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Detect what the default edit form is for a document library and list using jquery

Hi, So what I have done is with some jquery made it that when a files are dragged and dropped into a document library and there is a required field such as "Metadata" the EditForm.aspx opens up for the user to fill in the required column. I am b

How can I make a jQuery accordion panel tab collapsed by default?

I have Googled this and saw that someone recommended placing the 'collapsible' option before the 'active' one. For example, $( ".accordion" ).accordion("option", {     collapsible: true,     active: false I am completely new to Dreamwe

Dymanic action with jQuery selector not working in version 4.2.2

Hi, We're in the process upgrading to APEX version 4.2.2. We have an issue is with a report with a link that's firing a dynamic action with a jQuery selector. The first sequence in the dynamic action is Confirm. When we click the link in the report i

Roll Your Own - APEX 4.0 and JQuery-UI Application

For those with a apex.oracle.com account and want to see jQeury tabs running via 4.0 in your own Workspace, use following this script to create your own version of Shijesh's (Apex_Noob) application. Credit also goes out to Alistair Laing for his hard

Problem with jquery slide show conflict with vertical navigation menu in Firefox & Chrome

Problem with jquery slide show conflict with vertical navigation menu in Firefox & Chrome. Works in IE. This is my first time trying to post a question - so please be kind. I am also not good with code and am finding css a real challenge after learni

Changing the default "New Item" link url in SharePoint

Is it possible to change the default url of the New Item button on a list. When i hover over or click on new item link it show the ......../15/listform.aspx?Page type=blah.....blah...... I want it to be something like :/newform?source=xxxx Please hel

How to handle jquery and ajax call in single page application using coded ui

Hi, I am facing a very tricky situation while using coded ui. My application interact with ajax and I was facing the issue to handle the ajax in the login page and other pages. I went through the post : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17849074/jqu

Jquery tooltip for sharepoint 2013 list (newform.aspx)

I am looking for a simple solution/jquery tooltip for SharePoint list form fields. Something like below , but this one displays static text for each column and want tooltip text for each of my list column <script type="text/javascript" langua

Is there a way to remove default lightbox related stuff from poplets in product detail page?

http://pilotpenaustralia.com.au/product-catalogue/writing-instruments/frixion-range/frixio n-ball-erasable-pen/ On above page (which is a product detail page using product large layout) I added poplets and it started to generate javascript conflicts

JQuery - Linking images in a simple slideshow

Hey guys, I am working on creating a very simply image slider that links  to different pages of my site. It is all but complete! however, when I  wrap my image in "A Href" tags they screw up the transition (Or fade)  effect codded into my slides

"Oslo.Master" set as the The default Master Page, but when record selected in "List View Web Part" page shifts to the right.

Hi All, I have set "Oslo.Master" as the The default Master Page for the site.   I have a page with a List View web part and an InfoPath Web Part connected.  When the page loads is it displayed correctly.  However, when a record is selected and t

In tabular form, is there a way to select one row as the default row?

Hi, I have a tabular form which lists the many addresses that a fisherman may have. The query is: select default_addr_flag, addr1, addr2, city, state, zip from addresses where fisher_id = :PXX_fisher_id. I would like to have them set the default_addr

Jquery slider problems need help with css part

I am building a website with the jquery slider and for some reason it is entering the amount of pics in the slider below the slider and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. It appears in Live Mode and when you view in in any browser. Here is the

[SOLVED] Gnome 3.2, gdm only show the default wallpaper

Hi all, I just upgrade to gnome 3.2 on 2 machines, for the first one I got a glib2 from AUR so it do not work first (it's now solve) but for the second one I still can't login into gnome. Gdm only show the default wallpaper and a cursor. Here is the

JQuery/Javascript not working on Firefox and Chrome

Hi guys, I've had this Jquery/Javascript on my page for a long time. This has stopped working. If the user clicks on buttons on the Apex page, nothing happens. It works on IE but doesn't work on Firefox and Chrome. It used to work fine. Is there anyt