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Errors in a log file /var/log/system.log

I'm getting these errors in a log file /var/log/system.log Shutdown: Sep 21 12:41:38 Mac-mini.local WindowServer[86]: CGXGetConnectionProperty: Invalid connection 42243 Sep 21 12:41:38 Mac-mini.local coreservicesd[58]: SendFlattenedData, got error #2

Help on Reading and Reporting From A log File

Hi there I need any assistance on developing a class that is able to read from a log file and then be filtered and put into a report. I need to be able to search on the log files per criteria.Chainsaw: http://logging.apache.org/log4j/docs/chainsaw.ht

Steps to empty SAPDB (MaxDB) log file

Hello All, i am on Redhat Unix Os with NW 7.1 CE and SAPDB as Back end. I am trying to login but my log file is full. Ii want to empty log file but i havn't done any data backup yet. Can anybody guide me how toproceed to handle this problem. I do hav

Logical sql in log file.

Can someone please tell me how to see the complete sql query in the log file. If I run the same query the sql is not being produced I looked in the server log file and also manage sessions log file. It just says all columns from 'Subject Area'. I wan

Total lock-ups with fan running - translate system.log file please!?

Hi, all. My late 2005 2.3 gig dual G5 has been experiencing random lock ups for as long as I can remember. My system is up to date and I have tested each pair of the 5 gigs of ram that I have and the system freezes with each pair. It can happen at an

Print a custom Error message in the XML bursting program's log file...

Hi, I having this requirement, where i need to print a custom error message in the xml bursting program's log file. Actually i am having a report where i create invoices and then those invoices are emailed to the respective customers, now say if a cu

How to Properly Protect a Virtualized Exchange Server - Log File Discontinuity When Performing Child Partition Snapshot

I'm having problems backing up a Hyper-V virtualized Exchange 2007 server with DPM 2012. The guest has one VHD for the OS, and two pass-through volumes, one for logs and one for the databases. I have three protection groups: System State - protects o

NO SMSTS.LOG file after OSD

Single Primary Site SCCM 2012 R2 CU4. Deploying BareMetal machines using basic task sequence. The machine joins the domain however the sccm client install failed and I cannot locate the SMSTS.log anywhere. In C:\windows we have ccmsetup with ccmsetup

Error in log file (WWC-41439)

Hi, When i installed Oracle Portal, i had the error WWc-41439 when i tried log in Oracle Portal. I revised the log file and i saw the following error.(I have isntalled Oracle Portal 3.0., Oracle Database 8.1.7 on windows NT). STEP 24 : Installing SSO

Error in Log file

I am wondering if anyone has ever seen errors like this. They started showing up in our log file recently with the error below. Once this error starts, then tons of errors are generated and the log file grows exponentially. 2006-12-12 06:51:26,109 WA

Error in log file - Row wrong informed

Hello. I have an error about the log file. Depending of the READ SIZE parameter, the number of the rows informed aren't correct. For example, if I set READSIZE parameter to 10000 and I try load an file with errors, the line informed in the log is 29

Error in log file of consumer.

hi i have following error in log file of consumer. i have no idea why i appear. [08/Oct/2003:10:56:00 -0500] - ERROR<5398> - Entry - conn=-1 op=-1 msgId=-1 - Duplicate value addition in attribute "nsslapd-referral" of entry "cn=\22dc=

Reading .log file & Sorting input

Hello all Currently I'm working on a projekt were I have to read a "in.log" file, sort it and save it to another "out.log" file, the contents of the in.log file is: []: Dir: path []: Dir: path []: Dir:

Reading log file and calculating time between

If someone could help me with this one, I would be very grateful. I have a log file and I need to search a string that contains a start time and end time (eg. <time="11:10:58.000+000">). When I have these two values, I need to measure the

Reading log file

Hi all , I want to view a particular log file. Is there any transaction to view log files.Do i need basis rights for that?$Path="C:\Times.log" remove-item $Path Add-Content $Path '<time="11:10:58.000+000">' Add-Content $Path '<

SQLException Error in Log file

Does anyone know of the following error, and how to fix this? I keep getting it in my engine log file like every 30 mn. Thank you, -Lilach --------------------------------------------- Error -----------------------------------------------------------

File does not exist: /www/public_html/null, referer:  - error in log file from IE8 and IE9

I just updated an existing slide show that was created several months back. Since loading my new set of files to our web server, we keep getting the following error in our server log files when someone loads our page in IE8 and IE9: File does not exi

Error in Log file from a scheduled materialized view

Hi Getting the following errors in the alert_xe.log file when refreshing a materialized view. The data from the materialized view seems fine. ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job 1 ORA-12008: error in materialized view refresh path ORA-01555: snap

How to have a live feed from application server log file (realtime viewr )

how to have a live feed from application server log file (realtime viewr for apps log files) hi , thank you for reading my post. is there any way to have a live feed of Application server log ? for example is there any application that can watch the

Help with Script created to check log files.

Hi, I have a program we use in our organization on multiple workstations that connect to a MS SQL 2005 database on a Virtual Microsoft 2008 r2 Server. The program is quite old and programmed around the days when serial connections were the most effic