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Having trouble with jQuery toggle row to work right

The results appear in a table and each row when clicked on shows detailed information.  I'm trying to use the jQuery toggle so it can open the detail information under the persons name. The jQuery code I have is this... <script> $(document).ready(fu

Can't get page forwarding to work after jQuery slideshow

The web site index page uses jQuery and jquery.cycle2 to run a slideshow. Once it is done I want to go to a new page, but have been unsuccessful in getting it to work. Meta tags in the head either skip the slideshow or don't work. Is there a way to a

Adora Template Slider Timing

Hi Guys, I need help finding the right piece of Javascript code to amend in the Adora template to slow the slides down to flip every 5 or 6 seconds (5000 to 6000 milliseconds) as opposed to what I can only assume is currently 3 secs (3000 millisecond

Why is my imac running so slow after upgrading to osx 10.9.1?

Ever since i upgraded to OSX 10.9.1 a couple of weeks ago, my mac runs slow, hangs up with the beach ball and generally has become a pain in the neck to work with.  I can't identify any one program specifically, it's pretty much everything.  I want M

How can i hide a portion of the text inside a spry dataset "stackedcolumn"?

Hi all I have a spry dataset set up reading a .xml file for the price/name/description/etc. I want to only show some of the text (a certain number of characters) at the start then give the visitor the option of clicking a toggle button to see more of

More insight on divs with fluid grids please!

Help me come further up the CS6 fluid grid learning curve, please! I'm adapting an exiting site to fluid grids. After creating the template for the primary pages, I have two major issues at this point(yeah, only two, SO FAR). 1- I have a vertically e

How to view hidden files on a mac

I have certain hidden files on my mac that i know are there because they are taking up file space i was wondering how i can make them unhidden thanksOne of those multi-purpose gizmos is overkill for this simple task (unless you already have one – I p

Content Editing Problem

I have placed content on a DW template page using the Javascript behavior to set text of container in a static html page. This div container is nested within another div container which is editable. I have several links that when clicked sets the tex

Animating div element on wordpress

i want animate the menu wordpress using edge animate. i already create animation, and the place is in header, when i click i want the menu will show and hide.. so thats is possible or not ? thanks, Adam SaparudinWith WordPress, a simple jQuery toggle

Jquery Each loop with delay?

I'm attempting to use a settimeout function with an each loop (to hopefully solve a problem) I have a Json file containing adresses. I currently have the each loop grab the data/addresses and feed them into googlemaps (through a jquery googlemaps plu

How do I set document property with delay using jquery?

56     $("#DivStage2").delay(11000).fadeIn(1000); 57     $("#DivStage2").delay(56000).fadeOut(1000); //11000 to 69000 58     < need code here >    I have document item as defined below   document.getElementById('2').setAttribute(

Insert toggle jQuery in web content webpart toglles back

I am trying to create some text on a Sharepoint 2010 site to be similar to this page ... the expandable table underneath the section called Service details. https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/service/5-g4-0358-201 In an attempt to do this

Timing of first CNTR output toggle does not match specified pulse delay

Hi there, I'm using a counter on the NI-6014 in the "pulse train generation" mode to toggle its output after a predefined number of externally generated TTL triggers (using LabVIEW 7.0). Generally, this works fine. However, the first toggle cons

JQuery .animate - Want to use it as a toggle like slideToggle but without hiding the element

Ok so I have got my .animate function working. $(function() { $('div#sys-req-heading').click(function() {     $('div#sys-req').slideToggle("slow");           $('div#sys-req-heading').animate({                     bottom: "158px"       

Possible to toggle/animate between 2 sizes using jQuery 2.1.0?

I have a button and a div, just want to change the height of the div between 100px to 200px when click on that button, is it possilbe? I tried to google it but those codes only work on the older version of jquery but not 2.1.0.hinc94 wrote: For insta

Jquery .click() events delayed by 700+ milliseconds when applied to a tags (but not other tags)

I'm noticing this weird issue... If I make some code like this: <a href="" id="tester">CLICK THIS</a> And then apply this JS/Jquery: $('#tester').click(function (e) { console.log('ding'); return false; while in the authorin

Toggle LED after time delay

Hi, I have a Control LED and an Indicator LED. How can I set the Indicator to be False then after 5 seconds to be True again when the Control logic is True?Here's making it really flexible. All the hardwork from Kate makes it a sub-VI. This one is se

Jquery cycle stacked

The images are stacked and not cycling. Do I have to be hosted to see the cycle? below is source, css, two java files.  Help <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitio

Roll Your Own - APEX 4.0 and JQuery-UI Application

For those with a apex.oracle.com account and want to see jQeury tabs running via 4.0 in your own Workspace, use following this script to create your own version of Shijesh's (Apex_Noob) application. Credit also goes out to Alistair Laing for his hard

"Table of Contents" web part - How to have expand/collapse buttons? (I can use only CSS/JavaScript/JQuery)

Hi there, I have a Table of Contents web part which is great. Is there a way so it shows only top level sites and then one can expand or collapse any top level site to see/hide the subsites? As of now it shows HR Parent site - HR sub site 1 - HR sub