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KDE Plasma 5 crashing at seemingly random times

I've been having this problem for a while now and so far I've been unsuccessful in trying to troubleshoot it myself.  My computer will be working along fine, and then all of a sudden will freeze.  No mouse pointer movement, no keyboard input, trying

[SOLVED] KDE Plasma doesn't load correctly sometimes

Hi! I have strange problem, if i remember correctly since the last qt upgrade. Sometimes the plasma desktop just doesnt load fully, my desktop doesn't react on hotkeys, panels doesn't work on any click, superkaramba doesn't load. The only thing that

KDE does not load completely

This problem is present since about the release of 4.11 of KDE. Howerver usually 1 reboot is enough, and everything works fine again. But today i had to restart my system 5x till finally everything is working fine. The Problem: KDE loads only the net

KDE startup delay

Hey there, ever since I installed KDE (plasma) on my notebook it has been really slow to start and doesn't show a progress bar, just fades in after 30 seconds or thereabout. I looked at my journal and it presented this to me Apr 27 18:44:58 HOSTNAME

Get data from KDE Notifications and Jobs or preliminary catching it

Hi, I have next issue, I need in value of copying/cuting progress at Dolphin, and i can't find right interface to get it. I found in this moment, that when copying starts, new item appears at next places of dbus: org.kde.VisualNotifications /JobViewS