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laptop fan running loud


Will running games that make the fan run loudly and the computer heat up damage my machine?

On my Macbook Air running Yosemite 10.10.3, with 4 GB RAM, 251 GB storage (170 GB free), a 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, and Intel HD 6000 1536 MB graphics card, when I play games such as Batman Arkham City, I experience very smooth gameplay with

Mac Mini fan running loudly after Safari upgrade

Mac Mini 2GHz is around 2 months old. All been fine until yesterday. When running Safari (it seems) and not necessarily heavy usage fan starts runningvery loudly. In the previous 2 months NEVER heard the fan or at least it's been very quiet, so am qu

No startup chime, red light, fans running loud...

yeah, I know that there are other threads with the same topic, but I just wanted to know how common this problem is? How many people have experienced this? What are the common disturbances? What is going on? Why is such an expensive, powerhouse compu

Apple macbook won't boot up and only fans running loud

Hi, I am having a big problem in my laptop, it's not display anything, and when i press on power button only fans running aloud, and the charger, battery working! please help me!I live in Palestine Unfortunately, we do not have an agent or a local Ap

Finder makes fan run loudly and continuously.

I've had my MacBook for only a few months now and I am having a problem with the fan. It starts running loudly when I am doing simple tasks, such as viewing a webpage which contains no flash, video, or similar content. The fan does not stop running u

Laptop fan runs all the time, broker runtime cpu usage after Windows 10 final upgrade

ENVY 17t-J100 Leap Motion, 16 GB RAM, i7, SSD primary, HDD secondary drives. Avast antivirus free. Windows Firewall. The laptop had Windows 8.1 and everything was great. I did the Windows 10 Home free upgrade on Day 1. Everything seemed fine. Fingerp

Is it bad to have the fan running loud all the time

the fan on my macbook runs loud and long at times. is this bad for the machine?Is it possible to have 2 threads running at the same time at different times eg 1 repeats every 20 miliseconds and the other 40 for example. Yes. http://java.sun.com/docs/

MBP battery crapped out, now fan running loudly

While I am waiting for my replacement MBP battery (which I ordered yesterday) it looks like my current battery finally crapped out, as my computer shut down again automatically last night while I was on a plane and I'm getting a big "X" where th

Macbook Pro fan running loudly & bottom getting hot?

Hello everyone, I'm new to the support communities. Im not at all a mac genius so i really dont know about any technical things. I have a question regarding my macbook. I have a macbook pro 2.3 GHz intel core i5, running mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 ( No ide

Fan running loudly after installing new RAM and battery

Hi again all, I just dropped almost $300 on a new battery from the Apple Store and a memory chip for my G4 12" 1.33Mhz Powerbook. I'm on my second charge-up and I can hear the fan running quite loudly at varying RPMs. I've opened up Activity Monitor

Laptop fan Running Speed

Hi there.  I have recently discovered a potential problem with my Sony Vaio PCG-71312M in which the fan seems to run at full speed at all times. I have opened up the innerds of the computer to remove dust and dirt and it seems to have solved the prob

G5 won't wake from autosleep, fan runs loudly, ever since Leopard install

I recently installed Mac OS X v10.5.0 Leopard and 10.5.1 update on my G5. Sometimes when the computer puts itself to sleep the G5 fan starts running full out and does not seem to stop. Usually I am able to wake the computer up from sleep just by movi

Non-MAC laptop fan too loud when running iTunes

Recently I experienced very loud/fast spin fan with heated laptop whenever I run iTunes, especially if I downloading apps. And it wasn't brief. Spin vigorously throughout the downloading process. I never experienced this problem before. I am using iP

Why is my fan running loudly?

My Macbook Pro Retina 13" is about 6 months old. Just today it started running warmer than normal and the fan is MUCH more audible than usual. My office staff commented that it sounds like it's overheating. I am not doing anything differently than no

Fan runs LOUD

Hi there, I bought my first iMac just a few weeks ago, and I am having so many  issues with it like I never had with my Windows PC. I'm ready to return the iMac to the store. The latest thing that started yesterday is that the fan comes on as soon as

Fan runs loudly and upgrades

So mac isn't really famous for having upgradeable products, but is there anyway or anywhere where I can change out hardware on my imac? I have a 20" G5 and I use it for Photoshop and Z brush and it works fine for that, but if I play a game the game p

Imac randomly freezes   fan runs loud

Hello, My imac g5 randomly freezes. When it does freeze the fan kicks in and is very loud. This is a stock g5 Imac with no new software loaded. The only applications run on this machine so far are safari, and Mail. Does anyone have a clue as to what

Fan runs loud and continuously

Hi- The fan on my Macbook 2.1 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz runs continuously and loudly from about 3 minutes after booting up.  Activity monitor shows nothing unusual, only Firefox and Activity Monitor using any CPU (very small percentages).  It has bee

Fan running louder after upgrade to Tiger

I just upgraded my mini from Panther 10.3.9 to Tiger 10.4.4 and it seems as if the fan is running constantly and louder now than before. Previously I could only hear the fan if the house was very quiet (late at night for example) but now I hear it al

10.6.7 Update - Fan running loudly

Just updated to 10.6.7 and now the fan is continuously running. Multiple restarts are not resolving. its like the Mac thinks it is hot or something, but it isn't. Anyone else having this issue?Apple, please look into this and fix it before it kills m