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I install window 8 and Unfortunatly all drive format. And all drive mix, now i have only 1 DRIVE C. I want Bit locker Drive's data Back

Last sunday i install a window 8 and this window format my all drive & make it 1 drive (DRIVE C). Before all of this i have 5 drive in different size with 1 Bitlocker protect drive. So i try data recovery software to recover my data. i got back all m

HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M602 driver issue

Hello, I've got issue with 600-series printers. We use the latest UPD drivrer ver. and print from XenApp 6.5. The error occurs every time when users try to print jpg files from XenApp session. It only happens with 600 series printers a

PCS no longer sees BT Widcomm driver

Hi [cross-posted in Connections] I have a 6230i and a Safecom BT dongle using the Widcomm 1.4.2 build 10 BT driver s/w on Vista. This all used to work OK, but after installing PCS v6.85.14.1, the Nokia Connection Manager now no longer shows the Bluet

IPod not recognized by iTunes, Windows Vista prompts to format iPod drive

Hello, I have IPod 80GB which I rarely use. Yesterday  when I wanted to use it, I went to add a few new audios to it, connected to my computer and launched iTunes. I added the folder which contained audios to iPod, synced it and wanted to disconnect,

ITunes + Vista = my computer can no longer see my DVDrw drive...

I just downloaded iTunes onto my Dell Inspiron E1705 - and when I restart my computer, the computer can no longer see my Optical drive (DVDrw). I contacted Dell support, and they changed something in the regedit limits or something(I'm not a

External Drive is no longer recognized by Macbook

I have this external drive.... http://www.amazon.com/Western-Digital-Passport-Essential-WDME2500TN/dp/B0012GK3M Q/ref=sr11?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1280159206&sr=1-1 It is about 60% full of music/pictures/documents that are NOT on my Macbook,

Format C drive, what steps to take for retaining all data of iTunes?

Hello I want to format my C drive of Laptop and shift my itunes to E drive. I'm on windows 7. C drive is having itunes and in that I have synced my 2 iphones and 1 ipad. Now I want to format the C drive and want to retain all the data, backup, media

Have Old Hard drive and want to move old data onto new hard drive in imac.

I am trying to get my files off of an old hard drive. I have it hooked up through a sata drive. I am able to access all the programs but for whatever reason I am unable to access any of the files, i.e- 1,00's of pictures, videos, music, and documents

I was given the wrong macbook when I gave mine in for repair.  I want to complain.  Also, they wiped ALL my data off the hard drive.  I want to complain to someone in authority.  How?

I am extremely disappointed and angry with Apple service.  I am a writer and booked three weeks in Spain so that I could finish my book.  On the second day my laptop cut out on me asI was working on it, so I took it to Goldenmack in Cadiz.  Not only

Iomega external hard drive either 'not found' by Time Machine or is now in 'read only' format

I don't know what's going on with my iomega external hard drive.  Sometimes the HD is recognised by the computer; other times it isn't; if it isn't I can restore to an earlier back up via Time Machine app; but it's like the disk isn't writable. Ten d

[Guide] Install and run Windows 7/8 from an external drive without using bootcamp (works for late 2012 iMacs with 3TB drive)

This is a copy of a post from my blog, you can also Read it on my blog... Introduction After I received my new iMac with a 3 TB Fusion Drive, I was disappointed when I realized that Bootcamp was not running on this model and prevented me from install

I need to upgrade my external hard drive, any suggestions

I have an iMac i5 quad core (2010 model), I have been using a Seagate Barracuda 250 GB 7200 RPM from an older iMac 20" G5 in an OWC Mercury Elite Pro Firewire 400/USB 2.0/1.1 enclosure as my backup external HD.  The enclosure has the Oxford 911 chips

How large of a hard drive can I install on dual G5, and do I need more RAM?

I recently had a situation in which my dual-processor 2.0 G5 was completely refurbished by Apple repair-new logic board, both processors, video card, thermistor, all new. Finally it has been working well after a month of trips back and forth from the

How can I install to a drive other than C?

I installed the CS6 Master Collection trial version. During the installation, I specified a destination folder on my D: drive (C: is a small SSD drive meant to hold only Windows). For the 32-bit versions of the programs, the shortcuts created in the

Back up using time machine and external hard drive

Hello, I am having a difficult time deciding the best way to back up important documents.  I have: 1TB internal hard drive 3 TB external hard drive and 1TB external hard drive I currently have about 1TB worth of data to be stored, but that will incre

Stuck: Need Disk repair but DVD drive dead and only have USB 1

[1 Ghz flat-panel iMac with USB 1 ports (no USB 2) and also Firewire 400] I noticed a strange discrepancy (small but concerning) between the size of a folder on hard drive (folder of all mp3's with no subfolders) and the backup of the same folder on

I have formatted my SSD and hard drive.... I am running a clean install from disk of 8.1 pro. I cannot determine if it is a compatibility

issue or hardware issue. I had run a memory test and scan disk for bad sectors from the bios. As administrator, I enabled automount  in diskpart to allow windows to assign a drive name.  From the bios, I can see both drives and only the ssd. I have n

Bit locker Mutliple Drives Mutliple OS's

I have a laptop with two hard drive in it.  The primary has Windows 7 Enterprise and is a member of the corporate domain.  The secondary has Server 2008 R2 and is a member of the lab domain.  There is no trust or association between domain.  The lapt

In order to create space on my MBA I just bumped iTunes media to G drive linked through Time Capsule.  Now pointed iTunes at new iTunes libary on G drive and, even though all music files are there, iTunes can only 'see' 10 albums. Any help appreciated.

Bit more detail... Mac Book Air has been struggling for space for a while so I bough at time capsule a) for back up and b) to host my itunes folder remotely.  This didnt' work.  I took it into the Genius bar and the genius there told me that time cap

I moved iTunes music to my hard drive "D" and now it won't open!

My hard drive "C" was getting somewhat full, so I decided to move my iTunes music files over to my second hard drive "D" (I have a dual hard drive on my computer). When I try and open iTunes, it says, "The folder 'iTunes' cannot b