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I have an older ipod with a large itunes library and a new ipa 2. the both have the same email but different passwords.Can i sink th old ipod's library ith the new ipad's library?

I have an older ipod with a large itunes library. I have a new ipad2. Both have the same email address but different passwords. Can I merge both itunes libraries?Not sure if this helps:- The music files, were they bought from your iTunes account or d

How to limit the music downloaded from a large iTunes library loading on iPad to minimize space usage?

I'm having trouble with my iPad 2 iTunes  Match loading all of the music from my very large iTunes library off my Pc to my iPad.  I really only want a few playlists.  Do I have to delete all of the music off my iPad that I don't want?  Will it remove

Trying to relocate a LARGE iTunes library to external HD - it's NOT working

I have a large iTunes library (160+ GB ... about 30,000 songs) that I store on an external USB 2.0 hard drive. I'm trying to move/copy/relocate the entire library to another USB 2.0 external hard drive. I have tried copying the entire iTunes library

Large Itunes Library Crashes Apple TV

So, loading up my large itunes library (~150 MB) as a source causes the Apple TV to crash. It just sits at the "Loading so-and-so's Library" screen for a few minutes with the spinning wheel and then reboots itself. It goes all the way back to wh

HT1473 I have a large external collection and would like to import a select folder to itunes to create a playlist.  Is there a way to import the folder without mixing the contents with my large itunes library?

I have a large external collection and would like to import a select folder to itunes to create a playlist.  Is there a way to import the folder without mixing the contents with my large itunes library? I'm trying to avoid having to fish through the

HT1329 My large iTunes library is on an external hard drive. Can I set up iTunes on my new Macbook Pro and copy the library to it or are there any pitfalls?

I have my large iTunes library on an external hard drive. Can I set up ITunes on my new Macbook Pro and transfer/copy this library to the internal hard drive or are there any problems I should be aware of?ITs an old Iomega 100gb external HD that has

Looking to publish my VERY LARGE iTunes library on the web

Can someone recommend a way of publishing a large iTunes library (currently 62,373 tracks and growing quickly) to the web? There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this. I have printed my library to .PDF, but I can't convert the .PDF to MS Excel as

Suggestions for large iTunes library?

I have a very large iTunes library (110G) on an external drive, which I use only occasionally. The rest of the time, I use a smaller on on my MacBook. When I want to use the large one, which I usually do via Airport, it can take hours to update itsel

Moving large iTunes Library -Help

Hello, I have 18,000 songs and videos filling up by 200GB hard drive. So I purchased a 500GB time capsule and followed the steps Apple advised to move your music folder. After I press consolidate, it seems to be working (very slowly), however, it con

Apple TV slow performance with large iTunes library

We have a rather large (movies + music) iTunes library and the appleTV is performing very poorly... Are there any suggestions how to improve wake-up time, menu response time or performance overall? Will it help to put our music on a separate HDD and

Large iTunes Library

Hi My iTunes library is too large (484gb) for my Macbook and as I have a spare Drobo I have installed it onto that. However, with only Firewire 4 on the Macbook connecting to it is slow and I quite regularly get slow downs in the film etc. It doesn't

Suggestions for a VERY large iTunes library?

My iTunes library is far too large to be practical to keep on my MacBook Pro's internal hard drive. I bought a nice, big external hard drive with the thought that I would put my iTunes library on that drive, attach the drive to my old flat-panel G4 i

Best way to move large iTunes library?

I have a large (nearly 1Tb) iTunes library of music, videos and TV shows and have almost reached the capacity of the HDD they currently eside upon.  At the moment they ae on a Wester Digital My Book, attached by USB to my TimeCapsule.  I have just or

Large iTunes library on pc-should we switch to Mac

I have an iTunes library of 500 gigs on an external drive attached to a pc with a 2.6 pentium dual core processor , 4 gigs of RAM and a 64-bit operating system.  iTunes is sometimes very slow to react, sticks at times and even freezes up.  I am wonde

Large itunes library, shuffle 3G, not random loading

It was my understanding that if you plug 3G shuffle into iTunes library that is larger than size of the shuffle then the system will randomly fill the shuffle with any songs in main library until the shuffle runs out of room. When I plug my 3G shuffl

Large iTunes Library Streaming Issues

I left sync on and it filled up the 40GB drive with about 7,000 of my songs. I then went to the sources in Apple TV and selected my iTunes library for streaming. The screen displays: Loading "iTunes Library" and the spinning icon shows for about

Abnormal disk activity with large iTunes library

Hi guys, I'm running the latest version of iTunes on Vista with a 90GB library of music. I notice that while I'm listening to tracks while working, every so often (usually when a track changes which can be quite regularly !) my computer freezes. Usua

Large iTunes Library and iTunes Match

I have over 300 GBs of music in my iTunes library.  It is accessed from an external hard drive.  I would like to use iTunes Match, but hear it only allows 25,000 songs.  Any hope of them expanding this?  How do they determine the 25,000 that are used

Share a large iTunes library with multiple computers

I have a very big itunes library that I share with several computers at my home from a mac mini and lion server. This solution works well in that all my home computers can access the itunes library on the server and play music through the "Shared&quo

Importing very large itunes library from Leopard to 10.8.5

My Power Mac G5 tower of 12 years, died. RIP O'le buddy, you served me well. I extracted all the drives as well as the external drives, and all the data is intact. On my old Leopard System I was running the latest version of iTunes for Leopard, and I