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Profile in Lightrooom 3.6 for Sigma 10-20 mm 1:4-5.6 DC for use on Pentax K5 Camera

When goiing to lens-profiles in Adobe Lightroom 3.6 The Sigma 10-20 1:4-5.6 DC lens is not recognised. Of the programmed Sigma Lenses a 12-24 mm lens is the most nearby. Can Adobe create further profiles for the above and other common used lenses to

How to determine the values for Model Parameters in Forecasting

Hello Gurus,       On basis we will determine the values  for the Model Parameter values (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma). Thanks, Siva.Dear Siva, the values are dependent from the forecast stratey and forecast model. The forecast strategy determines the

Modelling different workflow-options

Hi, There is a wiki which tells us the different work-flow options you can use: SAP Business Workflow, Guided Procedures Collaboration tasks ccBPM etc. Question1: is the a comprehensive tool to model these different altogether or do we need SAP Busin

Using Query's overall result in model

Hello, Is there a method to use overall result from a BW query in a VC model? I need the overall result values for different KF's from the query in the model for further computation. Have tried using a filter for "over*" from the data service ou

SAS vs Oracle comparison for statistical modeling

Hi, I am working on a project that require a lot of statistical analysis. as we are in a preliminary phase of determining which way to go, someone recommended to use SAS. would you be able to share your experience/comments related to SAS vs Oracle co

Sigma X3F to DNG conversion - suggested workflow?

Now the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw 6.1 supports all Sigma cameras (DP1, DP1s, DP2, SD9,  SD10, SD14). http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/cameraraw.html Do I have to tick the linear DNG in options of Camera Raw 6.1 ? Sigma/Foveon X3F imag

Tactic 3d sigma left speaker just stopped working within a 24 hour period

so as title says yesterday morning i woke up and the left speaker was a little dodgy it was turning on and off anf you had tap the left speaker cup to get it to start putting out sound and make sure you didnt lay back in chair or anything to disturb

"Lens Model" metadata field

I have been using Aperture 2 version 2.14 for about a week. Yesterday I noticed that a master showed one lens model and a version of that master showed another. The correct data is associated with the master and is "EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM" but the

Alternative fisheye models?

When I apply a fisheye profile in camera raw 6, 100% "distortion correction" generates a rectilinear image, and 0% leaves the geometry as-shot.  But I would prefer to correct my fisheye images to a more appropriate ideal projection, that neither

Sigma 85 1.4 not Identified in Library, can I name it ?

My Sigma 85 1.4 is not identified in the Library under Metadata. It is named as 85.0 mm & 85mm It is identified in Develop in lens corrections, correctly when I enable 'Profile Corrections' as Make : Sigma Model : Sigma 85mmF1.4 EX DG HSm Profile : A

Sigma DP1 & LR

I am running LR 1.4.1 with Camera Raw 4.4.1 on my Mac with Leopard. Would like to purchase a Sigma DP1 to shoot RAW. Is it compatible? Any other Thoughts?The Sigma DP-1 is still not supported (nearly six months after release). Is this model ever goin

Sigma SD1, DP2 and DP1 Merrill

This was intended to be a feature request. I would like Lightroom/ACR support for the Sigma SD1, SD1 Merrill (same camera, essentially) and DP1 & DP2 Merrill models. Support for the older Foveon sensors has been included, and now with four bodies bas

Why is the lensprofile for Sigma 15-30 mm not available?

All kinds of profiles allso for Sigma but not this one.At the time that we began the joint lens profile project with Sigma, we had to make a call as to which set of lenses to support (given the extensive lens line).  We made the decision to proceed w

New Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens

Just wondering if Best Buy will be carrying this awesome new lens any time soon for Canon bodies. It's getting fantastic reviews and is great with APS-C sized sensors. This lens has already become incredibly popular. http://www.sigmaphoto.com/product

Sigma SD1 Merrill

When will support for the Sigma SD1 Merrill be added Lightroom 4?Hi Neosea, On a user-to-user forum nobody can give you a pertinent answer regarding date. The obvious (and hardly useful...) answer is: either with version LR4.1 or 4.2 New camera model

Not Able To View Data in Web Service Model

Hi ,    I m trying to view a table using web service model.    When i write the same code for binding it to context , i m able to view its data.    But not so while using Web Service Model(not adaptive web service model).    The code is:           Re

Avoiding null and duplicate values using model clause

Hi, I am trying to use model clause to get comma seperated list of data : following is the scenario: testuser>select * from test1; ID VALUE 1 Value1 2 Value2 3 Value3 4 Value4 5 Value4 6 7 value5 8 8 rows selected. the query I have is: testuser>with

How do I access the web utility with model cisco sf302-08p ?

Hi,i have a problem with the model Cisco SB SF302-08PP Switch , i connect a cable rj45 to my pc and configure the adapter local area connection (ip address:, the LEDs blink green, and go to the address bar and get the IP by default, whi

Excel Workbook with Excel Data Model stored on SharePoint - daily refresh

I'm not sure if this is exactly the right forum but I'm hoping that someone here can either answer or point me in the right direction. I have an Excel Workbook with an Excel Data Model. The Excel Data Model uses SQL to contact our data warehouse and

What is the correct part number for dvi to vga adapter for macbook pro model A1260

Can someone tell me the Apple part number for the DVI to VGA adapter that came with a Macbook Pro model A1260? (Early 2008) My adapter has reached the end of useful life. Thanks!You have a MacBook Pro 15" Early 2009 (MacBook Pro 4,1) The Mac's port i