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PLEASE HELP ______ import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.awt.geom.*; import java.text.NumberFormat; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.event.*; import javax.swing.table.DefaultTableCellRenderer; import java.lang.*; import java

URGENT HELP REQUIRED _ Creating Labels for Triangle

Hi everyone... the code below is my application - Pythagoras Theorem.. or rather displaying it.. But i have not been able to get the Vertex of the triangle Labelled as A B C... I need to do that and change the Triangle Table data to A B C insted of H

Boot image does not exist and cannot read disk label errors.

Hi - I'm having a problem with installing Solaris 9 4/04 on a Netra T1. The Netra already has Solaris 7. I need to get this set up as a jumpstart server but it can't find the boot image. I'm using a brand new bonafide installation disk - not a copy.

Close all folders in Mail?  Color Label folders?  Find folder?  And More!

Hi all. I have a LOT of mail. They're all very organized, though. Heaps of Mailboxes (Folders) and Sub-folders. I also have heaps of rules dutifully sending incoming mail to their appropriate mailboxes. However... It has reached a point where one of

How can I remove LABELS from my gmail account?

How can I remove unwanted LABELS from the side bar unsung gmail?I assume you're using GMail as your primary e-mail account?  Try this.  This is how I am setup.  Not only will it move all your contacts to your phone but any changes made in GMail or on

How to "Highlight/Color Label" a single event in Month View.

Hi. How do i either Hightlight or Color Label a single event or a single calendar in Month View? Like the pic shows, the one on the right... Thank you for your time.Never Mind... Thank you though.. It's an all day event...Read other 2 answers

Desktop and windows have all capital A's (AAAA...) instead of normal labels

Hi, folks. While having trouble getting my AC power supply cord to power up the 'book (the cord wires were broken and the power would only flow if the cord were held in one position) the battery eventually was exhausted and the 'book shut down. This

Show events in label colors when printing

I've been doing my carpool schedule using iCal - each person has their own calendar so they always appear in the same color and can subscribe to just their calendar. I used to print out a copy to put on the fridge, and each event would be printed in

Can not color label more than one file at a time

Hi, I've had this problem since 10.6.6-ish, i can not color label more than one file at a time in the Finder. Wether i select two, twenty or twohundred only one file gets color labeled. It doesn't seem to matter if i assign a color label through the

How do I set up the system to print 4x6 labels via paypal and ebay using a DYMO 4XL Thermal Label Printer (through airport)?

We bought a DYMO Label Writer 4XL. We want to print thermal labels from our Mac and PC, wireless. The good thing is that I already have the printer set in the network and added on each of our computers (Mac and Windows 8). For printing regular labels

What's wrong? Simple button click to put input on to label

I'm trying to build a simple application with an input box, button, and label. Clicking the button should take the input box contents and display it upon the label. However, although I have no bugs listed, clicking the button in the app does nothing.

Error when starting Netscape Calendar Server: Module: , Label: 355, Service error: #0x13209

When starting Netscape Calendar Server, the following error message appears: <BR><P> Module: , Label: 355, Service error: #0x13209 <P> The three ACIs listed below need to be present in the Directory Server in order for Calendar server to

Can not edit data labels in old graph chart objects using Word 2010

In Word 2010, Insert object "Microsoft Graph Chart", go to Chart Options and check an item in Data labels, such as "Series Name", "Category Name" or "Value". Click OK, then double-click on a data label to edit its s

I just updated my Ipad 2 last night with iOS 7.04 now I can't print shipping labels from Paypal. I downloaded a different browser, Dolphin, per Paypal's suggestion. Still can not print. It says it has lost connection with the server.help!.

Hello! I updated my Ipad now I can not print USPS labels from Paypal. I used my boss' Ipad not updated and worked fine. I am dependent on my Ipad to print these labels for me. I can print anything else I want, like email or packing slips. Any thought

Firefox was working previously but when I click to open it all I get is the top blue Windows bar with Mozilla Firefox labeled in it and a blank white window. What happened to everything?

June 25 my virus software detected a threat from milkiwals.com and zonedg.com. Although the virus software said it contained the threat, I continued to get a widow opening asking if I wanted to run an unknown program in a sandbox, and the same threat

How can I create labels in Pages?

I dowloaded a template from Avery for return address labels, which supposedly could be used for Macs.  Although the labels were the right size, .5" by .75", and the columns and rows looked like they were the right size, the text printed outside

Namedquery using same table field multiple times with the use of a label

Hi all, i'm having some trouble with a namedquery. I'm trying to use the following namedquery in Toplink to retrive some data out of a database. select proj.id , proj.code , proj.name , proj.budget , proj.status , proj.startdate , proj.enddate , proj

Is there anyway I can make a link on the "value" and not the label (detail form)

Hi there, I have a master-detail form (within an appl) based on 2 real tables in a master-detail FK relationship. The detail block displays 6 rows. Currently you can only place a link on the label on top of the block. What I need is to make let's say

Syntax highlighting not working with label on if statement in fortran in Visual studio 2010

I am having a difficult time in figuring out the syntax highlighting in Visual studio. I am using fortran code and there are labels in if statements as follows:              if_2003: IF (FRAC_PBED(NNSED,L).LT.0.0.AND.      +                   FRAC_PB

What determines whether the Label name and/or Caption appears in the context help window but in other cases, both the label and caption appear in the context help window?

I am trying to polish an application, and find that I cannot seem to reliably control which of the label or caption text appears in the context help window because I don't understand what rules are in place to determine which should appear. It seems