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The Lenovo Z50-75 has a faulty display

Hello, I just got back today after picking up a Lenovo Z50-75 laptop. Just after starting it up I upgraded to Windows 10, while I was working. When it finished It started up with my own lock screen wallpaper and I noticed some colour banding issues.

Lenovo Z50-70 compatibility issue between power management ....

Hello I got my Lenovo Z50-70 Back in May 2015 and decided to reinstall the OS cause I didn't want the bloatware that came with the computer. I installed the drivers that came with the computer and now I'm getting a power management compatibility issu

Lenovo Z50-70 USB3.0 problem

Dear Team, I am unble to install USB 3.0 drivers for Lenovo Z50-70 laptop. Drivers downloaded from lenovo site. When I am trying to install drivers it's showing error  " this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software

Lenovo Z50-75 : Critical Process Died

Hi, i bought lenovo z50-75 few months ago. I'm trying to update my computer on 21/07/15 as it suggest to update and restart.But then it stuck during update and blue screen with a sad face appeared.It said that my laptop having CRITICAL PROCESS DIED e

Lenovo Z50-75 AMD FX 7500 CPU/APU Problem?

ich hab ein Problem mit meinem Lenovo Z50-75. Es ist das Modell mit dem AMD FX 7500 und der Radeon M7 Immer wenn ich das Spiel Pillars of Eternity startet, fährt der Prozessor die Geschwindkeit auf max 1,1 GHz runter, also der Turbo Core wird nicht a

Lenovo Z50-70 Screen shows white as yellowish

My laptop Z50-70 had one problem with it, since day one: The screen showed the white colour as yellowish. I thought it was something that is common to all such machines, so I compensated it by using Color Management in Windows to decrease yellow's in

Lenovo Z50-70 Notebook (59-436412) -Caddy

What is the HDD caddy size (thickness), 9.5mm or 12.7mm? for Lenovo Z50-70 Notebook (59-436412) (4th Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graph)hi ashjs, The Z50-70 uses a 9.0mm ODD. You may be able to get away with a 9.5mm universal HDD caddy but it will

High FPS, but the screen is laggin | Lenovo z50-70

Hello everyone, I have Lenovo z50-70 and use the windows 7 64bit. My full system report is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7pE8D_VUko5OGhuMTFwQjZzODA&authuser=0 The problem is, that even tho I have like 100 FPS, when I play CS:GO or any othe

How to find lenovo outlet machine spec

hey guys i just ordered a new ThinkPad T430 and when is was delivered i found there was no such information from outer box telling me the detailed spec of this machine, so i am wondering if there is anyway i can find the detailed spec? it lacks of Bl

Lenovo Z50-70 Ram upgrade

Hi guys, I just got a z50-70 and i would like to upgrade the ram from 8GB to 16 GB, what SODIMM and MHZ do i use to get max performance. I don't know much about the clock rate on the RAM or the GPU nor the CPU cuz i know if they are all in sync with

Lenovo z50 3 short beeps issue

Hello community. Im owning a Z50 i7 6 months just and an issue with 3 short beeps popped up it sometimes does when trying to boot windows and sometimes just randomly while working. Im asking bcs there is no 3 short beeps on lenovo beep explenation si

Lenovo Support detailed specs

I am looking for detailed specs fort T43 2668-F7G. I cannot find this anymore on the Lenovo support pages. This is a general question since I believe Lenovo has change their supportpages some month ago. Any clue? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi, I was able

Lenovo Z50-70 no funciona el altavoz ni el micrófono

LLevo 4 meses con el portátil y funcionaba todo perfectamente pero en las últimas semanas, el altavoz ha dejado de escucharse y el micrófono igual... En los ajustes están habilitados, en principio todo correcto pero no van.Intenta descartar tema soft

Cuestiones sobre disoo duro lenovo Z50-70 con i7-4510u

Buenas,el ordenador incluye de fabrica un disco duro hdd de 500 gb y uno ssd de 8gb.me gustaria saber si puedo cambiar el disco duro hdd de 500 gb que incluye el ordenador por uno ssd, aunque ya incluya uno de 8 gb y cuanto admitira la segunda entrad

Lenovo z50 screen keeps going black

I've had it for around 6 months with no problems, then in the last 48 hours, the screen keeps going black when I'm using it. It happens every 20-30 minutes. If I close the laptop lid and open it again, it works fine until the problem comes up again.

Re: Lenovo Y650 - 418555U Specs and Configuration

Any suggestions on upgrading to Windows 7 RC 7100 Ultimate would be greatly appreciated. ahough wrote: Any suggestions on upgrading to Windows 7 RC 7100 Ultimate would be greatly appreciated.  You can install it along with vista on a different partit

Webcam Recognized but no Image Lenovo Z50

I have looked around at other posts and they say to check permission, drivers etc. I have been using skype previosuly and had no problems. However, about a week ago it decided it doesn't want me to see the cameras from both myself and the reciver of

Lenovo Z50-75 Turbo boost

Hello guys, i got problem with this laptop, every games have slow frames... So i wanna turn on Turbo Boost how i can do it? Please help lenovoOg, or just say me how to change graphic card when i got dual graphic. If i wanna play games i must change t

Lenovo z50-75 audio model

im looking for the model number of the audio conexant chip for my laptop for sourcing 3rd party drivers for another OS I can't use a restore point because my laptop keep showing blue screen.So i tried refreshing my system and it worked.Now my laptop

Lenovo replaced my i7 processor with i3

Hello, my lenovo Z50-Z70 laptop recently broke due to some manufacture problem, I took it to the shop that I bought it in and they sent it off to lenovo to be repaired under the warrenty. However when I got the laptop back it didn't have its original