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Windows 7 Pro x64 does not detect HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor (accelerometer)

Hello there. I installed win7pro x64 yesterday and already came across a serious problem that makes my way of using the notebook a bit dangerous for my precious data. When I was working on HP-branded Vista 32bit (from recovery partition etc), there w

Two step confirmation with RF device (Mobile Data Entry) - 1st step only

Hello I want to implement the following scenario: - WM transfer orders are created, relevant for two step confirmation; - a user working with RF device confirms the 1st step - picking; - then the materials are transported physically to another buildi

IPhone 5 unable to use mobile data, only FaceTime and passbook listed

my iPhone 5 is unable to use mobile data, only passbook and face time are listed, none of my apps. I have tried re setting and this didn't work, mobile data is switched onHi Lydia, It may help to force close all open apps and reset your iPhone. Force

Data Recovery Expert Needed

Do you know any experts on data recovery on a MacBook Pro? Two catastrophic things happened: - A user's FileVault encrypted .spareimage completely went away. I believe that there is some kind of major drive failure corruption that occurred. - The use

Help with Lenovo Rescue and Recovery 4.31

Hello, I work for a company that uses Ghost images for deploying laptops. We have recently decided to try the Lenovo Rescue and Recovery software built in with the new T520s when doing our local backup before sending the laptop out to the user. What

Send and receive messages on social apps using mobile data

guys i cant seem to be able to use apps like whatsapp, fb messenger or hike to send or receive messages when connected over mobile data network. the only app working is hangouts. however all seem to be working over wifi. i use a vodafone 3g connectio

Frequent windows data recovery

dear all , I purchased 4 months ago a Lenovo Idea pad, unfortunately in the last month I am experiencing some problems in that 1 out of 3 times I shut and restart the PC the windows data recovery screen appears. I am not sure why this is happening as

Lumia 920 random reboots and dropped mobile data a...

Hi! Wondering if anyone can shed some light on an issue I'm seeing with TWO Lumia 920 handsets? Both were recently wiped for new users - full "reset your phone" option. After installing the Black update, the phones now randomly reset and reboot.

Data Recovery from Partitioned and formatted Bit Locker Encrypted Drive

Recently because of some issues in windows 7 installation from windows 8 installed OS. it was giving as the disc is dynamic windows can not be installed on it. so at last after struggling hard no other solution i partitioned and formatted my whole dr

Time Machine Recovery (after data recovery)

Several months ago, Disk2 and Disk3 in my 2007 MacPro 1,1 (OSX 10.7.5) became unreadable by the computer. To make matters worse, the Time Machine external backup became equally as unreadable. All at the same time! Drive 1, with the operating system,

Using Bitlocker Data Recovery Agent (DRA) on Surface Pro 3

We currently have the Data Recovery Agent (DRA) configured in our Bitlocker Policy for our Windows 7 Systems, and it works fine. In situations where the Recovery Key for the computer object was not backed up to AD correctly for whatever reason or the

Macbook - Dead Hard Drive? Data Recovery?

A friend has asked for my help - his Macbook (1st generation - about 4 years old) suddenly refuses to start but displays a grey screen, sometimes with a question mark. You can also (sometimes) hear a few clicks from the hard drive. I'm assuming the d

Data recovery - HELP!

Hi there I have done the stupidest thing EVER! I back up my entire MacBook on an external hard drive - so far, so sensible. Only I've updated what I've backed up by replacing folders with newer versions and I've only just realised. I've lost four yea

Data recovery

First off I want to apologize because I am not computer literate so I will try to explaine my problem and hope someone can help me. The motherboard died on an older Compac with Vista 32 bit. I have tried to connect the hard drive as a second drive in

Data Recovery On an iBook G3

I had an iBook G3 in college (2002, exact model @ http://bit.ly/VGVpSh), and when it died I purchased a new Mac and shoved the iBook in a box (About 7 years ago). It died from the logic board/display issues that all those dual-USB iBooks had. I actua

Data Recovery - External Hard Drive

Hi, I have recently copied over a folder on my iOmega (Prestige Portable) External Hard Drive with a folder from my Power Book Hard Drive, with the replace all. What I need to know is there a way to step back to the point before I copied over this fo

Formatted external hard drive from PC to Mac - Data Recovery Needed

I formatted an external hard drive configured to (PC) for a Mac. I clicked erase data by accident during the process of formatting --  My old files are no longer there now. Is there a way to recover the old files that I had on there before the reform

Data recovery from external hard drive

I'm sick! I was attempting to format my flash drive and I accidentally chose the wrong drive and formatted my Toshiba 3.0 external USB hard drive with over 350GB of data on it. Is there any way at all to recover my files?Lots of programs out there fr

Data Recovery After Hard Drive Failure!

Ok, basically, I've got a 2 1/2 year old iBook G4 with a bombed hard drive, and unfortunately, the last time I backed up was around 3 months ago. Here's what happened right before the crash: some applications like Widgets and Safari were acting fluky

IPhone 4s mobile data does not stay turned off.

I have an iPhone 4s running iOS 7.1.2.  When I go into the mobile settings and turn off the mobile data on my applications that I don't want to use my mobile data for, when I exit out of the settings and go back in, they have been turned back on.  I'