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MacBook Air 11-inch, Mid 2013 won't boot with external USB keyboard

Hello, Just bought a MacBook Air 11-inch, Mid 2013 (8GB, i7, 512GB SSD) today. All available software updates are installed (OS X 10.8.4 (12E3067)). Also have a Macbook Pro Retina. If I connect a external USB keyboard (Kinesis Advantage Pro USB) to t

HT3131 Booting in Clamshell Mode with Bluetooth keyboard

I have a macbook pro with retina display which I am using with two apple 27" monitors. I use a logitech K811 bluetooth keyboard while the macbook is closed. I would like to be able to boot from the keyboard directly. Does anyone know how to do this?

How do I use Panorama / Tab Groups with the keyboard?

Yes I know that CTRL-SHIFT-E opens the panorama window, and then I can use the mouse to organize my tabs into groups. But how do I do this with the keyboard? I've [http://lifehacker.com/#!5719596/switch-between-tab-groups-in-firefox-with-a-keyboard-s

On Screen Keyboard Glitch in Tablet Mode - On Screen Keyboard minimizes / disappears / slides down

Hi there - New Yoga owner here ( just bought it yesterday) and within minutes of setting the computer up I noticed that the on screen keyboard was malfunctioning when the yoga is in tablet mode. Specifically, it pops up for about a second and then, w

NOT disabling keyboard/trackpad on tablet fold...

This is probably the opposite of user problems regarding the keyboard/trackpad and turning the Yoga Pro 2 in tablet mode... Here's the situation: I'm a Java programmer and I'm sharing my files with my home PC, so I can work from my laptop or desktop

Mid 2013 macbook air keyboard/trackpad stop responding

I have a mid-2013 13" Macbook Air - 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM - 1.7Ghz i7 I spend a good deal of time working at my home, where I have two external monitors (one via USB, one via the thunderbolt port) and a bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard.  Things are

Mid 2010 no USB Mouse or keyboard power? HELP!!

I bought a mid 2010 Mac Pro 2.8ghz Nahalem from the apple store over 1 month ago. After two weeks I had a five minute issue where after I rebooted, the mouse & keyboard would not respond. One quick reboot, the mouse and keyboard had power. Now I have

Problem with xfce and/or mouse and keyboard

Hi! Two days ago I've turned on my laptop with Arch and the display manager Slim has frozen immediately. Later on Single-User mode I've uninstalled it. Now in normal mode when I type "startxfce4" everything is showing up, but the mouse and keybo

Macbook Air 2012: intermittent, random freezes of trackpad and keyboard lasting a few seconds each

There have been a few other people to have reported this problem, but there has been no consistent solution for me on my Macbook Air 13" 2012, running 10.8.4. What happens is this: while typing, the built-in keyboard and trackpad will suddenly lock u

I am having keyboard problems when trying to boot up an OS (bootcamp on Mac Mini Server)

I recently tried using bootcamp on my new Mac Mini Server. I uploaded a windows ISO Image perfectly the way it asked, Windows 7, I followed the correct steps, euqally divided one of the hard drives, and I was ready to actually set up the new Windows

Brand New MacB Air and i haven't been able to get passed the format which has had to be done twice because, I have a French Numeric Keyboard and Language in English.  The minute I type in my password, the keyboard gives me letters that i did NOT type.

I live in Switzerland and can only buy a Mac Air with a French or German keyboard, no chance to buy an English keyboard Mac here,.  When setting up  I chose the French numerique keyboard, although there are two choices French or French numerique.  I

Open and Close OnScreen Keyboard while focus gain on JTextField

Hi I have a Jtextfield when ever I click on textfield I want to open OSK(On Screen Keyboard) of Windows 8 OS and windows 7. I tried in below mentioned way to open and close in focus listener focusGained() and focusLost() but it is not working. could

How do you use the same wireless keyboard with multiple devices?

My apologies in advance if this question has been answered previously.  There was nothing in the owner's manual (for the keyboard) that answered this.  I did do a rough search that did not yield an answer to this: I have one wireless keyboard I am us

How do I turn on long press keyboard to write the same character many times with one keystroke only? I can only write 1 letter at a time with each key press. To write "aaaaa" I need to press 5 times the A key. I didn't use to do this.

I know this has something to do with INSERT key in Windows I guess. But suddenly I was using Mac OS X Lion and a keyboard sign appeared in the top bar, and the keyboard didnt work as it usually does. I mean, I wanted the long press key to write multi

How can i disable Illustrator from changing my language / keyboard layout.

I have an azerty laptop and a qwerty external keyboard. Switching from any application to illustrator changes the language and therefore also my keyboard layout. No other application does this.Thanks for the reply Mike But i have a laptop with azerty

How can I change an english/american keyboard to a danish one?

How can I change an english/american keyboard to a danish one on a Macbook Air?Apple menu / System Preferences / Keyboard / Input sources. Click + (bottom left) and in the pane that comes up, select Danish on the left, and click Add. Of course that c

9630 Keyboard/Buttons not working; hard resets and multiple reloads of OS did not correct

My BlackBerry 9630 Tour is a little more than a year old. Yesterday the keyboard, trackball, and all buttons stopped working while I was typing out an email. I could not power off the Blackberry without removing the battery for a hard reset. Unfortun

I have a new mac book pro which i use in england but I need to use German charachters frequently, is there a way of having both visable on the keyboard?

I have a new mac book pro which i use in england but I need to use German charachters frequently, is there a way of having both visable on the keyboard? For example so that I can just press shift or another key to get the German character.Some may al