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How to get list of all JSF beans

How can one get a list of all JSF beans? To get a particular JSF bean one does    static public Object findJSFBean(String beanName)       FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();       if (fc== null) return null;       ELContext elContext

IoC and JSF bean

Hi everybody. I try to write a factory using IoC pattern. This factory open an ontology model and returns a unique reference to this model. The associated bean have scope application. This model is used in many class. In every class I have a referenc

Access of JSF Beans from Servlet Filter

Is there any way how can I access session JSF beans from servlet filter? I need to check certain value of JSF bean stored in session scope in my filter. Thanks ferdoFrank, I am not sure about phase listener, this is the whole situation: as I am not u

How to change MANAGED-BEAN-SCOPE??????

Hi Gurus, How to change the managed-bean-scope? In my ADF application I have created one backing bean which has attched with the page fragment. I cant able to set the bean scope other than REQUEST.... If I set the bean scope request, then page and th

Manage Bean Scope in Faces Config

Hi, I would like to know if its possible to bind the bean at request level if the bean data involves multiple modifications. Currently I am facing a problem with respect to manage bean scope defination. If i keep the bean scope at request level the b

Bean Scope in dynamic regions

JDeveloper Version In My Application i have one main URL Invoked Bounded Task flow and i have declared few beans in Pageflowscope in Managed Beans section of Overview tab. in this main task flow i have dragged and dropped other task flows

How to pass JSF bean itself..

HI , I have doubts on passing the JSF beans. I want to pass the JSF bean to Utility class to reterive the values passed from GUI. How can i do that? Please help me.This is just basic java knowledge. Use the 'this' reference. MyBeanpublic void action(

Is there an idiots guide to JSF and scope somewhere?

I am getting very confused with scope and JSF. I have a page that just displays customer details (from CustomerBean extends Customer) with a button that should allow the user to change the customer details. Both pages use the same backing bean (is th

Intercepting JSF Bean construction

I need to intercept the fundamental workings of JSF, perhaps by using a listener od some sort. At some point in time the inner JSF workings must detect that a particular bean already exists in either the session or the request scope. Is there a way I

Problem controlling jsf bean instantiation

Hello folks, I am working on a project and I hit a hefty road block. I am pretty locked in with the overall process, so I won't be able to change the details of how this is supposed to work. I will explain my assignment, and how I am trying to implem

Beans scope problem

Hi I have a bean that stores the name of the user after they have logged in. It is supposed to be in session scope <jsp:useBean id="userInfo" class="beans.UserInfo" scope="session"/>But it appears to have been placed in

Stateless Bean - scope of instance variable in EJB Timer call back function

Hi, I would like to know on the scope of an instance variable of a Stateless Bean object, when used in a EJB Timer call back.Let me explain this in more detail below. I have a requirement to use a EJB Timer. For this, I have created a stateless objec

JSP - Bean - Scope Issue with ResultSet

Hi there, I have a JSP page that uses a Bean to get ResultSets from a db. My methods return ResultSets, but they seem to get out of scope on the JSP page when I try to use them. I'm not sure why. I have included 2 snippets below one that works and on

Handling Session in jsp and bean scope

i have problems with handling session in jsp I want to check on all jsp pages first thing is session is null i want to him to be redirected to first page and he should not be able to go ahead I tried if(session ==null) response.sendRedirect("Login.js

Jsf Bean target unable to reach in one of managed servers

Hi All, We are using portal 10.3.0 and jsf 1.2 Application working gud on both managed servers but suddenly, In one of managed servers getting "javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Target Unreachable" and resolved my bean to null Any idea ....Ple

Java Bean scope when used with the JPDK

Portal and Jserv When using JSPs with Java Beans and the JPDK I have noticed problems when setting the scope attribute of the useBean action to something other than "page". For example, <jsp:useBean id="provider" scope=&qu

Regarding Bean scope

Hi, I am new to this technology. I waant to know the exact approach in ADf framework in below scenario. I have one .jspx as main screen for which i will be creating a backing bean in request scope. on that screen one pop up gets opened. For that we h

Best Practices For Managed Bean Scopes

How does putting a managed bean in request,session and application affect your performance and in what scenarios should you be putting the beans in request ,session and application scopes? I am curious to know the trade offs and industry wide practic

JSF bean partially updated

Hi, I have a jsf page where I display areas of "complexe" shape. So each element is displayed with multiple styles. <c:forEach items="#{myBean.listElement}" var="value">      <c:forEach items="#{value.style}&quo

Jsf session scope variables

Hi All, How to set a variable which should be available throughout the session, I dont want to use session scoped managed beans for this. Using the following method is not working FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequestMap()