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Using java on linux v/s windows

wondering if anyone could help me out here. can't seem to find a lot of doucumentation on this .. or may be i was just searching using the wrong key words!!!Hi again, coz i just learnt from the other post u can't run certain exec commands...wat else

Oracle EBS R12 on OS Linux 64bit vs Windows 2003 64bit

Dear All, Oracle EBS R12 with DB 10gR2 64bit on Linux- 64bit vs Windows 2003 64bit Any data/whitepaper/comments, those can help to take decision with respect to performance on OS Linux- 64bit vs Windows 2003 64bit. Management wants basically followin

RAC 10g Linux VMWare on windows 2000

I have installed RAC 10g for Linux VMWare on Windows 2000 and have an issue with the Enterprise Manager console. Does anyone now how to improve the display of Mozilla Browser. The appearance is quite blurred and some buttons and text are barely visib

Oracle11g heterogenous data guard Linux-ASM primary, Windows-Filesystem standby

Is it possible to setup a standby database on (Windows 64bit) OS filesystem with 32GB datafile limit that syncs with a primary database on (Linux 64bit) ASM that has datafiles that are larger than 32GB. There is a Linux-ASM standby in place, this wil

Bonjour, je souhaite acheter pour un ami un ipod shuffle comme le mien mais il possède un ordinateur pc avec linux (et non windows). Est-ce que l'ipod pourra fonctionner correctement et itunes aussi? merci pour votre aide

bonjour un ipod shuffle fonctionnerait-il sur un px sous linux (donc sans windows) ? itunes fonctionnerait aussi? Merci pour votre aideVous devriez rechercher vos réponses dans le forum d'iTunes, pas dans celui-ci.Read other 2 answers

JMF code working under linux but not windows XP

Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a nice cross-platform project involving sound producing. I decided to take a look at JMF and test it a bit to know if its features can suit me. I tried to make it works under windows, using a very simple sampl

Barcode Fonts. Ok on Linux, not on Windows

Hi all. I need to print a PDF (or even HTML) report, which uses a barcode font. I placed the TTF fonts under reports/fonts, and included on the REPORTS_PATH. Installed the fonts on the client machine. On a Linux server, it works (the report prints co

Issue with running Linux on a Windows 7 64 bit (on MC7 mac book pro via Boot Camp)

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit (native via BootCamp) on a new MBP MC7. When I'm trying to run a 64 bit Linux (CentOS) using VM Player, I received following error " CPU doesn't support long mode. Use a 32 bit distribution". Is it because of VT is n

Java on Linux vs. Windows

Dear All, I was able to write below AES/CFB/NoPadding encryption/decryption program (with many thanks to the Internet) and it works fine on Windows. But it's "getByte()" gives problems on Linux. Which is the "symmKey.length()" inside &

Linux 10g versus Windows XP 10g Issue - ORA-07445: exception encountered

I did a full database export using exp from a 10g Linux database: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod PL/SQL Release - Production "CORE     Production" TNS for Linux: Version - Pr

Java EE 5.0 for LINUX vs. Windows

Hello, I am beginner. Just to be sure I would like to ask whether JAVA EE 5.0 specification is fully implemeted for LINUX as well as for Windows. I need to be sure that if I will create some JAVA EE application and I will tun it on Glassfish AS on Wi

Poor SSD disk IO speed in Oracle Linux 6.3 (Windows migration)

Hello, I am trying to migrate from Windows to Oracle Linux, but I'm seeing very poor disk IO speeds. It's probably a tuning thing, but I'm relatively new to Oracle Linux and could use some detailed advice. I took one physical server and migrated it f

Data Transfer between AS400(Linux) and Oracle(Windows Server)

Hi, We have AS400 system which resides on Linux architecture. We want to transfer millions of records from AS400 to Oracle which resides on Windows server. We think to build Odbc connection on windows machine and accessing to AS400 data from this con

XML source file path (LINUX vs. WINDOWS)

Hello, we are sourcing data from XML for a project. RPD development is being done in Windows and then the RPD is getting deployed to the Linux env. How can i make sure the path translate from Windows to Linux? Windows path can be C:\myobieedata\regio

Linux SIGSEGV on window open

Linux is crashing with the following error when opening windows: "Application crashed with an unhandled SIGSEGV" I can cause the error to occur with a simple test script at random intervals. Sometimes it will crash on as little as 2 windows and

MDM Server on Linux, Console on Windows - status is "stopped"

We installed MDM (SRM-MDM) on a Linux systems with MaxDB. The server itself seems to run fine: Starting:  - Thu Dec  4 12:47:52 CET 2008 Linux mdmtest #1 SMP Fri Oct 31 14:24:07 UTC 2008 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux core file siz

PostgreSql JDBC from Red Hat Linux works on Windows not on Linux

I started using ODI from a Windows XP box in development and Beta, and was successfully connecting to and loading data from several different database platforms including a PostgreSql database. I copied the PostgreSql JDBC driver to the ODI drivers f

Foreign Linux. Running unmodified Linux programs on Windows

So, this seems to be the opposite of WINE: https://github.com/wishstudio/flinux Foreign Linux.  Right now it is pretty basic but it will be interesting to see what is further developed. The Linux image it currently runs is based on Arch. Last edited

Got an error when install oracle 9i in linux 9 in windows virtual server

Hi Guys, I am installing an oracle 9i in my laptop that is linux 9 server which is hosted in windows virtual server. when I ran runInstaller, I got an eror that is can't connect x11 windows server using........ When I ran xterm, I got can't open disp

SplashScreen class that works in Linux but not Windows?

OK so I wrote this splashscreen class: public class SplashScreen extends JWindow {     public SplashScreen(String imageFile, int msecs) {         Image imgData = getToolkit().getImage(getClass().getResource(imageFile));              System.out.printl