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HP HDX 16 Blu-Ray discs will not play!

I have researched this Blu Ray issue for days without a real solution.  I am running Vista and notice many people feel upgrading to windows 7 was the issue, but I do not believe it is since I am still on Vista, with the same Blu-Ray disc issuey here.

Can I re burn a rewritable blue ray disc that has been burnt on?

I am using FCP X and using a panasonic blue ray burner to burn my products. When I use Verbatim Rewritable Blue Ray discs, the first time used....no problem with a great result. When I try to reuse same disc, mac does not recognize burnt disc so does

TouchSmart IQ816 can no longer play Blu Ray discs

For the last 5 months or so my TouchSmart has not been able to play my blu ray movies. I was told that this was a problem with an update of the MediaSmart DVD program. I had this same issue on my HDX18; I uninstalled MediaSmart DVD and reinstalled it

Blu ray drive no longer recognizing dvds or blu ray discs

Until about a week ago I was able to read cds, dvds, and blu ray discs with my dv6 product number lm720av.  Windows 7 64 bit.  I put in a disc recently and it tries to read the disc for a couple of minutes before it stops trying and shows no disc in

Premiere elements 11 burn to blu ray disc, no time code??

Hello. Premiere element 11 burn to bluray disc have no time code when play at blu ray player. and can not duplicated. ( Pro duplicator bluray)trucvovi When was there ever? On what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements running on? If Win

Error MessageDuring Creation of Blu-ray Disc in FCP and Compressor 3.5

Yesterday I spent more than 7 hours trying to create and burn a Blu-ray disc (actually an AVCHD disc on DVD-5 media) in both FCP 7 and Compressor 3.5. In every case, disc creation would go to completion of the encoding of the video and audio files, b

Once and for all: Can DVD SP build Blu-Ray disc content or not?

Maybe I'm crazy, but- Everything I've heard to date has Apple backing the Blu-Ray format. Believing this, I just spent $900 on a new Lacie D2 external Blu-Ray burner (which IS Mac compatible). I also purchased Toast 8 (which IS Blu-Ray compatible). A

ENCORE CS6 gives error message during the burning of Blu-ray Disc

I did it again - upgraded my Production Premium CS5 to CS6. I will not forget CS4 that never came to work. It was not a workable version, but at best an Alfa or maybe Beta version. I was therefore naturally afraid to upgrade my reasonably well functi

Adobe Premier Elements 12 - Exporting trimmed AVCHD files from the project timeline, to a separate folder for burning to Blu Ray disc with other software?

Hi, can anyone help please.  This is the first time I have used this forum. I use Premier Elements 12, a PC, 64 Bit, Windows 7, high powered computer. Just started trimming AVCHD in this software. I would like to know if it is possible to export trim

Has anyone burned 1080p blu-ray discs using Final Cut Pro alone?

I am in the market for a new computer. Currently I am a PC user who has burned Blu-Ray discs using Pinnacle. I am dissatisfied with that software because it hangs and crashes at critical moments in the rendering and burn process. I am considering swi

If there ever was a NEW update for iMovie, will iMovie have the ability to burn projects onto a Blu-Ray disc so that customers don't have to pay for additional software like Final Cut Pro or Roxio Toast Titanium/Pro?

It would be helpful for those who are familier with iMovie to use Blu-Ray discs for burning and playing back their iMovie projects in HD. However, iMovie '11 doesn't have that special feature yet. I hear that 'Final Cut Pro X,' 'Roxio Toast 11 Titani

Final Cut Pro 7: problem creating Blu Ray disc

Hello, I've a problem using FInal Cut Pro 7. I want to create a Blu Ray disc using the "Share" function, but during the process - after many hours - appears this warning message: "SHARE WARNING - NSEXPETION RAISED BY 'NSPORT TIMEOUT EXCEPTI

Is it possible to write 2 different project on one blu ray disc?

I have about 23 Gb project of stills photos and still cameras video clips. But I also have some additional footage on hd from an hd  video camera. My blu ray disc are all 50 gb and I wonder if I could  add a second project to the disc and how to go a

How do I create Blu Ray Disc with DVD Studio Pro ?

Folks, I think that I'm in trouble... I created 3 HD projects with DSP (i do not have the tapes and fcp project anymore, neither the HDV 1080i mov file) and I need to be burned it with a Blu-Ray Media, and play it with a BR Player... So far I made th

Fcp 7 project through compressor 3.5 or share re: creating blu ray disc

Am I missing something but it seems you can't send a fcp project to compressor 3.5 via the "send to" option as there isn't any appropriate settings for blu ray, only HD DVD. But you can through the share option. Is that the case or am I just get

Encoded video doesn't work on Toshiba Blu-ray disc player

I have a problem that I am trying to encode a sequence of frames in a video container , but the encoded video doesn't work on toshiba blu ray disc player .. I am using the following ffmpeg command to encode frames and convert them to a video: ffmpeg

Is my hl-dt-st bddvdrw gbc-h20l capable of burning Blu Ray discs (BD-R)?

Hello. I have a HP Pavilion Elite m9470 Desktop PC with an  hl-dt-st bddvdrw gbc-h20l drive running Windows 7 Ultimate (the pc came originally with Vista). For the first time I tried to burn a Blu Ray disc BD-R in fact. When I loaded the disc into tr

Blu-ray disc burned with Encore CS4 stops after each chapter instead of reading continuously

Hi Blu-ray disc burned with Encore CS4 stops after each chapter instead of reading continuously This happens with an entire series of chapters but does not happen with another series of chapters on thre same DVD. I am missing something to solve this

Blu-ray disc chapter buttons not working on authored disc.

Hi all, I've created many SD dvd's with chapter menus without problem. However, my first attempt at a blu-ray disc is causing me trouble. I'm running Enore CS4 under Windows 7. I had to install the "pxengine4_18_16a" driver because Encore CS4 wa

Blu-Ray disc freezes for half a second between chapters

I'm brand new to using Adobe for video editing.  I just finished my first Encore CS6 project, it's been quite a learning experience.  I have a 40 minute video with 18 chapters that I edited in Premiere Pro and exported for Blu-Ray as a single sequenc