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Life in Appalachia Kentucky


Web Developer needed in Louisville, Kentucky - Full-time Position

Hey guys and gals! This is a real job - not a contract job, not a freelance job, but a real full-time paid job in a professional office. So if you are wanting to settle down and make a consistent wage and have some fun coding, then give me a yell. Mu

Withholding tax for Kentucky locals

Hi, Requirement: Need to calculate withholding tax for Kentucky locals. I have done the config accordingly, /301 and /601 displays the amount but /401 and /701 are not appearing/calculating for Kentucky locals. Could the reason be because of a suppor

Has anyone had trouble making a call in Kentucky?

Has anyone had trouble making a call in Kentucky?  Radcliff or Ft. Knox area?    Hi Sunshine1971! I am confident your issue has been resolved since your original post! If not, let's look into this. Current zip code? Are you able to receive calls? Tha

Poor reception West Kentucky Community and Technical College

I came to Verizon from AT&T a few months ago.  For the most part I have been pleased, however I work at West Kentucky Community and Technical College and the reception here is horrible.  Outside of the buildings you do get signal although it is low q

Kentucky Fried Mobo - Odds of CPU Survival?

Today I have been mostly killing my Neo 2 Platinum. I borrowed the vid card for another machine and after replacement the thing wouldn't boot. Power to fans - Dbracket stuck at early chipset - no beeps - powers on and off with case switch. Faint burn

Why does Discover Card Secure number and Kentucky Unemployment refuse to work with Firefox?

When attempting to access the site below, the message,Your browser is not currently supported for this site. For more information, view. the browser compatibility information on this welcome page. shows up and blocks further access. When attempting t

Louisville kentucky ...iphone4

Is there anyone in Louisville ky .... Who received their phonePlease see - https://jobs.apple.com/us/search#location&t=0&sb=req_open_dt&so=1&lo=3*LUV*USA*9 67*R264*Louisville|3*R264*USA*967*R264*L-Read other 5 answers

Very disapointed in Lenovo's service on my T430 machine type 2342CTO with Windows Pro 7 64 bit

I have been a ThinkPad user since the first model 700.  I have always liked them and when I have had to use other laptops I found them inferior.  However one thing my team has been telling me in the past year or two is that they do not want to purcha

Letter Sent To Corporate, Maybe a miscommunication about 3G service?

First of all, I want to say that I do love my Droid X and I do love Verizon Service, that is if you're in a Verizon Service area.  If Verizon had a tower in my area, I would be more than satisifed. Here is the letter I sent, maybe this will be easier

The end of a beautiful relationship (long)

I purchased a Sony 4K 49 “TV on Tuesday (11/4/2014) in the Palmdale, CA Best Buy. I was told it would be delivered on Thursday with a confirmation call on Wednesday giving me my delivery time. The call did come Wednesday stating a delivery time betwe

How to properly order form data?

I have a form to collect data for a price quote (printing & direct mail).  When I convert the collected data to a .CSV file, the data is not in the same order.  How do i tell my form to postback data in the same order? Here is the code (this site wou

Can not use imessage/facetime on new iPhone 5 and can not get iPhone 4s and 5 to remember any wireless networks.

Two weeks ago I got an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5 from a local carrier in central and eastern Kentucky called Appalachian Wireless. We had our numbers ported with AT&T. My iPhone 4s can use imessage/facetime but my wife's iPhone 5 can not. It just say

Network Magic Confusion

Hi – My problem is that NWM is confused and thinks that I do not have a link to my router.  Also, following changes to my network the map has not been updated.  How do I get Network Magic to update it’s map?  Last night I tried to upgrade the FW on m

How to upload multiple .CSV files in the same time.

Hi Legends, Can anyone please help me to resolve my issue? This is very urgent and critical. Description: We have two users.1)edw_user_dump 2)prd_udm. We need to upload the xx.csv file at the same time for these two users in oracle forms. we have dif

Verizon aircard a solution for desktops in rural area?

OK, to begin with, I am nearly totally in the dark as far as aircards and Internet service via Verizon is concerned. Having said that, here's my situation: We have moved to a rural area here in Kentucky in which the only Internet service available is

I'm starting to get fed up

Alright, before I get into the issue, I want to give some background first. I am a previous owner of a Silver Creative Zen Micro (5 GB), and enjoyed it for a good 4 months before the headphone jack problem reared its ugly head. So $25, 3 weeks, and a

Chained LOVs in portal using Javascript

Has anyone gotten this to work in portal forms. I have an LOV in a form based on a table and when the user selects a value in LOV 1 it should populate the LOV2 item with the corresponding values. Please note that the time it takes to refresh using th

Unbalanced InstanceBegin Tag.......please help

I tried to put in a new advertisement in the coding and obviously I deleted or added something i don't know.  I honestly have little experience.  IF anyone can help me solve this problem it will be much appreciated. "There is an error at line 2 of...

Weird custom menu behavior in 8.2

I'm in charge of upgrading a large project from LV 7.1 to 8.2 and I ran into several problems but was able to resolve them except 2 major ones (not including the crashing tables and indices in self-indexing while loops). 1) Our custom menu now seems

How Do You Get Apple To Fix A Podcast?

My podcast has been broken for a long time, and it never updated after the last one i added. My file is 100% readable, http://beavis2084.com/podcast/rss.xml u can even use Safari to look at it fine. That is the URL that comes up if you add my podcast