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Application builder-Office report generation toolkit

Hi, I remember there was a trick to get the executable work with different versions of Microsoft office but I cannot find it now. The problem it to get the exe work with some other office version that it was made. I use LabVIEW 7.0 - 7.1 and Report g

OSX 10.7.4. will not save ANY of my preferences (system or application -- Safari, Office, etc.)

I am running System OSX 10.7.4 on three different MacBooks.  It will not save any of my preferences (system or application based), passwords, log-ins and keychain. Even Safari did not save imported bookmarks.  I am running Office For Mac 2011 (v 14.2

Virtual Application: Activation Office 2013

Hello All, We have created virtual office application as directed in Office Deployment method. In Config.xml we gave "ProPlusVolume" we got out final .appv file We need to deploy this virtual application to all our clients. We are having a tough

Application Supersedence - Office 2007MSI Office365C2R

Ok, so. I'm kind of the specialist here on program deployment for our company - I've got around most of the issues we've seen, but the Application system is totally new to me (we just upgraded from SCCM 2007, where "applications" don't exist). I

How to call an applescript application from Office 2011 Excel VBA

All: I have been pounding my head how to implement a working VBA application into the Mac environment. I have tried a number of approaches calling applescript from VBA. I would like to call my applescript application and pass one argument. My applesc

Cloud Business Application on Office 365 Problem

Hello, trying to create my first CBA on Office 365 (production environment). When i press F5 and start the Debug i get the following deployment error: Sideloading of App not Enabled  in this Site. Any suggestion? Thank you so muchYou can also enable

Open applications from office suite etc

I would just like to say that I'm very unhappy with my purchase of this iPad Air as every time it need to do something I need to google it. Just recently sent a PDF doc from work PC to ipad and I couldn't even open it. After time wasting browsing thi

Printing causes Office 2013 applications to crash

We've a fresh installed Windows 8 Pro and Office 2013. Printing works correctly in every application but Office 2013. Word, Excel, Outlook - printing causes the application to crash. Any idea if this is a known issue? Regards. Peter Peter Van Keymeul

Problem running Office 2004 applications

When I try to run any office 2004 for mac application I get the error: Microsoft Word: launch failed with error code -2855 (cfragStdFolderErr) for application /Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Microsoft Word\n It only happens with office 2004. All

How to customize the landing page of Power BI application in a Office 365 Site?

Hi, While we navigate to the Power BI application by clicking the icon from the Site Contents of a Office 365 site, everything is loaded in it. But we would like to customize / edit the page, so that all users will see the contents we put in. We are

Message Error : Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is not installed - Office Home & Business 2013 - Lync 2013

Hi, I have an issue related to Office h&b 2013 and Lync 2013. Office h&b is installed on many computers, and we are deploying Lync 2013. In Lync 2013 it's possible to share Powerpoint presentation (if you have a Office Web Apps server installed).

Create ribbon button to launch my webpage in office 365 content pane application using napa tool for sharepoint

Hi , I have created Excel content pane application in office 365 using NAPA tool for SharePoint,so  here  i need to launch my page through the ribbon button instead of directly loading . please provide me some samples how to get ribbon for office 365

The Application Solver Doesn't open

Whenever I try to open the "Solver "application the most unusual thing happens. It opens Microsoft Excel instead. There's this box following with the message that the Solver quit unexpectedly and a huge log is also presented: Process:         So

Problem description: My computer is running very slow ever since I switched to Yosemite.  I get the multicolored wheel just opening my browser at times and waiting for a page to open, or an application.  Any ideas other than rebooting my computer to

Problem description: My computer is running very slow ever since I switched to Yosemite.  I get the multicolored wheel just opening my browser at times and waiting for a page to open, or an application.  Any ideas other than rebooting my computer to

Initiall SharePoint Server 2013 setup -- unable to manage new User Profile Service Application

During initial farm setup, creating an initial User Profile Service Application works fine.  However, once it's created, I cannot 'manage' it through the Manage Service Applications page in central admin. I get a generic error (Sorry, something went

Cant Play Sound Clips in MS Office 2004 Powerpoint

As the topic states, sound clips were working fine in PowerPoint a few weeks ago. Now when I go to preview a clip or insert a clip, I get the following error message: Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 1.0 Error Signature: Exception: EXCBADACCESS

Differentiating between versions of applications with identical names

I am in a situation where I have both Microsoft Office 2004 and Microsoft Office 2008 installed (and working OK) on my work computer (1.42GHz eMac, 2GB RAM, OS X 10.5.8). When needing to use Microsoft Excel I use either version, although Excel 2008 i

Can't open any Office 2011 apps after 10.8.4 update

Hello there, I used Office 2011 (word specifically) just two days ago.  Today, all of my Microsoft Office apps are producing an error message upon trying to open.  I have attached the error report below. I do have time machine backups, however, when

Can't open Microsoft Office 2011 even after unistalling then reinstalling. Error message comes up before launch. What do I do? Can I fix this? I need to activate Microsoft Office within 15 days!!

I recently got a new MacBook Pro Running on OSX Mavericks and used Time Machine to move my documents and applications. However Microsoft Office Student/ Home applications did not work and requested a product key. I did not have the product key for it

MS Office 2011 crashing on save after Mavericks upgrade

I am using a MacBook Pro (2011), previously with Mountain Lion. A week ago, I agreed to the prompt to update my OS to Mavericks. What a huge mistake... it has been an absolute disaster. There has been a host of problems which I managed to work throug