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******DataControl Drag and drop -method return parameter issue!!!******

Hi, It is a basic DataControl question where I am facing some issues due to this. I have created the DataControl form java webservice and using that DC in my ADF application. When I drag and drop my Data Control RESULT in my UI and select some specif

Open Document Method Passing Parameter and Logoon Toke Examples

I'm looking for Open Document Method Passing Parameter and Logoon Toke Examples. Is it possilbe for a user inside the firewall to click a url link with all the logon token and parameters built in using open document method, i have not bee able exampl

Passing a method as parameter

Hi!! How can I pass a method as parameter to other method? Is there any class that represents a methos like, for example, HelloWorld? Thanks everybody!!JosAH wrote: sweee wrote: How can I pass a method as parameter to other method? Is there any class

Multithreding - method with parameter

Why is multi-threaded application in C# working fine while invoking a method without parameters, and is complaining when a method with parameter is invoked ?private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) String a = "test"; string[] symbo

JSF SQL Exception missing parameter IN or OUT

Hello, I am new in JSF. I wanted to view information from table stored in Oracle database XE edition. I use jdbc driver to connect Netbeans 6.0 environment to the database. Then I set the table and SQL statement with "?". Always when I want to s

Passing Select-Option to OO method via parameter list

Is it possible to pass a reference to a select-option through the parameter list of a method such that the parameter can be used in a "where clause" using the conventional "IN" operator?  If so, how should the parameter be typed?  Than

Generic Method, How parameter type is determined

For method <T> void fromArrayToCollection(T[] a, Collection<T> c) { ... } Why does fromArrayToCollection(sa, co);passes and fromArrayToCollection(oa, cs); fails. oa - Object Array, Object[] cs - Collection of String, Collection<String> s

Issue with JSF action method and Popup

All, I have command Button, which has an action method. And my onclick function opens new popup. Once I close the popup, it has to return some values to the parent page and then my action method has to be executed. Issue is if I close the popup, noth

Combing jstl/xml tags with jsf - can't pass parameter

I'm using the jstl/xml tags to parse portions of an xml document. For some value of an attribute I want to render a search link, many of these links may be rendered on a page and I need to track which one has actually been selected using the id of th

Functional Method - Returning parameter typing

Hello experts, i´ve got a question about typing of retruning parameters. For example, this is my class: class ZCL_TEST definition   public *"* public components of class ZCL_CLASS *"* do not include other source files here!!! public section.   t

Private methods Importing parameter cannot be changed error

Hi Guys, I have this scenario where I have a private method inside a class which is having an error "Field SAPMF02K cannot be changed". here is the code for the private method call.     call method create_bdc_dynpro          importing  IM_PROGRA

Problem with setTransient(true)  JSF tree method

Hi all, I have created dynamic tree . I am parsing the Parent and Child nodes and constructing the tree. I am using my own method treeSlectionHandler() for event handling for which i am using MethodBinding class and getCookieSelectedNode() method. He

Method modifying parameter

Hello everybody, I got an object called "House", with a list of people as one of the fields. What whould be the way to "fill" the house with people? I have now a class with methods that fill the hosuse with people, modifying its inner

Passing object as a parameter to a method while dragging it to UI

Hi I am using webservice datacontrol to invoke "Secured webservice". Dragged a method from datacontrol and dropped it into UI, it passes a object(i.e., SOAHeader object) as input parameter and returns "String" as a output. So, here I h

Invoking a web service - cannot resolve method parameter

I am getting a failure trying to invoking a method called sl_Access on a web service. (Same code worked in Workshop 7.1, but fails in Workshop 8.0. The WDSL has not changed.) WLW is not able to revolve a method parameter called piCustNo. The service

JSF: Problem getting URL paramater in hyperlink_action method

Hello, I have a problem with getting a parameter value in a hyperlink_action method via URL in a JSP. I have following URL: http://server/TestProject/faces/index.jsp?paramname=test On the index.jsp I have a hyperlink with an action-method hyperlink1_

How to pass a Class as a parameter of a method?

I have a method like below. Inside this method I need to create a variable that his type is the type of the class I have passed as a method's parameter. For example, if I call the method like this "Meth1(ClassPerson);" insed the method I need to

How to define a parameter in a method of type com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmode

Hi All, I want to define a parameter in a method, type of parameter is com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.api.IWDNode, But when I browse on type and tehn in local dictionary, I do not find this type of datatype, please suggest how to assign this data typ

How to pass parameter to 1 method in adf 11g

Hi, <af:panelAccordion id="id25" clientComponent="true" visible="true" inlineStyle="height:90%;"> MyBean.leftKey=list <af:iterator id="keyId" value="#{MyBean.leftKey}" var="bean&quo

How to pass field symbol as parameter to a method

Hi, I have a field symbol of type table,also i have a method with parameter (say vbeln), i need to pass the range value in <fs> as the parametrs to the method., How can I acheive this, A code snippet eill help me a lot., Thank you. Arjun.GHi, Exampl