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javascript wait function


JavaScript Alert functionality in PL/SQL

I'm in need of implementing the JavaScript "Alert" functionality (display message and wait for user to acknowledge) in the "before displaying the page" PL/SQL block of portal reports and forms. While I'm at it - How about the JavaScrip

Javascript sort() function not working correctly

I have an image gallery that automatically loads via a PHP readdir function which populates an array, and then I have a Javascript sort() function which sorts the images in order numerically. In Chrome and Safari, the images display as numbered in th

How can I use JavaScript extention functions with Xalan for transforming XML with XSL

While transforming standart XML and XSL files to HTML with this servlet: package mypackage1; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import java.net.URL; import javax.xml.transform.*; import javax.xm

Trouble with using javascript $s function to populate a page item

Hello Oracle APEX Community, I'm working on a drilldown dashboard page and have been encountering a problem when i try to populate a Text Page Item (hidden or not) using the javascript built in $s function. The function works great when the data is a

Javascript is not working on some sites, and some sites also display in what looks like arabic. whats going on? how do i fix the javascript problem? javascript IS functioning in other browsers.

Site displays fine in IE but in Mozilla, displays in text only, with the message: "Billboard requires a JavaScript enabled browser to get the full experience." Getting similar messages on other sites. Also, some sites are displaying in part Engl

Javascript or function to copy text to clipboard in Acrobat forms

Hello, I have a docuement that has a set of SQL procedures listed as text files. These procedures spread over many pages and there are often errors copying the text into SQL. Ideally, a button to copy a set of text to clipboard is the best solution -