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How can get the console window name of the current form?

How can get the console window name of the current form?Try the various get methods of the viewObject such as getQuery: http://www.oracle.com/webapps/online-help/jdeveloper/10.1.2/state/content/navId.4/navSetId._/vtAnchor.getQuery%28%29/vtTopicFile.b

Having your program output to a separate console window

I'm looking for a way to run my program(its just a console application)in a separate black console window(similar to Visual Studio). I'm looking on this forum. Someone said to go into Project Properties and hit a radio button that says "send output t

Writing Hyperlinks in JDeveloper Log Window

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone can provide me with a simple example on how to write a hyperlink in the Jdeveloper log window. Like the type that is displayed when you are done deploying a web application or generating javadoc documentation

Console window disappearing

hi, i have a very simple problem. If i write a simple application with JDeveloper, the results coming to the console window are disapearing very fast. I have documentation on JBuilder where its possible in the run/Debug option of the project

Input a string and assign to a variable in the console window

i'm absolutely and completely new to java i need to be able to input a string and then assign it to a variable, entirely using the console window, basically i'm looking for the Java alternative to C++'s "cin" i've tried the System.in. method but

Closing Console window while running Java application from Batch file

Hi all, I have made a small application using Java swings,now i have made a jar file of my application and calling this jar file through batch file,when user clicks on that batch file it runs "java -jar applicationname.jar" command,but problem i

Console window doesn't show on second start of java.exe

I am building restart capability into my product. When the product is started for the first time, it is started through a Windows EXE using a ShellExecuteEx method. I simply launch "java.exe" with my classpath, etc. My Windows console window sho

JRE 1.4.2 Plugin - Error in console window

I have just installed the latest JDK 1.4.2. When I run any of our applets I get the error below in the console window. Can't find bundle for base name sun.awt.windows.awtLocalization, locale en_GB I have tried this on other machines and get the same

Console window is not showing

Hi fellows, Today I found a problem with my built in console in Mac OS X Mavericks. The problem happens randomly. I'll explain it in steps. 1. Click on the console icon - the console opens. 2. From the menu - Console/Quit Console - the console closes

Unable to open a seperate java console window with javascript:window.open()

Hi All, I am opening a new window using javascript:window.open() function by clicking an hyperlink in a html document. In this new windows I am trying to load an applet. Only for the first time a java console window is displayed in windows system tra

Error in Java Console Window

Hi All When i run form using webutil in forms10g(9.0.4),java console window shows:::::: I signed jacob.jar,webutil.jar successfully I changed formsweb.cfg Oracle JInitiator: Version Using JRE version Java HotSpot(TM) Client

How can I disable the console window shown by JWS on the client machine

Hi,      When I open the JWS Application Manager, and go to File ->Preferences -> Advanced tab and select Show Java Console, it opens up a small window displaying all the error messages. I want that when a client downloads my JNLP application and se

Console Window keeps popping up for one second then vanishes before I can read it

a console window (with white letters on a black background) keeps popping up for 1 second and then vanishes before i have time to read it - How can i stop that, or how can i capture what is written on the console before it disappears (so that I can t

Solaris 9 Install Fails at Console Window

I am attempting to install Solaris 9 on an Ultra 10. Ran boot cdrom from OK prompt, using the install directory. Got to the selection of language fine, (selected English) CDE started up, and then got a console window. It displays the standard install

Directing std output to the console window

I am trying to direct the standard output from a separately executed console program to the console window belonging to the running application. How can I do this? For example, in the following code, if I execute the simple Windows 'dir' command usin

How to launch java console window through commandline?

Dear All, Do you have any idea to launch Java Console window when we enable show console option enabled in Control Panel? Regards, AmitI captured commandline from tskmanager process which are given below: -Xbootclasspath/a:"%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\l

Opening a console window with NetBeans?

I'm curious if anyone knows a solution on opening a console window when executing within a Netbeans project? I searched the help docs and the web and I have not come across much luck. The source code I have requires it and it just looks horrible in t

Console window problems in browser

Is there any way to increase the size of the console window that contained in the browser form? It is not as large as the VM display and I have to constantly move the subset of the window that is displayed. ThanksIs there any way to increase the size

Console window and debugging in  ME platform SDK 3.0

Hi All! I've just started to use new ME platform SDK 3.0. I've imported my WTK 2.5 project and faced unexpected problems. 1) Cannot find debug console window ( where System.out.println() output goes to). 2) Cannot Run Main project in debug mode, alth

Hint:  Start a Java Console Window to diagnose problems in Workflow Designer

Hello - A trick you can use to try and identify problem you are having using the Workflow deisgner is to turn on the JavaConsole for the designer session. On windows you can do this by modifying the shortcut to start designer. Add the following param