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Shared planning for multiple companies

Hi SB1 guys, We have a prospect which is divided in <b>3 different companies</b>. A large part of the payroll is common for those three companies (in other word, employees from company A work also for company B & C - so they have the same

1 small office + 2 companies + shared resources = ? (SG300, SA520, WAP2000)

I need to configure a network in 1 small office space that segregates 2 company domains but allows them to share an Internet connection, a WAP, a couple of printers, and a non-Cisco VoIP phone system. And, it needs to provide guest access to the inte

Resource sharing between companies

We have setup cross charge and intercompany billing for this scenario: company has 2 OU: US and Canada. And employee of the US unit is performing work on a project owned by the Canada OU. We have enabled the project for cross charge and the labor is

What happens to shared folders/mail when I disable/remove a mailbox in Exch2010 and which is better to get space back?

We have a number of old mailboxes taking up room.  The users are long gone and I looked into removing them.  The clients of these users have been moved to others.  The users had shared folders that held this info.  I have a few questions about the re

Address Book Sharing

Is it at all possible to share parts of my address book but not the hole darn thing? Not sure if this really needs to be in feedback or if I am missing something. My address book covers everything from family, several groups of friends, financial com

2 Users Sharing one Music Library

All, We have our iTunes Music Library on Shared Documents\Shared Music. XP "User A" can access and see all the songs. For XP "User B" we did: iTunes, From the File menu, choose Add Folder to Library (Shared Documents\Shared Music\iTune

How to remove a computer from my shared folder in Finder?

Just purchased a new iMac. After setting up Wi-Fi network connection, from DSL, now have a unknown computer listed within the shared folder in Finder. Have no idea who this is, but want to remove it. How?Hi Vonni, Often people will borrow, piggyback,

Map a drive to the Remote Web Access - Shared Folders

All companies love Remote Web Access. No need for VPN for access to remote desktop and the "private skydrive" Shared Folders. Is there anyway to map a drive to these "private skydrive" Shared Folders? you can map a drive to the real sk

IChat screen sharing and video not working on MacBook but works on Mac pro

I have a MacBook and MacBook pro. Both have the lion os 10.7.2. I can use iChat on the MacBook pro for screen sharing, video chat, and text chatting, with others remote to me. However, I can only do texting with the MacBook.  I can do screen sharing

A Positive Post on the New Shared Plan.

So I would like to give some figures to everyone, and I wanted to make my own post. Current Vs New. Current Family Plan 4 People, 3 Smart phones 1 Flip phone 40 $ for the 4 lines 170$ for the Unlimited Minutes ( just checked, that is what it says for

Account groups & Sales order types for 5 Companies

Dear All, There are 5 company codes under one client but these are five different operating entities (Companies). I mean there is no intercompany process at all. One company will act as a customer / Vendor to another and even they file there IT retur

Cost distribution within the group companies

Hi Experts , Need your thoughts on what would be the best approach for the scenario explained below : We have a parent company and three other companies within the group. In total 4 company codes. There are some expenses which are booked under parent

Sharing Limitations?

Hi: Have searched the many "sharing a library" threads, but this covers slightly different ground: I'm not looking to let other users have any kind of Add To or Edit type access to a Shared library, but... I would like them to be able to search

Mail address lookup in shared hosting with multiple address lists setup

Hi, we have an Exchange 2013 environment for hosting purposes. One client uses two seperate company names (and domain names). These companies are seperated in Exchange and use seperate address lists. This client uses mail between the two domains. Let

Home Sharing Limitations

Are there any plans on lifting the 5 device limitation for Home Sharing?  Even by means of a licence purchase? Seeing as Apple products "Just Work" - I have come to a cross roads with running iTunes Home Sharing. Everyone has their own music/vid


Is it possible to connect my iPod to another computer (not my computer) and transfer the music on my iPod to the other computer? I heard there is software that will make this possible.Bryan, Welcome to the discussion area! Looking at the title of you

Big Brother??  Companies installing software into your computer from afar??

I was on the phone today with a video camera company (tech support likely outsourced to overseas). I was having trouble with their videos displaying on my computer. They asked me for my permission to install software on my computer!! How is it possib

Solman 7.1 sp10 ITSM multiple companies

HI I am new to this forum. I have to configure service desk in solution manager 7.1 sp10. my query is: i have to configure service desk for a group of companies. this group have 3 companies. each company has its own separate service desk currently ru

Apps Secretly Sharing Personal Data With Third Parties--

just read this article on the huffingtonpost.com how can i tell who is obtaining persoanl data without telling me ? are there supposed to be safeguards against this ? *what can i do to prevent this ?* *Apps Secretly Sharing Personal Data With Third P

Apple has broken Windows file sharing in Snow Leopard

Hi Folks, Having a serious problem here. Apple has broken Windows file sharing in Snow Leopard. Many others on the forums are experiencing the same thing. I was almost ready to fully switch to the Mac, then I thought I would upgrade to SL, then this