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Load in File MySQL


Loading jar files at execution time via URLClassLoader

Hello�All, I'm�making�a�Java�SQL�Client.�I�have�practicaly�all�basic�work�done,�now�I'm�trying�to�improve�it. One�thing�I�want�it�to�do�is�to�allow�the�user�to�specify�new�drivers�and�to�use�them�to�make�new�connections.�To�do�this�I�have�this�class:

Problem loading / writing files.

Hi, im trying to create and load a file to the user's home directory as follows: File f = new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/settings.xml"); if (f.exists() == false)      try           // If the file doesn't exist, create one

Donu00B4t load duplicates File to a cube through DTP

Hi gurus... i want to know if is possible to avoid load the same data from files to a cube.. doing this trough a DTP. I think to do this with a step in a process chain that eliminate dupplicates entry in the cube, but the problem is that i haven´t an

Loading flat files located on a server using the Control Center piece ofOWB

Loading flat files from a server with OWB I am successful loading files with OWB, as long as they resided on my workstation in the C:\ drive. I copied the files to a Linux server into directories owned by Oracle/oinstall, permissions on the directori

Load Flat File from App Server

HI, all. I want load flat file from appliation server. I created CSV file and loaded it on app. server with FM ARCHIVEFILE_CLIENT_TO_SERVER. After I created datasource and tried load data in the infocube. In this procedure I encountered with two prob

Error Loading the file from application server

Hi Team, I'm trying to load the .CSV file from application server and I'm getting the error message. In the data package   Update to PSA --Green   Transfer Rule -- Green   Update Rule -  error ABORT was set in the customer routine 9998               

Infopackage-Load Many Files from Application Server and later Archive/Move

Hi All..   I have a doubt,   I have a requirement of take many files to load into BI 7.0..  I used the infopackage before with option: Load Binary File From Application server   I load information successfully... only with one file ...but If I can lo

Photoshop crashes when loading a file or image

Using Photoshop cs3 on a PC with Windows 7 installed. Major Problem: Photoshop gives no response when opening an image of any sort or psd file which ends out with the options to either close the program or close and find a solution online which gives

After closing the Firefox browser, a message appears "Severe error: Cannot load resource file; can not run". What could be wrong?

The message: "Severe Error; Can 't load resourse file; can not run" appears after closing Firefox4. All other applications on my pc do not have this problem.I've found text of this error in npdjvu.dll plugin, remove it and error seems to disappe

Recently my adobe is taking much longer to load PDF files that used to open immediately

recently my adobe is taking much longer to load PDF files that used to load almost instantlyLook at this comprehensive trouble shooting document; https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3353 I suggest that you start with SMC and PRAM resets. Then  a S

Unable to load multiple files to Essbase using MaxL and wildcards

I have multiple data files to load: Files: Filename.txt Filename_1.txt Filename_2.txt According to the following link, Essbase is able to load multiple files to BSO databases via MaxL by using wildcards: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/e

Unable to load prn file in LedgerLink

I am working with HE641 and having to use LedgerLink to load files since there is some account translation. For some reason I am unable to load the file. This is through Citrix. During the load process, the files appears to load because the status ba

JSP page do not close after loading a file

Hello, i am having a bit of a problem. i have the following code that help me load reports (pdf and xls) from my server in the user browser. What i do in my code : jsp Page 1(generationInProgress) i create one of these reports (xml with blob) --> jsp

How do I configure DW to open and load a file?

I have DreamWeaver CS5 running on a Mac. Whenever I double-click to open a DreamWeaver compatible file (such as an HTML file), if DW is not already open, DW launches but does not load the file. Once DW is launced, I can double-click the file and it w

I used a third party programme called Mackeeper UGHHH,it moved loads of files to the trash now i do not know where they originally came from or belong!! the put back option is in grey??how can i manually put these files back where they belong?SO upset!!

I used a third party programme called Mackeeper UGHHH SOOO Stupid i know,it moved loads of files to the trash now i do not know where they originally came from or belong!! the put back option is in grey??and will not work even when i highlight one by

How can I display the front panel of the dinamically loaded VI on the cliente computer, the VI dinamically loaded contains files, I want to see the files that the server machine has, in the client machine

I can successfully view and control a VI remotly. However, the remote VI dinamically loads another VI, this VI loaded dinamically is a VI that allows open others VIs, I want to see the files that contains the server machine, in the client machine, bu

Load multiple files using the same data load location

has anybody tried loading multiple files using the same load locations. I need to do this as the data in these multiple files will need to be exported from FDM as a single export file. the problem i am facing is more user related. since these files w

Error in pda load image file performanc​e in PDA

hello i am using Windows CE with labview mobile module 8.6 in evaluation version. When trying to use "pda load imege file.vi" i get an error code 1, regardless of loading a .bmp, .gif or .jpg, of only 80kb (no diference in the color depth i use)

How to load a file with out specifying its absolute location

Hi, I'm having some config files in a specific location. I'm setting that folder path to the CLASSPATH and trying access those file just by giving its name. For eg: contents are in e:\config folder I set e:\config to CLASSPATH and trying to load the

How to load flat file in existing Architecture.

Hi everyone! There is an existing architecture that I have to upload data into.  There is a cube on top, followed below by an ODS and its update rules to the cube, followed below by an Infosource and its corresponding update rule to the ODS above it,