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Lenovo Thinkcentre M58p: Lüfter schaltet sich von selbst ein

Moin! Ich habe einige gebrauchte Lenovo Thinkcentre M58p erstanden und stelle nun fest, daß sich die Lüfter gelegentlich im ausgeschaltetem Zustand mit voller Leistung drehen (ca 1 Sekunde lang und 1 - 2 Mal pr0 Stunde) der Verkäufer sagte, daß sei b

WinPE NIC driver for Lenovo ThinkCentre M72e (4004)

I am trying to deploy our windows image to a new group of Lenovo ThinkCentre M72e (4004) when they pxe they would just reboot.  I pxe booted again and hit f8 did an ipconfig and no network address.  I know the NIC is a relteck so I went to the site d

Thinkcentre M58p max RAM pro Slot

Hallo zusammen,  ich habe ein Lenovo Thinkcentre des Typs M58p mit einem Motherboard des Typs MTQ45MK.Ich wollte die bisherigen 2 GB Ram (aufgeteilt auf zwei Slots mit je 1 GB) auf 4 GB aufrüsten und hierfürnur einen Ram-Riegel verwenden.Meine Frage

Lenovo ThinkCentr​e A58-7515

Hallo, wir besitzen oben genanntes Lenovo ThinkCentre A58-7515 und möchten es jetzt auf Windows 7 - 32 bit updaten. Meine Frage: Ist das generell fehlerfrei möglich? Gäbe es da eine spezielle Anleitung dafür? Ich habe z.B. auf Anhieb keine Windows 7-

Power up issues in lenovo thinkcentre m93p tiny desktop

Dear all i am using lenovo thinkcentre m93p tiny desktop for some time (about 01 year) and currently i am unable to power up the said module. As soon as i plug the adapter to main supply, the tiny m93p fan starts automatically and nothing else power

Extra ssd in Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 72 SFF

Hi. Is it possible to add a extra ssd disk in a Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 72 SFF?Regarding memory - buy Samsung / Hynix / Crucial - these are what lenovo mainly uses. Don't worry about latency. No point in buying GPU that needs 6 pin connector to use w

Driver de Pc Lenovo ThinkCentre W7 64bits

Buenos dias quisiera si me podrin pasar el link de los Driver  para poder bajar para la pc Lenovo Lenovo ThinkCentre W7 64bits modelo M 2756-AA9 ya que soy nuevo en el trabajo y aca  la mayoria de Pc son Lenovo y no  me an dejado los driver para inst

Lenovo ThinkCentre A60

Has anyone been able to image a Lenovo ThinkCentre A60. If so, how. As far as I can tell it is not supported on Linux. We have about 40 of them and would like to manage images through Zen. They have built in BoarcCom BCM5788 Network Cards. We are on

Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 10AS Dual monitors

I just purchased a Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 10AS. The spec says it supports 2 monitors but it only has 1 VGA port. Any advice on how to set up the second monitor greatly appreciated. Solved! Go to Solution.The other video port is a DisplayPort (DP.) If

Need HELP with my Lenovo Thinkcentre 8808-94u... Please!

Hi all,   New to the forum. I have a lenovo thinkcentre 8808-94u. I use it soley for my hobby cnc. I have lots of time comsuming files on this computer that I didnt back up. (stupid I know).. Anyway, I moved and didnt set it back up for about 4 month

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z and CS5 Design Premium - will it work?

Hello! I am a solo in-house designer with little hardware savvy. My company is upgrading all of it's computers to the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z and wishes to lump me in with the rest of the staff. I am assured it meets the *minimum* specs for CS5 but i

Lenovo G series : Drivers are not instatling on XP OS

Hi, In G series, model 41514BQ, I installed XP OS. When installing Audio dirvies, getting a message that not compatable with XP. The drivers not passed Windows XP Logo signature. I tried for drivers in Lenovo site. But my model is not available in th

Lenovo Model T420 Drivers needed - help!!!

Hi there, can someone help, these are the drivers I need: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Base System Device Ethernet Controller Network Controller PCI Serial Port PCI Simple Communication Controller SM Bus Controller Could someone please point me in t

Need for Adobe Air for Lenovo ThinkCentre

Sorry new to this so please excuse any gaffs. I have a ThinkCentre desktop for 3 months and get a popup notice that some Lenovo program needs Adobe Air to run. I do not like Adobe and use other alternatives and do not want Adobe Air installed on mach

Lenovo U410 Touch Drivers

Dear All, Can somebody please please send me the zipped copy of d drive data of Lenovo u410 touch model? I beleive it contains drivers and application folder. I mistakenly deleted that .. Please help me. ThanksHey! Sorry for not posting back, uni got

Lenovo L440 XP Drivers

Hi, Does anyone know where or if I can get XP LAN/WAN etc drivers for the Lenovo L440. The Software and Drivers area of Lenovo only has Windows 7 and Windows 8 drivers. Thanks.  Solved! Go to Solution.Could try the Windows 7 drivers. Sometimes they w

Lenovo G555 XP drivers

Simply put, I'm looking for drivers for XP for the Lenovo G555 model. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find this model listed in the list of models that Lenovo supports. Can anyone help here and direct me to a link where I can get these drivers? Thank

Need help sourcing Lenovo Soleil S620 drivers or restore disk

Hi all, I have in front of me an ancient tablet PC from Lenovo known as a "Soleil S620".  I believe it was an Asian-market only product. From this webpage (http://www.howah.com.cn/news/en/news_detail.asp?id=50): "Lenovo Soleil S620 - The w

Lenovo g510 AMD drivers BLUE SCREEN

Hi there, I recently bought a Lenovo g510 with AMD Radeon graphics card. When I try to install the driver for the graphics card, i got a blue screen. I then cannot even enter Windows in safe mode. Only thing I can do is startup repair which takes for

Lenovo G570 Graphics drivers issue

Hi there, I have recently re-installed my G570 with Win7 and i see the screen resolution is supported at the max. 1024x768. Is it the Maximum? I installed these 2 drivers from lenovo site but not getting option of Graphic poperties & Graphics option