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Xorg 1.10.1 no longer affected by manual DPI setting

I use my 23 inch 1920x1080 monitor as TV also. As this means I sit rather far from it, I manually set DPI quite low to enlarge windows and fonts by default. However after the last upgrade, which brought Xorg 1.10 and Gnome 3, Xorg seems to no longer

How to restrict manual changing of free goods in sales order

Hi , Goodmorning , We have some requirement : In sales order free goods quantity determination by system  should not be allowed to change manually , where can we do this ? Looking for your inputs Thanks and regards VenkatAs per SAP Standard, when the

Manual de Integracao v300-2009-03-16 - SAP 4.7 SP30 preparado para NF-e?

Boa tarde, Estou iniciando um projeto de implementação de MP135 + NF-e + SPED na versão 4.7 do SAP, este ambiente encontra-se atualizado com o SP30. Gostaria de saber se é possível configurar a NF-e com base no novo layout definido no "novo" man

Manually Backup to PC - incl. Voice Memos?

After reinstall OS and new iTunes - my iPhone data wouldn't transfer to iTunes. I did manual back up (to PC) and I'm about to restore my iPhone. What's very important for me is NOT TO LOSE VOICE MEMOS that are on my iPhone. Are Memos included in manu

Excel Table with SharePoint Data Connection - Manual Text Entry Misaligned After Refresh

Greetings! I have an Excel 2010 workbook that includes a table linked to my SharePoint 2013 site by a data connection. The SharePoint list feeds the table standard information that's managed on the SharePoint site, but I need the user of the Excel wo

Manual Bank Statement

Hi, I have processed the manual bank statement, I could see in the stament overview that Manual posting is done and There are 2 transactions under FB01 with Debiting the amount. But nothing is shown under credit amount. When I check the concerned ban

GR?IR Manual Clearing

Dear expert, We want to clear of some the GR/IR that has differences, because there will be no subsequent delivery or invoices for this purchasea order. I run the following steps: 1. Run MR11 : System automatically create a posting that will result i

How can I quickly get the same album art for all tracks on an album without manually doing them one at a time?

I am having trouble with album art linked to each track. My library is ripped from my own cd's and ITunes only provides some of the artwork from a find artwork search. The rest must be found and added one at a time manually from web. This process is

Please HELP!  My kid wiped my iPhone5 and I need to get my photos and videos off it!  I have no backup with iTunes :((  Is there a way to scan the device manually?

hi, New to this, so go easy on me.  I recently got my first iDevice - an iPhone 5.  I've used it for a month now and I have to say I love it.  But, I gave it to my kid this morning to look at.  It was locked, so I assumed it was safe.  WRONG.  5 mins

How do I manually archive 1 redo log at a time?

The database is configured in archive mode, but automatic archiving is turned off. For both Oracle 901 and 920 on Windows, when I try to manually archive a single redo log, the database archives as many logs as it can up to the log just before the cu

New iPod Touch 32gb stalls after starting sync, error 54, manual synce gets dumped

I just got this thing at Walmart last Sunday and its been driving me nuts all week! It's the brand new iPod Touch 32gb 4gen. When trying to sync it will start to load music then stall. Sometimes it gives error code 54, sometimes says it cant convert

IPod Classic no longer showing folders unless I manually sync

I have had my iPod Classic for years, and am connecting it to my MacPro running 10.8.3 and iTunes 11.0.3. Have not had any problems with it until recently. I keep some of my playlists in folders, and have always only synced some of them (I have way t