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libclntsh.so.10.1 rpm download


RPM download issue in OEL5

I am trying to update RPM's using up2date from server(OS version OEL5.4), when i am trying update RPM's, its not allowing me to update RPM's any ideas..? up2date --force oracleasm* Fetching Obsoletes list for channel: ol5_x86_64_latest... Name Versio

Exception Name: MakefileException

Hi , I have a db installed on OEL-5,I want to apply a patch When i tried applying the patch, the installer at the install stage is throwing the following error: FROM INSTALL LOGS: [[email protected] logs]$ tail -f /u04/Bam/product/or

E-Business Suite Procedure for OpenSuse 10.2

I recently installed on an OpenSuSE 10.2 machine and found considerable differences between SLES10/SuSE10.1 and OpenSuSE 10.2. The following instructions will install a fully functional E-Business Suite: Setup the O/S per the following guid

Installation notes: JES 2005Q4 on Fedora Core 4

Hi, Getting JES (with Portal Server 6) to work on a Linux platform (that's unsupported by SUN) can be a nightmare. Here's what to do with Fedora Core 4: 1. You need to install compat-libstdc++-296.i386 rpm package. This provides /usr/lib/libstdc++-li

Unable to find Logical Volume manager in OEL6

Hi Guru's, I am new to Linux. I have installed OEL6 in my windows box with Virtual Box. After logging in i don't see the Logical Volume manager and Network option under Administration menu too. I tried to install lvm-1.0.8-14.x86_64.rpm (downloaded f

Deb Squeeze 32bit 10g XE install, but no APEX

I have a Debian Squeeze system. I downloaded and installed the debian (stable) distribution of the Oracle 10g XE database from the Oracle download page (behind the archived versions tab). So, Oracle is running. But I can't access the homepage. I'm co

SAP ECC-6.0 in Suse Linux 10 sp1

Hi All, i trying to install Ecc-6 in Suse linux 10 with oracle 10.2. i successfully installed Suse linux 10 but there is problem related to network. i assign ip address & after that when i am ping to other system it showing destination unreachable &am

New install of Vibe - where to get Java 6 ?

I need to do new install of Vibe Latest Vibe docs mention Oracle Java 6 but this is not available on Oracle /Sun site Do I install Java 7 if so what path do I enter for Java simply /usr (where Java is installed) or /usr/java/j.xxxx ?Originally Posted

OEL-5 finally released but with many desktop packages missing

Hi, OEL-5 GA has just been released but with many client (desktop) packages missing (as opposed to CENTOS-5 where all RHEL-5 categories are bundled into only one distribution). Namely, three months ago RHEL-5 has been released in three basic categori

OCFS2 Configuration Problem

Hi Guys I am trying to configure OCFS on my 2 nodes. Here is my configuration OS :Centos plus 5.2 Kernel: Linux rac1 2.6.18-128.1.6.el5.centos.plus #1 SMP Thu Apr 2 12:53:36 EDT 2009 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux I have installed following ocfs rpms [root

How to install ASmlib

Hi , I am new to asmlib and wanted to install as i need to install database grid infrastructure and oracle database binaries on standalone server (red hat linux). Please let m eknow if anybody have documentation for that.ThanksHI please login root us

In my macbook pro 15 inch mid 2012 model, my cpu and gpu will get very hot, when gaming or rendering sometimes over 200F. The fans only spin at max about 2900 rpm, when their max is 6400. I downloaded a fan control app, but how can i fix it?

In my macbook pro 15 inch mid 2012 model, my cpu and gpu will get very hot, when gaming or rendering sometimes over 200F. The fans only spin at max about 2900 rpm, when their max is 6400. I downloaded a fan control app, but how can i fix it?Hi rhaugh

Oracle Validated RPM - Which to download?

I'm preparing a couple Linux x86_64 servers for building a RAC cluster and thought I'd give the Oracle Validated RPM a try. The specifics - Red Hat Linux RHEL 5.5 (kernel level 2.6.18-194) Oracle Grid Infrastructure release Oracle Database

RPM Upload/Download Project Data u2013 No Selection list for Application system

When trying to upload from project or download to project from/to application SAP Project System there is no selection list under the drop down field for Application system. As I understand from the RPM guides, this is the logical system. We have def

I cant download oracle-instantclient11.1-devel-

When I download oracle-instantclient11.1-devel-, it was printing a page full of ascii characters and all, its not downloading.. but i have downloaded oracle-instantclient11.1-'basic'-,, But I also need that d

Who stole the Oracle SQL Developer RPM for Linux Download Page!

Guys, Who stole the Oracle SQL Developer RPM for Linux download page, everytime i try download the rpm all i get is the page can not be found Error 404!!! Not happy :-(Gents, Maybe yesterday's OTN download service problems are continuing today? Check

Where can download ocfs2-2.6.9-  rpm

I need to install ocfs package for VM. Kerner for VM is 2.6.9- Where can I download this rpm? ThanksYou can try looking up the following sites for these RPMs. OCFS2 kernel modules: http://oss.oracle.com/projects/ocfs2/files/ OCFS2

Instant Client Package - SDK, RPM package download not working

Hi, I am trying to download "Instant Client Package - SDK", RPM package for Linux 32 bit, version from http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/tech/oci/instantclient/htdocs/linuxsoft.html However the file downloaded has zero length.

Asmlib rpms, what version do I have to download ?

Hi all, I am in the middle of installing oracle 11g r2 standalone with ASM in Oracle Linux 5. Now, I have downloaded rpm for asmlib in below site. Oracle ASMLib Downloads for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 AS but I am a really unfamiliar with linux, I do

Flashplayer: select version to download: yum? tar? rpm? apt? which one?

My PC screen regularly tells me it "cannot play media. Do not have correct version of flash player. Click here to download". So I do, & I see: Download Adobe Flash Player version Linux. Select version to download: YUM for Linux;