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Voice chat in the same network

I can chat with a man who is in the different network - extranet - via voice streaming. But, I can't use voice streaming with a man who is in the same network - intranet. How to solve this problem? What's wrong?please check the personal firewall on y

Site-to-Site up but no ping for the local networks from both sides

I have set the tunnel up between ASA 5505 and ASA 5510, but I can't ping the local networks of both ASAs. ASA 5505 ASA Version 8.2(5) hostname ciscoasa enable password 8Ry2YjIyt7RRXU24 encrypted passwd 2KFQnbNIdI.2KYOU encrypted names name b

Setting up a VoIP extension on a local network.

With the help of the experts on this board I have successfully set up a VoIP phone extension on our private network. The questions & answers can be viewed at. http://forums.linksys.com/linksys/board/message?board.id=VoIP_Adapters&thread.id=3197 .

Can't screen share on local network

Hi folks, Seems like lots of problems are to be had with the iChat screen sharing. I've been looking through here and tried several options, but I don't seem to be able to get this working. My MacPro 2x2.66 is sitting in the DMZ of my DSL Router and

IChat and a local network

Am I correct in assuming that Bonjour users can only communicate one to one on a local (Tiger server) network? Is it possible to have one to many messaging of Bonjour users on a local network please? B Bowell ICT Support. Berkley Normal Middle School

Voice chat for LAN Working :) ,  but For Internet Voice Chat Not Working

Hi, all I have developed voice chat for lan , but when i try to connect to internet it doesn't working. Pls let me know the reason why is it so? I am behind the Firewall and firewall doesn't allow me to connect to server or transmit RTP data to the a

Voice chat on Blackberry 8520?

I have a Blackberry 8520. How to do voice chat in it? If yes, using which application?As I said, IM+ allows voice calls to the skype network, not sure about other chat systems. Read other 7 answers

Voice chat problem on gmail,skyp​e and oovoo yahoo messanger works at time

Voice chat problem on gmail,skype and oovoo yahoo messanger works at times. Pavilion dv6, i7, windows 7 at times it tells that your microphone is really quet. Thanks, RanjithSounds like the network's firewall or other security feature is blocking th

Voice Chat for Starcraft 2?

Anyone else having difficulties with their sound on a MBP release date 2011 and ingame voice chat in Starcraft 2? If so, any solutions? Thanks.That's exactly what i am talking about. Your IP address is private. Means, it is not routable outside your

BBM 7 Voice Chat Requirement

I have a 6 months BIS on a pre-paid simcard. As I do not need to call, text or data (non-BIS), I have not recharge it ... but GOOD though as my BIS is still functioning 100%; i.e. BBM, BB Browsing, etc, are all in good order. I have just updated to B

Can't voice chat

Hi- I've scoured this discussion forum as well as been on the phone with 1) Applecare, 2) Roadrunner (my ISP), and 3) Linksys (my modem) all who've offered no solutions. I cannot voice chat my writing partner, and yet I can ichat my husband at his wo

IMac Computer Name on Local Network Duplicating in Yosemite

Since installing Yosemite, I've noticed that on our local network my computer keeps creating multiple computer names that both I can see and others on the network can see (see screenshot): They are all ghosts and I can't connect to any of them. Sever

IChat -- or voice chatting

I am wondering if there's a way I can chat (and also voice chat) with many friends with MSN, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts. Instead of downloading separate messengers for each of these networks, I am wondering if I can connect with all these friends with

Voice chat program

After a few days work, I have completed the mian voice chat program. I know there are so many people like me that wants that. I post these program. i will complete gui work later. and there is a problem in the program. if the speaking one do not spea

How can I  connect to SQL server database thru local network by using JSP?

I'm currently doing a project by using JSP..And I need to display record from the SQL Server database in our school's local network. May I know how can I do that? How can I write the code so that I can able to access the SQL Server databsase Throught

Getting  file from local network computer

Hi! I have a problem to get the file form local network. I have tried following ways to do it: new File ("file://"); new File ("smb://"); new File ("

Asa 5505 Remote VPN Can't access with my local network

Hello Guys ,, i have a problem with my asa 5505 Remote VPN Connection with local network access , the VPn is working fine and connected , but the problem is i can't reach my inside network connection of 192.168.30.x , here is my configuration , pleas

Configuring Cisco ASA for site to site VPN ( Issue with setting up local network)

OK, so our primary firewall is a checkpoint gateway. Behind that we have a cisco ASA for vpn users. I have a project at the moment where we need to connect to another company using site to site VPN through the cisco ASA, as the checkpoint gateway is

How to set up with cacheing DNS for local network?

Our new Lion Server has a static IP Address pointed to over the internet by our registrar's zone file. Planning the Lion Server installation process with the intent of hosting Web, Mail and Open Directory services to a small number of users who are n

VPN Server with two router local network

I just got a Mac Mini Server 2011 to set up as a home server. One of the main features I want to use is a VPN so I can access my files on my local network when I'm away from home. I live in Japan and I have a Japanese optical connection to the intern