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How do i install R --a stat operator (free) language on my system-- linux mint 11 is my OP SYS. Firefox nevers shows a run option when attempting to download and then install.. ??

no more details to offer.. R is a free downloadable statistics language and i can t install it with firefox as of yet.. i use linux mint 11 as my operating system...similar as you know to windows.....but NO OPTION TO INSTALL !! just no way to tell wh

My windows computer died,it now has linux mint 9.I installed itunes on a new windows computer.Purchased new songs but it wont let me download or dispaly my old music.But it did transfer 3 movies over to new itunes account.

   My windows computer died installed linux mint 9.(will not use for itunes) Purchsed another windows computer and installed itunes. Purchased songs  howeverwould not let me sync with new computer or transfer old library. However it did transfer 3 mo

HP LaserJet P1102W - no print output in Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon Desktop

I've just done a default install of Linux Mint 17.1 - as feared, no print output. I'm guessing I need to install a driver - but I couldn't find anything easily on HP site, only Windows/Mac OS stuff. Are HP printers generally linux friendly? Where can

Firefox running under Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) 12 (KDE) won't install extensions for Firefox

Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) 12, KDE desktop Firefox 10.0 Started up Firefox right after Mint was installed. On the add-ons page video download helper was shown as a featured extension and I installed it, then rebooted when prompted. After that, Fire

I tried to uninstall firefox and to install again on linux mint.Now firefox ask every time for a profile,i never make a profile before and this is a serious problem to me.Firefox can't open and work like before the uninstall

Hi,i am running linux mint.I tried to change the firefox folder from the file system with a new firefox folder cause i had a problem with one extension(download statusbar).So,after that i have problem,firefox ask me about profile and after some tests

Firmware Update for HP Hotspot Laserjet Pro m1218nfs through Linux Mint

Hi, I have tried as many permutations & combinations as possible to fix this, but I am not able to do so. I run Linux Mint 16 KDE. I have the latest HPLIP Tool installed & working in my system. I tried connecting the MFP via USB as well as Wi Fi -

Webutil_host.nonblocking('/bin/smbclient....') at linux mint client

hi dear all after searching a lot.. now posting a problem my problem = Linux client not running client_host command , no error in console , no other sound i created character base report printing form. that first generate filename.txt out put from re

How to install check speller for Serbian language in Linux Mint

Hello, I use Thunderbird 31.6.0 on my Linux Mint 17. I tried to follow the instructions that are on this web site for installing new dictionaries spell checkers but it does not work. It says that it's not available for my platform. However on my Wind