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Prevent Lion from automatically trying to mount Filevault 2 encrypted volume at startup?

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: I need two separate partitions, one encrypted with Filevault 2 as a primary working partition, and a second token partition as a "decoy" of sorts, containing a pretty stock install and set as the default boo

Hijacked mac-unix gurus, help me please!

This is a very weird situation, please bear with me: My ibook and desktop g4 were running 1.3.9, the plain consumer version. Or so I thought. But here is the weird part: after splitting with my ex, I found i had no root access on either of my macs -

"No such file or directory" errors on Time Machine backup volume

I remotely mounted the Time Machine backup volume onto another Mac and was looking around it in a Terminal window and discovered what appeared to be a funny problem. If I "cd" into some folders (but not all) and do a "ls -la" command,

CS2 won't open on Snow Leopard - any secrets you care to share?

I just got an imac with snow leopard pre-installed...and I installed PS CS2 and low and behold - the application stalls when opening Photoshop. while installing, imac informed me that rosetta had to be installed so I agreed. Photoshop doesn't open bu

Cannot optimize volume - Receive error "The specified extrinsic Method does not exist"

When I try to optimize a volume on a server running Windows Server 2012 (R1). I receive the below error. This volume is an ISCSI target to our Compellent SAN. Other Servers don't have an issue with volumes created on the same SAN and I have already r

Item      Seller      Type      Unit Price iBlacklist - Block Unwanted Calls, v1.0 (4 ) Write a Review Report a Problem      Max Kub      App      $4.99 but show other application"secret contact" on screen .can't block any contact

Item Seller Type Unit Price iBlacklist - Block Unwanted Calls, v1.0 (4 ) Write a Review Report a Problem Max Kub App $4.99 but show other application"secret contact" on screen .can't block any contact. so seems tyhat i order one aplication "

Moving files in the same volume & Permissions

Is there a way to make a folder automatically inherit the permissions of the destination folder during a move operation on the same volume. If a user moves a folder from dirtree_A to dirtree_B on the same volume the permissions are retained from dirt

An app called "Secret Files X" corrupted my files. I can't open/move my photos. Please help.

I downloaded an app called "Secret Files X" in order to keep some of my photos private. The app wanted me to "Add Volume to Management" and I did what it had asked for. (I didn't know what this meant and I still don't know.) Now, I can

ITunes creating duplicate files under a hidden folder named "Volumes".

It seems my iTunes program is secretly making a duplicate file in a hidden folder called "Volumes" on my laptop hard drive. It's now maxxed out my drive and I need to both remove the "Volumes" folder and make sure it doesn't get create

Low incall Volume and Failed Calls - 3GS

Hi, im having trouble hearing what people are saying in calls through my iphone 3GS. Its hard enough when im in a quiet room and near impossible in a public location. I have good hearing.. Im not deaf. Im 18, my 17 year old friend has the same proble

Whoever records conversation is low in volume

As the subject says, when I record a Skype conversation between myself and others, my audio is really low. A friend of mine experiences the same thing. His audio is low when he listens to his recording. All others are fine. We are using the latest so

Interface for Volume intensity

I am a developer writing a video capture and audio capture device. The devices already work in other encoders. The devices are written in directshow. I am integrating with FMLE and encountered this problem. The audio device doesnt have a usable volum

Volume not changing much

ok well my volume seems to work fine cept for one thing... Ive tried this, and i put a songs volume setting on itunes to all the way up, and then i tried to see how loud it'd go on my ipod....well when i turned the volume halfway up on the ipod, it w

10.5.5 Update Now: A volume you are backing up is case-sensitive

Since the 10.5.5 patch, Time Machine will not backup. I get the following dialog: A volume you are backing up is case-sensitive, but the backup volume is not. To select a different backup volume, or to chose not to backup the case sensitive volume, o

Volume for similar tracks are different but..

I copied a  track.aif file and then created new tracks to paste that file into. The same file with the exact same volume settings and pan settings a few times in one sequence. Some of them have different volumes and I can't figure what is different a

Volume keys reset themselves!!! pleaseeee helpppp

The volume keys on my keyboard (F9, F10, F12) seem to have reset themselves overnight... Yesterday the computer came in and I was playing with it and the volume keys worked fine and then this morning I woke up and those volume shortcut keys no longer

Xsan 4 will not mount volume on client

I recently upgraded my MDC and my client computer to Yosemite. I went through the migration process the best I could and created a Configuration Profile on my MDC for my client computer. I installed the profile successfully but the volume will not mo

Disk Volume cost for MaxDB 7.6 and 7.8

Hello, everyone I heared that MaxDB 7.8 uses UTF-8 to save characters while 7.6 uses UTF-16. Therefore I made a comparasion to prove this. To be disappointed, the result did not support it. The experiment procedures were as follows: 1. Create a DB wi

Why does volume control show during video playback

I am playing a tutorial video for Cubase and I get a volume indicator which stays right in the middle of the screen and blocks some content while playing back the video. I don't need it and would like to know how to turn it off, but I have not found

Slide track and KEEP customized track volume

I have one track that lasts from measure 14 to 16. I want to slide it down so it last from measure 7 to 8. I slid the track down, but the customized track volume settings (a slow fade in) didn't move with it. The track still wants to fade in from 14