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Troubles of transfering parameter between jsp and flash

I have a problem in programming. I can't actualize the parameter's transfer from a jsp file to my flash. It could run normally when I first design this program some weeks ago. But now, it can't work! I don't know why. My flash player's edition is 7.

SRWC 2.2 Hotdesking not working

Hotdesking between Sun Ray DTUs gives me a black screen and the mouse pointer. My environment is as follows: SRSS 4.2 in kiosk mode using uttsc SRWC 2.2 Windows 2003 R2 Terminal Server Observations Hotdesking to the same DTU works (so pulling and re-

Passing multiple session values from cold fusion into a flash movie

Hello all, I know that to pass multiple variables into a flash movie you could use the embed tag like this(with the & between each variable): <embed flashvars="variable1=value1&variable2=value2" ></embed> Now to pass a single

Flash Player Update disables "restore all windows from last session" in Safari on Mac

I am on Mac OS 10.9.5, using safari 7.1.2.  Adobe Flash Player Update loses all safari windows when after update the installer automatically opens safari and just opens flash player website; the "restore all windows from last session" is grayed

How can I save a session to another hard drive or flash drive?

I want to rebuild my hard drive but I want to save the Firefox session (like 70 tabs) before I do so I can reload them after the rebuild. Can I save a session to another hard drive or flash drive?The data of the current session is stored in the sessi

In flash pro cc, how do i get the files i was working on previous session to open automatically?

in flash pro cc, how do i get the files i was working on previous session to open automatically?cs4 had it 'on launch' --> last documents open, under general preferences. i don't see it in cc version, so i guess you're right. hard to understand, sinc

Maintaining the Flash file session in JsP

Can anybody say how to mainatain the session in the flash to the jsp file. -- when the flash session is expired the corresponding jsp session should expire. -- when the user clicks the button in the flash file that communication should retrun into th

Duplicate session error using Flash Remoting from Air 3.4 Mobile Apps ( IOS and Android ) with CF10

We're getting the "duplicate session" error using Flash Remoting from Air 3.4 Mobile Apps ( IOS and Android ) with Coldfusion 10 Standard. faultCode:Server.Processing.DuplicateSessionDetected faultString:'Detected duplicate HTTP-based FlexSessio

When i try to open Yahoo mail, a green box appears with a flash message that my session has expired and to sign in.  when i do, the same message appears.

when i try to open my Yahoo mail, a small green box flashes with a message saying my session has expired and to sign in.  when i do, the same thing happens and i am unable to get my mail.Welcome to Apple Support Communities. We're users here and don'

Output from Flash to session cookies

Hi, I'm a newbie as far as Flash is concerned. My background is coding dynamic ASP 3.0 with ODBC connection to Access databases. I have a number of educational programmes written in Flash that I want to be able to track the progress of the student th

Suddenly I am losing my previous sessions. Also quicktime links are suddenly not working. I updated flash. I downloaded some Windows Updates. Now these browser issues.

All of a sudden this week I am losing my old sessions. As I usually have about 20 tabs open in 4 separate windows, this is VERY annoying. VERY. Also, quicktime links are no longer working, like at apple.com/trailers. I get an "Error: 47 Invalid Url:

Flash sometimes breaking session in MAC browsers

Has anyone heard of Macintosh browsers timing out sessions?This is definitely not a common behavior.  Everyone I know on the team has both a Mac and Windows system and rigorous testing is performed with each platform (and different flavors of the OS)

Flex/Flash Session ID mismatch

I have an flex applications that users must login to. They may also upload and attach images to various DB records form time to time. The server is running Rails. When accessing services with http sessions for the user login the flash app receives a

Flash plugin on windows 7 teardown the TCP session immediately after successful SSL handshake

I have a RHEL platform in which tomcat is listening on 443 port. Scope of Problem: With the latest flash plugin, i am experiencing issue with Firefox on SSL port on Windows platform. i.e. Everythig works fine on non-SSL mode on Firefox, Chrome, IE on

Flash video in RDP session

I have a problem, we have installed a VDI solution that uses Wyse V10L clients. The clients make an RDP connection to a virtual desktop and then is presented with a desktop environment. From this RDP session we have made every attempt to get Flash ba

After updating adobe flash and restarting firefox for mac, as requested, can't restore previous session

using macbook pro with os 10.7.5, was recommended to update adobe flash while in firefox (22.0). did so, which required closing and restarting firefox during flash update. when complete, firefox opened automatically to adobe flash window and restore

Flash Menus cause my session variables to drop or not show temporarily until I refresh the page

I have a login routine that once a user logs into teh site it creates a session variable. I have used this same script many times without any problem but I now have Flash menus and it seems that after logining in (session created) I will click on a m

Flash Player hangs users entire Terminal server session

Hi all, Firstly many thanks for reading this. We're running Windows Terminal Server 2008 r2 using Flash Player Whenever one of our users hits a flash enabled site they experience heavy session lags and even sometimes cause the session to

Flash Update Wrecking Safari Session

I am so tired of this and since adobe offers absolutely no way to reach out to anyone other than a forum, here goes!! you prompt me to update my flash player. then you tell me that i MUST CLOSE SAFARI to do so. fine. i have my settings so that when *

Faces expression in Javascript?  Flash/Flex and Faces Session Variables

Does anyone know how to add a faces expression in Javascript? I basically want to pass a Faces Variable to Flash/Flex. The best way to do that would be in Javascript. I thought it would be fairly easy. Something like:                     <webuijsf:sc