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PATH environment variable, Bash

I want to set a symlink to this path: /opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/bin/django-admin.py I have tried myself & have failed the last two days. Does anyone have any suggestions on setting up a symlink to this path? Also sho

Setting Linux environment variable

Is there other web site which talks about how to set the environment variable of J2EE for Linux? I followed this web site http://www.dougsparling.com/comp/howto/linux_java.html but after all when I tired to compile a servlet program... it couldn't be

Best practices for defining Environment Variables/User Accounts in Linux

Hello, After reading throught the Quick Install guide for 10gR2 on x86_64 Linux, I see that it is not recommended to define ANY variables in .bash_profile. I'm hoping to get a Best practices approach for defining environment variables - right now we

The NLS_LANG environment variable for Form Builder 10g on Linux

Hi, I have installed Oracle Developer Suite 10g on Linux Enterprise AS4 successfully,and set environment variable NLS_LANG="SIMPLIFIED CHINESE_CHINA.ZHS16GBK",LANG="zh_CN.UTF-8".When i executed the following: /home/oracle/Orant/bin/frm

Using BASH environment variables in xCode build configuration

Hi All, Is it possible to use BASH environment variables (exported from /etc/profile, for example) in xcode build settings? Specifically, I am exporting a "BOOST_HOME" variable, and would like to referencing this variable in "User Header Se

Novell Linux Client, -E/--passenv environment variable?

Hi! I've been experimenting with the Novell Client for Linux v1.2 on SLED10. I have most of it working as intended. Now I'd like to integrate with some scripts to do automatic logins. I notice that in the help message (from 'nwlogin --help'), this in

Setting new environment variable on Linux

{noformat}I need to set new environment variable on my linux machine from inside my code. I am using csh and the command works fine from command line: setenv IFConfigLocation4 /home/username/myfile.xml But when i try the same thing from Java code it

To setup environment variables in Linux like sqlplus, emctl etc

Hi, how can setup environment variable like sqlplus, emctl, etc in Linux. what i mean is from any directory i should be able to invoke sqplus, emctl etc is this posisble in linux. THanks, Philip.Hi Hunter, this one worked great. this is really cool m

Linux Environment Variables

I have tried several times to set the environment variables. I have tried pointing to /usr/local/java/j2sdk1.4.0/bin and this does not work. This is where the sdk is located, so why would this not work. All the documentation says to point there. Any

Oracle Environment Variables on Linux

Hi, First, I'll admit that I'm very, very new to Linux.  I'm running Oracle Database XE 11g R2 on a virtual machine (Virtualbox) that is running Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.  Whenever I open a terminal window and set ORACLE_HOME, PATH, and ORACLE_SID,

False Positive on Sig 4689/1 Bash Environment Variable Command Injection

I am seeing what I believe is false positives on Sig 4689/1 outbound from our network. When I look at the traffic capture from events it does not seem to match inbound traffic events that fire on the same signature. The inbound traffic looks very muc

Cisco 3560 GNU Bash Environment Variable Command Injection Vulnerability

Does this model 3560 is affected by this vulnerability? If does are there any configuration is required to solve this Bash Code Injection Vulnerability issue? Thanks guys!I'm seeing things like this. Whenever I look up the victim IPs they resolve to

[SOLVED] bash - diff btwn 'normal' environment variables and VAR=x cmd

I always assumed variables passed like this: VAR=value cmd are passed to the program in the same way as environment variables. However; this is not the case; who can explain this? $ svn commit svn: E205007: Commit failed (details follow): svn: E20500

Environment Variables for Linux

Hi All I am trying to set the Environement Variables on RHEL 5.2(64 Bit) for SM 7.0 Installation - I have installed the RPM "IBMJava2-AMD64-142-SDK-1.4.2-11.0.x86_64.rpm" - I have set the Environment Variable in .bash_profile file as below: expo

Unix shell: Environment variable works for file system but not for ASM path

We would like to switch from file system to ASM for data files of Oracle tablespaces. For the path of the data files, we have so far used environment variables, e.g., CREATE TABLESPACE BMA DATAFILE '${ORACLE_DB_DATA}/bma.dbf' SIZE 2M AUTOEXTEND ON; T

ZLinux environment variables missing after install

Suse 9.0 Service pack 2 Oracle 10g During the installation, I had to interactively define a bunch of environment variables. The Oracle installation instructions didn't say to put them in a .profile or any other type of file that may be executed when

Where does OS X store environment variables?

I'm new to OS X but I've used Linux (and a Unix a while ago) on and off. I'm a bit confused as to how the particular version of Unix Mac OS X uses works. In Linux, I kept environment variables in .bash and .bash_profile files in my home directory. Wh

Different Environment Variable in OS and Solman

Hi dear experts, I have a weird question here. I set the environment variable in the OS as blew: smsp:smpadm 52> echo $PATH /sybase/SMP/ASE-15_0/jobscheduler/bin:/sybase/SMP/ASE-15_0/bin:/sybase/SMP/ASE-15_0/install:/sybase/SMP/DBISQL/bin:/sybase/SMP

How to set environment variable ORACLE_HOME ?

Hi I trying to install SAP Solution manager 4.0 SR3: OS: Linux RHEL4u4 DB: Oracle SAPinst now stops the installation. To proceed with the installation, install the Oracle database as follows: 1.Log in as user orassm. 2.Set the DISPLAY variable. 3.Cha

X11 environment variables on MacBook Pro

Hi I have just got my new MacBook Pro and have installed Gimp to run using x11 that came on the apple installation disks however I can't seem to get the xterm to configure correctly. GIMP is installed under /sw/bin but the default PATH for x11 does n