3 produces causing .swfs to behave differently between browsers? It's happening to me and can't figure out why. If I use the basic of html to get the .swf to work, it behaves properly. When I use t

Dreamweaver cs5 javascript template error

My system is windows 7 64 bit. Just downloaded 30 Day trial version cs5.5 Dreamweaver works fine (or so i thought) until i needed to "apply" a template for class, thats where the problem comes in. I get an error message telling me that While exe

JavaScript problems with JSF or Studio Creator

Hi All, Studio Creator has generated this code <h:form binding="#{general$forgotpassword0.form1}" id="form1"> <h:inputText binding="#{general$forgotpassword0.txtLogin}" id="txtLogin" styleClass="frmObj

Front end and back end questions

Hi, If I want to develop a web base SOA application by using Jcaps, I have several question want to ask. 1.) In the front end, if i create the page by using eVision to create the page flow and the page layout, how can I match the fields of the page (

RoboHelp 9 Will Not Compile Web Help

Windows 7 Professional 640-bit Microsoft Office 2010 RH I have several projects for which I compile Web help. Compiling the projects has been no problem in the past. I have made no known changes to the computer or user rights. Now, RH stops

Printer Setup for HTML reports (Landscape)

I'm trying to print an HTML report in Landscape, the Report Orientation VI only works with Standard Reports, and I can't find anything that will let me modify the "Printer Setup" Anyone done this?Jeff, To print an HTML report it first has to be

Front end and Back end experience in SAP BW

Hi Friends...      Can ne1 plz explain wht things in SAP BW come under Front end and Back end experience......Thanks in advanceGenerally, back-end would consist of the taks associated with configuration of data targets (ODS, Cubes), working with extr

POSSIBLE BUG in APEX Version 3.2 "Copy Page"

Has anyone experienced an error in the *"Copy Lists of Values" step in the "Copy Page" application in 3.2*? I am experiencing a _"Report Error: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small"_ so

Robohelp 7 Webhelp will not compile

I have Windows XP Pro SP3 with latest patches. I started with RoboHelp 7 fully patched. MS Office 2007 fully patched. I have full security rights to my login. I get errors whether generating webhelp via the GUI or the commandline. Until I tried to ge

Web Preview of Aperture Book

Is there any way to get a book designed in Aperture on to a web page that people can 'flick through' (i.e. use their mouse to turn the pages)? I guess there is a way, but the question is what is the easiest way? Can anyone recommend good javascript t

An open source framework for agile development with Sites

I am happy to announce the release of a new open source framework for sites development: AgileSites 1.0.0.beta1. AgileSites is an open source framework built using standard and documented Sites API provinding a number of features meant to simplify de

Dreamweaver keeps disconnecting from website

After a short amount of time, Dreamweaver suddenly has trouble uploading files to my sites. The only way to prevent this is constantly upload something. As soon as I stop uploading, after a few minutes, the trouble begins. When I try to upload a new

How to change the options shown by default in project task list

----> All tasks    Calendar   Completed   ...    <------- These three options show by default followed by ellipse.  I want to display not just three but maybe many options by default here like for example I want gantt option also to be shown. User s

No XSLT in SharePoint 2013-what About CQWP?

In SP 2010, we have 2 XSLT templates added to the ItemStyle.xls file which are used extensively with our Content Query Web parts. As I understand it, XSLT is going away in favor of something called Display Templates. We will be converting to SP 2013

What kind of layout is this?

I am starting up a website at VisualizeEdits.com and I really like this website theme and would like to make mine similar but make it better. http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/ What kind of layout does this website have? I noticed that the navi

Problem with Javascript in WAD Template

Hello, I have placed zdate_functions.js  in /sap/bw/Mime/Customer/JavaScript/ with the following function... function getDateMMDDYYYY() {var curdate = new Date(); var month = curdate.getMonth(); var day = curdate.getDate();var year = curdate.getFullY

Including JavaScript in a .js File Referenced by the Page Template

http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B31036_01/doc/appdev.22/b28839/javascript.htm#BCEHEFGF Hi trying to implament Patrick's Library In the above it gives you the following to put into the template header <script src="http://myserver.myport/my_im

Set multiple values in a web template via JavaScript

Hi, I have a web template displaying a query containing a mandatory variable. Multiple values are allowed for the variable. By manually inserting a link in the template I succeeded in setting a single value for the variable with JavaScript, but how i

Apply a template to a page with A LOT of Javascript

I am trying to apply a template to this page for use in another website. When I do this, the javascript no longer works. How do I work around this? Thanks, Melissa* Spawn a child from the template. * Copy content from this page and paste it into the

Calling query doc. (text file) from a web template with JavaScript

Hi, I would like to have an explanation of the following: My goal is to develop a solution within a dynamic web template that supports calling of query documentation (description and purpose of the certain report). This query documentation will be pr