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Latest Java Update Windows 10


Safari won't load pages after latest java update

I did the java update last night and now there are a lot of web pages that don't load. I also tried Firefox and Opera so I believe it is the latest Java update not something else. Is there a log some where that I can check to see if there are any err

The latest Java update breaks some vital applications

The latest Java update breaks some vital applications. I have reverted back to 7u45. But now, every time a java applet is used, the "later", "block", "update" window appears and stops the applet from loading. I must have this

I just updated my latest java but the update is causing problems with some externale devices. So i would like to uninstall this latest java update and get back the previous one. That should solve to problems with my external device

i just updated my latest java but the update is causing problems with some external devices. So i would like to uninstall this latest java update and get back the previous one. That should solve to problems with my external device. Is this possible a

Is it ok to download the latest java update:

Is it ok to download the latest java update? I thought I had heard of a problem with them?The Java 6U35 (1.6.0_35) that you currently is rather old, so you should either update to the latest Java 6U41 or Java 7U15 version to be protected against secu

Latest  java  update   crashed java  based games

ı  have  mac  book  air,  ı  downloaded  latest  java  update   from  oracle   ,  succesfully  installed   ,   but  ı  cant  play   at  yahoo  games  using   java...it  says  installation   is   from   not  proper  site   ....how  can  ı   solve  thi

Did you mean: Is the Java problem that you brought to my attention sorted ye t, as I keep getting prompts to download latest Java update

Is the Java problem that you brought to my attention sorted yet, as I keep getting prompts to download latest Java update. == This happened == Every time Firefox opened == approx 3 - 4 weeks agoYour plugins list shows outdated plugin(s) with known se

Latest Java Update Loses JarBundler, Breaks Some Bundled Java Apps

Hi all, I installed the latest Java update this morning. After installation, the "Jar Bundler" program was gone, and I had to re-install Xcode to get it back. Also, one of my bundled java apps now no longer works. I can launch the same code from

Reoccurring Java update window

Since updating my 15" (mid 2009) MacPro laptop to Yosemite OS 10.10, I get window every time after start up suggesting that I need to update Java.  I followed instructions and updated Java to Standard Edition Version 8 Update 25, but the warning wind

Do I need the latest Java update?

I am not a Java developer. Do I need this update to make my browser and other applications function properly? Thanks JB imac   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  Because of a work related issue, I need java. Initially, the site forced me to use Explorer. Eventually,

How do i remove the latest Java update?

Yesterday Software Update installed a new version of Java which breaks my Juniper Network Connect VPN client. How do i undo this software update? Thanks.Restore your system from your unupdated backup! Short of that you might try reinstalling the 10.6

Latest java update vanished from App store!

Saw I had an update, so opened App Store. It was a Java update. As I was reading the content, it vanished from the page, and the little "1" next to "Updates" also vanished. Restarting App Store and clicking Update icon did not retrieve

Latest JAVA update breaks numerous web page services - how do I uninstall?

Since applying the most recent JAVA update, Java server pages that use dropdown menus that worked in the past no longer stay dropped down. On the click down action, the menu appears briefly then disappears so it is now impossible to use these critica

After the latest Java Update, this is running all the time

Anyone know what JavaApplicationStub is, and why it's running all the time now? I noticed this after the last Java update from Apple, which mentioned downloading something from Oracle, which I never did. thx!I have been experiencing this exact same p

Firefox's latest update could not cope with the latest java update. So my computer is not functioning normally. Why?

I just downloaded the latest firefox. I got a message that there was something about the latest java that it could not cope with. I did not think that it would be a problem so I downloaded. However when I loaded up the betfair page I could not get th

Windows Safari Crashes After Latest Java Update - Version 7 Update 7

Safari crashes with following shorlty after launch Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH   Application Name:    Safari.exe   Application Version:   Application Timestamp:    4f982b5e   Fault Module Name:    StackHash_b424

How to stop BOBJ 4.1 SP4 to not prompt for the latest JAVA update

Currently our my users are on a version of Java that is supported with BOBJ 4.1 SP4.  Each time Java releases a new security update, users are being prompt to update Java to its latest version.  We cannot go beyond this current version as it will bre

Mac 10.8.x Latest Java Update Breaks SVG

On the latest Mac version, our Desktop application that utilizes vector graphics is suddenly broken. The SVG images are no longer appearing/displaying on the screen like normal. This is only with Mac 10.8.x and the latest release of Java. Any suggest

Installed the latest Java update today on my older iMac and now it won't boot up at all. 2007 model worked fine this morning, now disk first aid say boot blocks f'ed.

I am using an older mid 2007 imac 24 inch running snow leopard 10.6.8 I normally accept software update recs, and today when installing the security update to java, all went fine till restart, when I got the universal "NO" sign, the circle with

Latest Java Update - accidentally dismissing the admin/password dialog box at the end.

I did a Software Update on around April 14 (including this update) and at the END OF THE PROCESS, I was presented with a dialog box with an admin login and password. At this moment, I accidentally hit the ESC key and dismissed the dialog box. Then, I

Problems with latest Java update

I recently updated to Java 1.5 and now my computer appears not to have Java enabled, such that I can't use any program that requires Java (Rosetta Stone, for example). Any suggestions to fix this would be much appreciated!As mentioned in this thread