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[SOLVED]Arch Linux, and Windows 8.1 Dual Boot issue

Hi guys. I recently bought a new laptop, and decided to run Arch Linux and Windows 8.1. I installed Windows 8.1 first as recommended by the beginners guide, and then installed Arch Linux. I made sure UEFI was enabled in my BIOS, and made sure everyth

How to set owner-only access file permissions both on Linux and Windows

Hi everybody. I have the following problem. I need to store some private user information in file system. So I need to set owner-only access permissions for some directory in user home. I did not find API for doing this. As I understand this is platf

Dual boot kali linux with windows 8

i have ideapad y510p and i want to dual boot kali linux with windows 8  i want a full guide to do it please !!help!!!Hello, if you got problems with the kernel, you can try backbox-linux. The kernel there is newer. It is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Ha

Oracle DB sessions on Linux and Windows

Actually I am confused the way session memory is allocated on 32 bit windows and linux OS. Windows is a thread based architecture where all user sessions are treated as threads of oracle.exe process. The addressable space is 4GB and oracle.exe can us

Which operating system: Linux or Windows Server 2003?

Hi, it doesn't matter which operating system we install an our server. What are your experience with Linux and Windows? Which System do you recommend regarding performance issues? best regards FelixLinux has a higher per process memory limit. The fms

Error in Transport Tablespace from linux to windows

I am testing the cross-Platform Transport Tablespace. As per the oracle, we can transport tablespace from linux to windows without conversion because both are using same endian (Little). But i am fail to do Transport Tablespace from Linux to Windows.

Linux or windows hosting?

I am publishing my site on iweb via godaddy- i have a choice to use linux or windows for hosting- which one?Rhonda Ferguson wrote: I am publishing my site on iweb via godaddy- i have a choice to use linux or windows for hosting- which one? LinuxRead

Linux or windows?   godaddy

I'm looking at the godaddy hosting plans, and it asks Linux or Windows-based, not giving a choice for Mac OS. I presume that it still works with Mac. Which one should I select? I intend to make pages with iWeb on a mac, and then host them outside of

Linux or Windows

I have the option to use either multiple Linux or Windows servers. These servers will be dedicated purely to the media server. Any opinions on which would be better for live streaming in the most part. AlanI wouldn't consider running a production dat

Is possible restore backup full from linux to windows?

Is possible restore backup full from linux to windows, I need know if is possible. There are any document about it?Hi Yes because They are in little endian. http://apunhiran.blogspot.com.tr/2009/03/how-to-moveconvert-database-from-linux.html RegardsR

Unable to set focus for Linux / X-Windows ($$$ for fix...)

It appears whenever a modal window is opened on Linux X-Windows the focus is stolen from the window and you CANNOT use the keyboard to return to the form - let alone set the focus on the textbox. This is not just for my modal forms but for something

GetTimezoneOffset got one hour ahead on linux than windows

I'm using Date object to retrieve current local time for display. But got one hour ahead than the system time. For an example, I set the system time zone to Hong Kong, China. The getTimezoneOffset() return -540 on linux, but on Windows, it's -480. So

IMacs can boot Linux or Windows from usb stick

iMacs 21' can boot Linux or Windows from usb stick? from Firewire 400 or 800 hdd/ssd? from USB HDD/SSD? May boot fromCD/DVD/DVDDL in internal DVD DRIVE, too? Exist Blu-ray drives able connect on Thunderbolt slot on iMac 21'?Here is the memo of the st

File Transfer from LINUX to WINDOWS....?

I have to copy the auto backup .dmp file from Linux to Windows in Same Network. Can You please suggest me how to do this task through Shell Script. So i can schedule the running time of Shell script through DBMS_SCHEDULER and at that specified time f

MySQL TinyInts: Different in Linux and Windows?

Hi all, A friend of mine has used MySQL 4.1, Creator 2.1 and MySQL Connector/J (3.1.8) to build a web application in a Windows environment. I am trying to open it on my Linux box but I get a ClassCastException while opening his web pages into my Crea

Why we have separate azure java SDK for linux and windows

I saw different links for downloading azure java SDK for linux and windows. What difference does it actually have when java is platform independent? Or both are same jars?Hi, Thank you for your post. It contains the same jar files. Regards, Mekh.Read

Changed to linux from windows and lost all my touchscreen and sound

changed to linux from windows and lost all my touchscreen and sounddina6370 wrote: changed to linux from windows and lost all my touchscreen and sound Hi, You need some sorts of driver, please try the following forum:    http://www.linuxquestions.org

Linux based windows spyware scanner

Can anyone recommend a linux based windows spyware scanner? I'm running a couple of windows boxes in vmware and would like to mount the disks up under linux and scan them for viruses and spyware. I'm using clamav for virus scanning but I'd like somet

Java Performance: Linux vs Windows, 64 bit vs 32 bit JVM

I am looking for information about how Java performs on Linux vs Windows and how the results are affected when a 64 bit jvm is used. Disk access or IO are not important, I would really like to see some benchmarks on floating point arithmetic and/or h

File Upload Problem from Linux to Windows and Windows to Linux

Hi, I am a newbie in the flex environment. I have faced a problem for file upload from linux to windows and windows to linux And I have put crossdomain.xml file in root folder, still this problem is appear. Please help me, if anybody know the answer.